20 Glamorous Auburn Hair Color Ideas

Appealing auburn hair color is modish. Talking about auburn hair color ideas, auburn color falls into a red, brown, and blonde spectrum. As these colors are high impact hair color and they easily get noticed. So if you want to achieve the glamorous auburn hair, then get ready to turn your head. You can see many celebrities flaunting these enchanting auburn hair color. Auburn color is the wealthy and warm hair color. It’s a perfect combo of sexy and modish. Spice up your life with best auburn hair color that suits you. Here are 20 glamorous auburn hair color ideas. Select the best color for your personality.

20 Glamorous Auburn Hair Color ideas

1.) Classy Burgundy Sombre

Classy burgundy sombre is one of the glamorous auburn hair color Ideas. The hair color looks extremely sexy and modish. It looks fabulous when you add this auburn hair color into your dark brown or black hair color. This hair color goes with every face shape, but mostly suits in long hair.

burgundy sombre auburn hair color ideas

2.) Dark Plum Red with Chunky Auburn Highlights

Dark plum red with chunky auburn highlights looks astounding. In this hairstyle, the chunky caramel highlights look absolutely stunning when goes against the dark brown with a plum red undertone. The hair color looks ravishing with brown eyes and medium skin tone.

dark plum red with chunkyt auburn hair color ideas

3.) Soft Ginger Red Waves

Soft ginger, red waves look extremely phenomenal on fair skin tone. Just imagine the picture of Emma stone with Emma stone and Amy Adams. They flaunted the auburn  on the red carpets with blue eyes and received many kudos for it. To get the gorgeous look, curl your deep end slightly.

soft ginger with chunkyt auburn hair color ideas

4.) Retro Auburn Waves

Every woman has a right to shine. The retro auburn waves look absolutely elegant and breathtaking. Embrace with soft brushed out waves. It is a very popular hair color with glossy texture. The retro auburn waves are one of the glamorous auburn hair color ideas that can go with a medium to long hair.

retro auburn waves auburn hair color ideas

5.) Wavy Auburn Lob

Wavy auburn Lob is one of the alluring auburn hair color ideas. The hairstyle is perfect for the jam-packed schedule. For this hairstyle, you need to braid with wet hair or make a bun to get this look. The tousled texture look is absolutely stunning that you can flaunt with your favorite auburn hair color.

waves auburn hair color ideas

6.) Long Auburn Layer

There is a myth that red head should not wear the red lipsticks. But in this modern era, rules are meant to be broken. The dark and classy auburn color look with layers is  gorgeous. And the bold lip color is enough to give you sexy and appealing look. The long auburn layer is one of the pretty auburn hair color ideas for your lovely hair.

long auburn layer auburn hair color ideas

7.) Auburn Balayage Curls

Auburn balayage curls are one of the modish auburn hair color ideas. The combination of the honey blonde with dark black color is truly gorgeous with auburn streaks. If you have thick hair then go for this look, as it will make your hair less heavy. Fine locks look amazing and more dimensional.

auburn balayage curls auburn hair color ideas

8.) Loose Auburn Waves with Side Swept Bangs

The loose auburn waves with side-swept bangs are one of the glamorous auburn hair color ideas that are very much in trend. This haircut becomes very inspirational after the 50 shades of gray. Spice up the hairstyle with highlights which add dimension to the reddish brown hair.

loose auburn waves with side swept auburn hair color ideas

9.) Auburn Bombshell Waves

Auburn Bombshell waves are one of the auburn hair color ideas for your hairstyle. Soft flowing waves with the glamorous auburn fascinating auburn hair color.Flaunt this hairstyle with smoky eyes and bold lip color.

auburn bombshell waves auburn hair color ideas

10.)  Red Hot Auburn Ombre

Red hot auburn ombre is a shade that gets light from dark brown to blond. It is a very stylish hairstyle and looks best in straight and long hair. If you want to spice up your hairstyle, try adding red ombre hair color on your hair. The look is very beautiful without feeling the vibes of try hard.

red hot auburn ombre auburn hair color ideas

11.) Sexy Auburn Ringlet

The Sexy ringlet with glamorous auburn color is one of the auburn hair color ideas that are eye catching. Get the darker auburn hair color in roots or muted burgundy to add the depths in your hair. Try this look with fancy costume and hot makeup.

sexy auburn ringlet auburn hair color ideas

12.) Brown with Auburn Balayage

Brown with auburn balayage is one of the auburn hair color. A red light auburn hair color is the best solution for those women who want natural looking hair color. Messy waves are much in trend with auburn hair color.

brown with auburn balayage auburn hair color ideas

13.) Blunt Burgundy Bob Cut with Auburn Sheen

Blunt Burgundy bob Cut with auburn sheen is one of the best auburn hair color for short hair. You can flaunt this hairstyle from chin length to medium length. Bob goes with all the face and hair texture.

blunt burgundy bob cut with auburn sheen auburn hair color ideas

14.) Deep Chocolate Auburn

Deep chocolate auburn is one of the glamorous auburn hair color ideas. The darker you have this hair color, the more purplish it looks. The color is for those women who live in a conservative environment as the hair look so natural and beautiful.

deep chocolate auburn hair color ideas

15.)  Long Layered Auburn Hair with Middle Part

The eye-catching and breathtaking long layered auburn hair color with a middle part look extremely gorgeous. It is best for the fairytale wedding and one of the best auburn hair color ideas for you.

long layered with middle part auburn hair color ideas

16.) Long Tousled Hair with Auburn Highlights

Balayage is beautiful as the sun kissed highlights. The women with dark hair find reddish hair in bright light. Make it more fun with shades of red and strawberry blonde.

tousled auburn hair color ideas

17.) Blunt Auburn Chop on Medium Hair

It’s a very cute hairstyle with different chopped and wave layer. The blunt auburn chops on medium hair are one of the glamorous hair color ideas for medium hair.

blunt auburn hair color ideas

18.) Asymmetrical Auburn Bob

Asymmetrical auburn bob is one of the best and glamorous hair color ideas for short to medium hair. The asymmetrical bob adds length around the face and intensifies your facial feature.

Asymmetric auburn bob auburn hair color ideas

19.) Golden Chestnut with Voluminous Curls

Golden chestnut with voluminous curls is one of the glamorous hair color ideas for long hair. The hairstyle is best for the warm complexion and thick hair. The curls add volume in the hairstyle.

volunious curl auburn hair color ideas

20.) Muted Pale Auburn with Highlights

The hairstyle looks extremely beautiful with cool tones auburn with baby lights. Muted pale auburn with highlights on wavy hair. It is one of the glamorous auburn hair color ideas that you are going to love to do with your hair.

muted pale auburn highlight auburn hair color ideas