20 Different Haircuts for Thick Hair

The luxury of styling thick and voluminous hair feels awesome aa there are various options available and you do not have any boundaries to cover. People with thick hair can either keep them is their natural consistency or opt for haircuts that can make them weightless. In this article, we will learn about 20 different haircuts for thick hair for you to choose from.

Top 20 Different Hairstyles for Thick Hair

1. Multi-layers with Side-Swept Bangs

Bangs are a great option for thick hair and when your hair tends to blend gracefully with the layers this option can even create wonders. This makes it as one of the top 10 different hairstyles for thick hair.

2. Layered Lob

Lobs or long bob are the latest trends for every individual ranging from celebs to mango people.This makes your hair bouncy thus giving them a lively feel. Also, they are easier to manage than those thick long tresses.

3. Choppy Bob

For this classy Bohemian hairstyle for thick hair, all you need is to chop your tresses up till the shoulders. More chops equal to more messiness, which will make this hairstyle a best option for thick hair.

4. Silky Smooth Tresses

Long layers tend to soften the thickness of your hair and provides a lively feel to your style thus, making it as one of the top 20 different hairstyles for thick hair.

5. Short A-line Bob

Shorter hair gets their elegance with thick and voluminous hair. This is because it makes it appear more bouncy and lively. Also, for those who prefer short hair, this one is a great option.

6. Lean and Long Locks 

There is always an option to transform thick hair into weightless tresses. This eventually becomes more manageable and attractive as well. You also have the option to add layers in this style, as this allows space for the balayage highlights.

7. Trendy Undercut For thick Hair

One of the unique hairstyles for thick hair is this trendy undercut. You will get those long voluminous tresses over the top and when your grab all of the hair and have a look at the back of your neck. There is the actual hidden surprise which is the faded undercut with the diagonal cut through lines. This is the quirk of this modern hairstyle that can be styled in both ways like being an uptown chic or a diva with long, luscious tresses.

8. Mohawk Style

After that minute quirk, here comes a big transformation for those who have long tresses. Usually, women with bold and daring personality tend to prefer this kind of hairstyle as it needs a lot of courage to bring a dramatic change in your style. Mohawk style is a very popular trend among all those cool beings and is also a better way of flaunting your hair pretty well and a difference in style will surely make the heads turn.

9. The Undercut Pixie Style

Another “dare to try” hairstyle is this pretty undercut pixie. Here, you will get choppy tresses on one side and a slightly faded appearance on the other. This masterpiece is easy to manage and style within minutes.

10. Asymmetric Side Swept Bangs

This one on the list is a very low-maintenance and easy to wear style. Those asymmetric tresses make your hair appear weightless and bouncy. Also, it helps to keep away the problems related top thick and long hair strands which probably are more prone to getting entangled every now and then.

11. Elongated Fringe Pixie

This hairstyle for thick hair is a combination of fun and fancy. On wearing, this hairstyle will unveil your creative side that enhances your bold persona. Also, this option is good for square faces as those forehead draping tresses will soften the edgy face frame.

12. Medium Length Waves 

One of the best options to make your hair appear weightless is to add waves to those dense tresses. Those waves can be easily achieved with a heating rod. In case you have natural waves in long tresses, simply cut them short if you are willing to.

13. Short Bob 

Short hairstyles are one of the easiest options to reduce the weight and length of your hair, eventually making them appear fine and weightless. Combining them with face framing tresses tend to soften your sharp facial features and the choppy layers give a feathery texture to your style.

14. Elegant Blunt Bob

Bob haircuts are fabulous face frames for your sharp facial features. The right kind of styling and underlayers tend to give a flip towards the end of those dense tresses. This hairstyle is undoubtedly the best choice of short haircuts for thick hair.

15. Cropped Undercut

A cropped undercut hairstyle is the best option for your thick hair. Too short hair can make you look bulky whereas, cropped tresses make the hairstyle appear weightless and bouncy eventually, reducing the thickness. Here, you will get short tresses on one side and short evenly cropped tresses on the other.

16. Shoulder Length Bob 

This pretty masterpiece works best for thick and voluminous hair. Pairing the haircut with balayage highlights make your hair flowy and lively.

17. Swoopy Blunt Layers 

This haircut is for those who do not like short and choppy hair but still want to experiment with their hair. Medium length long layers are a perfect fit for these women. This makes it as one of the haircuts for thick hair.

18. Medium Length Angular Layers 

The layers created by those torn edges are simply perfect for thick and wavy hair textures. Those medium length tresses tend to set even without any styling sessions. This is the key feature of this hairstyle that says “easy maintenance”. Also, the windblown bangs add style to your looks.

19. Asymmetrical Bob 

This style simply has no restrictions and your tresses can be chopped in any manner. The only thing that requires for your tresses is, to be dis-aligned or asymmetrical as the name suggests. These type of haircuts for thick hair, portray your creative side and styling these tresses every day depends on your mood and also the occasion. This makes it as one of the perfect haircuts for thick hair.

20. Sexy Shag

This 3-tier haircut beautifully accentuates the jawline and the neck. Those swept bangs are an extra creative element in your style. This makes it as one of the haircuts for thick hair.