20 Best Hair Straightener

Wanna buy a hair straightener for yourself but not getting which one to buy? Alive Haircuts is to the rescue. In this article, we will learn about top 20 best hair straightener, for you to choose from. Hair straighteners have always been every lady’s best friend since when straight and sleek hair came in trend. So folks, if you also want a great bestie for your hair, then keep reading.

20 Best Hair Straightener for 2K16

Hair straighteners are available in a variety depending on their qualities and key features that range from the thickness of their heating plates to the number of watts that they consume to bang your electricity bills. So, you need to make a wise decision while getting this bestie for your hair.

FemJolie Hair Straightener Brush 

First on the list of best hair straightener is this magical masterpiece that has teeth and looks more likely to a hair brush than any other simple ceramic plating flat iron. This best selling device tends to heat up easily and is fully equipped with an LCD screen display for temperature control. It allows a 360-degree chord swivel for a better movement that covers every difficult angle of your hair. 

best hair straightener

GHD Platinum Styler

This one on the list of best hair straightener is a product that takes the guilt out of heat styling. It uses the tri-zone technology which ensures that the plates are not too heated for the hair to resist. This helps to maintain the natural health and shine of your tresses. The product also works great for colored hair.

There is a special feature of this product that says, it also has a 30-minute sleep mode. So, this means you do not have to worry about leaving the appliance on.

best hair straightener

L’Oreal Professionnel Steampod 2nd Gen 

Third on the list of best hair straightener is this unique appliance that totally relies on steam technology. The key features of this straightener include frizz control, smoothening and also maintaining the shine of your natural hair tresses. This appliance works on latest technology that provides gentle heat which helps to minimize the damage.

A special feature says that this appliance works faster than other available hair straightening appliances and ends up to 50% smoother hair.

best hair straightener

Cloud Nine Touch

Fourth on the list of best hair straightener is this famous brand that offered the world’s first automatic flat iron. The appliance offers instant heating when switched on and operates at 190 degrees. A special key feature allows you to lower down the temperature by simply pressing the hot plates together, three time.

Those minerals infused heating plates leave your hair conditioned and nourished so that they appear healthy and glossy.

best hair straightener

T3 Singlepass Compact Styler

The appliance on the list of best hair straightener is a deemed worthy product that is a must to have. This particular pro-styler works on the Vapor Infusion Technology. It uses water and a macadamia condition treatment that cools down each of the strands and also ensures 80% less damage than other styling and heating tools.


Argan Vapor Flat Iron

This new Hot Tools iron on the list of best hair straightener is simply amazing. It is because of the magical features of the appliance that allows your hair to stay healthy and shiny. The cool tools plays both sides of the spectrum, paying close attention to the potential breakage of your hair. This happens when the heating plates release an argon condition treatment and thermal protectant formula onto the hair throughout the whole styling process.

best hair straightener

GHD Atlantic Jade Professional Syler 

Keeping aside the obvious facts of styling tools, this product on the list of best hair straightener is a super pretty summer styling appliance. The product is designed with a vision of tropical Azores Islands, the smooth black plates which make the process of straightening, even more, easier.

best hair straightener

GHD Gold Max Styler 

This appliance from GHD on the list of best hair straightener makes it as one of our all time favorite. The large plates make it easier to cover more space and are also ideal for thick and curly hair tresses. An option is also available to incorporate beautiful loose curls in your straight tresses. This is done wth the help of edged and wide heating plates.

best hair straightener

BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Hair Straightener 

As far as straight irons are concerned, titanium plates are always the best choice. They tend to reduce the damage that is caused to your hair due to regular use of heating tools. This appliance is also one of the best hair straightener because of the newly incorporated technology that does not allow ultra-fast heating that can burn your tresses. It also allows you to curl your hair along with the straightening because of it thin and sleek body. 

best hair straightener

Karmin G3 Salon Pro

Want faster results in less time? Try this Karmin G3 Salon professional straightening iron that provides ultimate styling and design. The appliance uses tourmaline coated ceramic plates for an ultimate smooth finish. These tourmaline crystals not only ensures less damage but also helps to lock in the necessary moisture of your tresses to keep them from frying. 

best hair straightener

HSI Pro Tourmaline 

Yet another ticket to a salon like smooth and straight hair is this HSIProfessional 1 Tourmaline hair straightener. This appliance is a pack of all perks for an incredible price. The tourmaline covered plates and ionic powers tend to smoothen your hair while straightening. It is a bestie for ladies with fine hair textures that are easily caught and burnt while using other heating tools. 

best hair straightener

CHI Air Expert Classic Flat Iron 

No better ceramic plates quality exists than CHI. This makes CHI’s Hair Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron as one of the best hair straightener available. It has a heat control located inside of the housing so that yu do not hit them with your hand while using. The appliance has a temperature controlling wheel and an indicator light that tell you when you have hit the correct temperature. 

best hair straightener

The Bio Ionic Onepass Straightener 

Apart from the latest infrared and ionic technologies, this Bio Ionic OnePass Straightener has a unique silicon covered plating. This makes the whole process a lot more easier and time-saving. It also reduces the amount of heat and makes it to what is actually needed by your hair. 

best hair straightener

Izunami Flat Iron Ktx50

One of the key features that pleased me the most about this appliance is its ability to instantly heat. The heating plates when moves through your hair feel as if they are floating. This eventually lowers the risk of your hair getting burned and also saves your time while styling. 

best hair straightener

The BaByliss Pro Wet-to-Dry 

Sometimes when you want to directly straighten your hair after a wash, you do not have a choice but to blow dry. This eventually is time taking and n case the blow dryer doesn’t work, you have to sit and air dry your hair. So, getting this appliance home will make you skin the blow drying as you can directly use it on wet hair. This makes it as one of the best hair straightener available. 

best hair straightener

Onei MK-I Halo Flat Iron 

This very effective and best hair straightener among all the available varieties gives you a feel of a Keratin Treatment. It works best, especially for coarse Brazilian hair strands. The ionic and infrared energies tend to protect your hair from frying, thus allowing  sleek and shiny tresses with long lasting effects. 


Remington S2002 

The appliance is equipped with a temperature regulator that allows you to pick a temperature according to your requirements and the texture of your hair. The slim heating plates tend to straighten your hair and style them in sections which eventually make them appear flawless after styling. 

best hair straightener

Philips Salon Straight Active 

This is a really good choice that takes about 10 minutes to do a medium length hair. It comes with ceramic plates, temperature control, and plates lock. 

best hair straightener

Panasonic EH-HW17P Hair Straightener 

Using this hair straightener for styling your hair will leave them smooth and shiny after getting subjected to heat. With the regulated heating patterns, the appliance makes sure that you choose the right temperature for your hair. It offers a 200 degree C temperature control that works best even for coarse Brazilian hair. 

best hair straightener

Philips Kerashine HP 8317/00

The appliance comes with ionic technology and the heating plates are coated with jojoba oil and keratin. This will help you get smooth and shiny hair after styling and will also save your time. The extra large heating plates are designed to cover more area and also to work effectively for thicker and longer hair tresses. The infused natural heat resistants like jojoba oil ensure less damage to your hair when comes in contact with direct heat. 

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