20 Splashy Blonde Hairstyles

Tips to Dye your Hair Blonde 

Various multitudes of blonde hair color are available that run the gamut from palest possible platinum to dark blonde highlights with dark brown root, tresses and each of these shades have a variety of sub-shades. Confused? Even I was. But, Alive Haircuts is always to the rescue that will guide through a few rules of thumb while selecting a perfect blonde match for your hair. Also, we will learn about top 20 splashy blonde hairstyles, to make it further more easy for your to make a choice.

Rules of Thumb says: 

  • Rule number one says that it is best to stay within the two levels of your natural hair color.
  • Rule number two says that you should consider your skin tone while making a choice of hair color. Your complexion will strongly affect the effect of your newly dyes hair especially, in the case of blondes.
  • Rule number three says that you eye color also plays a crucial role while making a selection of hair color. Some of the blonde shades suit best for blue hazel or green eyes, while other few tend to suit best for black or brown eyes.
  • Rule number four says that think about the look that you want to carry after dying your hair. Will it be a natural style, sun-kissed effect or an in-your-face blonde style?

So, these four Rules of Thumb tend to play a crucial role when you decide to dye your hair blonde. The hair color should be well coordinated with these four elements and should also complement their natural beauty. Failing which, your hairstyle can turn into a disaster within minutes.

Top 20 Splashy Blonde Hairstyles 

Ash Blonde Hair with Platinum Highlights 

First on the list of splashy blonde hairstyles is this perfect blend of two blonde shades. Ash blonde with platinum highlights appears gorgeous and tend to flatter against pale to fair skin tones. If you have a slight pink shade in your skin tone, this shade can work wonders as it helps to neutralize the redness and make your skin appear even toned.

Splashy Blonde Hairstyles

White Platinum Blonde 

This masterpiece is second on the list of splashy blonde hairstyles. The white platinum blonde hair looks incredible and classy. It also accentuates the natural beauty of healthy and fuller tresses.

Splashy Blonde Hairstyles

Flaxen Blonde with Darker Highlights 

Third on the list of splashy blonde hairstyles is this trademark blonde shade. It tends to appear gorgeous and is also extremely versatile. Accentuate the sassiness of this hair color with the right kind of makeup and styling.

Splashy Blonde Hairstyles

Yellow Platinum Blonde 

This yellow platinum blonde on the list of splashy blonde hairstyles is a great shade to wear especially when you want to carry the classic old school look.

Splashy Blonde Hairstyles

Butter Blonde with Platinum Highlights 

Butter blonde tresses tend to make you look like a pin-up girl. This classy bombshell blonde makes number fifth on the list of splashy blonde hairstyles.

Splashy Blonde Hairstyles

Butter Blonde with Dirty Blonde Lowlights 

Yet another bombshell butter blonde shade on the list of splashy blonde hairstyles that is sweet and elegant. The shimmery effect of this hair color adds sass to the otherwise simple hair color. The ideally incorporated dark dirty blonde lowlights tend to give a more natural appeal.

Splashy Blonde Hairstyles

Dark Blonde with Golden Blonde Highlights

This gorgeous masterpiece comes seventh on the list of splashy blonde hairstyles. The ideally incorporated golden blonde highlights tend to accentuate the look making it appear elegant and classy.

Splashy Blonde Hairstyles

Bright Golden Blonde 

This bright golden blonde shade tends to encapsulate the fair skin tone, thus giving an effervescent spirit. The bunch of darker blonde highlights over the crown tends to give an illusion of textured tresses.

Splashy Blonde Hairstyles

Bronde with Blonde Highlights 

Bronde or (Brown+Blonde) refers to a hair color shade that is somewhere between blonde and brown shades. The lighter shade highlights tend to further accentuate the look. This shade among the splashy blonde hairstyles trends to flatter almost all skin tones.

Splashy Blonde Hairstyles

Neutral Blonde with Face Framing Highlights 

This neutral blonde hair color on the list of splashy blonde hairstyles is simple appealing that tends to unveil your natural beauty. Ideally incorporated highlights give the tresses a supernatural appearance.

Splashy Blonde Hairstyles

Dark Ash Brown Roots with Honey Highlights 

Fed up with the gray hair? Try this magical blend of dark and light blonde shades. This low-maintenance look is a perfect source of inspiration for all the blonde freaks. The beautiful transition between dark ash brown and honey blonde tresses is striking, thus giving a super stylish appearance.

Splashy Blonde Hairstyles

Dark Strawberry Blonde 

This interesting blonde hair color combines a warmer and cooler shade that appears like a beautiful muted strawberry blonde shade. The gorgeous duo will surely add a statement to your elegance.

Splashy Blonde Hairstyles

Medium Blonde with Strawberry Blonde Lowlights 

This impeccably amazing blonde hairstyle is something to die for. This is because of its elegance and natural effects. Ideal placement of strawberry blonde highlights gives an overall stunning effect to the already impeccable style.

Splashy Blonde Hairstyles

Medium Flaxen Blonde

This particular shade among all the splashy blonde hairstyles appears extremely natural. The flaxen dyed strands give a striking effect to the other basic blonde hair color. The shade suits best for pale complexions and adds extra dimension to your hair.

Splashy Blonde Hairstyles

Reddish Blonde with Gold Balayage 

This shade of blonde is perfect for warm skin tones that compliment the hairstyle pretty well. The classy and mesmerizing shade tend to enhance the natural beauty of your healthy tresses.

Splashy Blonde Hairstyles

Darker Roots melt into Creamy Blonde 

Yet another classy and sophisticated blonde hair color that is a duo of dark roots and creamy blonde tresses. This magical blend of colors appears seamless and offers a subtle feminine appeal.

Splashy Blonde Hairstyles

Rose Blonde

The gorgeous hue of rose gold hair color adds a tinge of pink to the otherwise blonde tresses that are the actual key element of this hairstyle which makes it as one of the splashy blonde hairstyles. 

Splashy Blonde Hairstyles

California Blonde 

This tempting and inviting hair shade from the blonde family gives a feel of being under the California sun. It is an instantly awakening association of the blissful hours by the ocean that looks dimensional and attractive. 

Splashy Blonde Hairstyles

Caramel Blonde 

This sweetest and buttery blonde hair color will make you beautiful and best compliments the lightest skin tone with green or blue eyes. Incorporate a few subtle blonde babylights to the complexity of this unique hairstyle. 

Splashy Blonde Hairstyles

Dishwater Blonde with Lighter Ends 

Dark blonde hair sometimes appears dull but you can simply enhance the shine by incorporating a few brighter highlights towards the ends that will turn your manes from basic to fancy. This shade best complements tousled hair especially when textured. 

Splashy Blonde Hairstyles