20 Elegant Big Box Braids

Big box braids are the first thing that comes to our mind when we think about some convenient and simple hairstyles for Afro-American women. These full, thick and long braids give you a presentable look without much effort. In this article, you will find a bunch of hairstyles that you can make with your big box braids.

Top 20 Elegant Big Box Braids

1.) High Pony of Big Box Braids:

high pony of big box braids

This is one of the best ways to make your big box braids elegant. If you are hitting to a club tonight or going to your office, then this hairstyle will reveal that you are ready to rule the world.

2.) Big Box Braids with Beads Beautification:

big box braids with beads beautification

This is one of the easiest and the simplest hairstyle to make with your big box braids. You just have to keep your braids open without tying them into an Updo or a pony. You just have to weave some beads in your braids to get a whole new look. No extra styling is required in this hairstyle.

3.) Colored Big Box Braids:

colored big box braids

If black is becoming old and boring for you, then why not try braids of some different color. The different colored braids make you look totally eccentric. You can weave some beads together to get a more edgy and defined look.

4.) Half Up Side Buns Hairstyles:

half up side buns big box braids

Cuteness, spunk, sass and originality. If you are searching these things in a hairstyle, then this is ideal for you.  You just have to gather some braids on both the sides of your head and twist them around into elegant buns. For sure, you are going to receive a lot of compliments with this simple hairdo.

5.) High Bun of Big Box Braids:

high bun of big box braids

This hairstyle will make you rock the world. It is one of the simplest hairstyles that can make you look elegant. You just have to make a high bun with your box braids.

6.) Low Ponytail for Box Braids:

low ponytail of big box braids

Big box braids can sometimes be difficult to handle, but this elegant hairstyle will make it a little easy for you. You just have to wrap your braids using some other stray braids. If you find this low ponytail boring, then you can some color to make it look more playful.

7.) Side Twist for Big Box Braids:

side twist of big box braids

No doubt that open box braids decorated with beads look elegant and awesome, but sometimes it can cause trouble for you. Maybe the weight on the shoulders is too much. You just have to shift all the braids to one side by making a half up twist.

8.) Braided High Half Ponytail Hairstyles:

braided high half ponytail big box braids

This hairstyle gives you an opportunity to use your big box braids to its full potential. The high half pony will give you a fun look, whereas you will enjoy the free-spirited look of long braids.

9.) Classic Ponytail of Thick Braids:

classic ponytail of big box braids

This is one of the best hairstyles to make you look good and elegant. It is easy to make and is the best way to style your box braids if you are getting late. Add some braids on the forehead to give it a more classy and modern look.

10.) Tightly Woven Big Box Braids:

tightly woven big box braids

This intricate look of yours is going to impress all your in Instagram and twitter followers. No doubt that this hairstyle will take a little extra time, but the result that comes will make you feel that the time spent was worth. You just have to weave some tight braids on the top of the head. A sort of bouffant will be formed while doing this.

11.) Half Up Twisted Top Bun:

half up twisted bun big box braids

Utilize this trendy hairdo to style your box braids in the most creative way. This classic top knot is ideal for every occasion be it a social outing or a formal event.

12.) Golden Blonde Big Box Braids:

golden blonde big box braids

Dark brown or black box braids are so common. You can see every other girl with the same style. But you can make this same style personalized with this golden blonde color. It is very appealing to the eye and people will just want to follow you.

13.) Pompadour of Box Braids:

pompadour of big box braids

This classy hairstyle is going to create a stylish new do for your box braids. This basic half up and a half down hairstyle is modern as well as trendy. It is going to give a polished effect of the pompadour.

14.) Half Up Classic Bun Hairstyles:

half up classic bun of big box braids

It is always a great idea to wear a classic bun, but sometimes it can look too formal for a party. If you are going somewhere to chill out with friends, then a classic bun doesn’t match with the occasion. You can try this classic bun with a half down style.

15.) Side Part of Big Box Braids:

side part of big box braids

If your box braids are thick and long enough, then you can make do a side part to give yourself a sexy and hot look. Take a break from the hardcore maintenance of the style and go more something that is simple and elegant.

16.) Silver Style of Jumbo Box Braids:

silver style of big box braids

Just use this silver magic wand on your box braids and see the difference. This eye-catching and appealing hairstyle deserve a try. You can change this style into something romantic by using the silver wand.

17.) Braided Bun of Box Braids:

braided bun big box braids

Have you ever thought of adding creativity to your simple bun? If not, then now is a perfect time. Instead of making a simple box braid bun, just make a tight braided bun. Make a high braided pony and wrap it around to form an elegant bun.

18.) Crescent Made with Big Box Braids:

cresent made with big box braids

It is very easy to make this hairstyle using your big braids. Do a side part and then wrap a thick braid around the head along the line of hair growth.

19.) Fishtail With Box Braids:

fishtail with big box braids

This fishtail braid will make your big box braids look improbable. It is a sexy and easy to duplicate the style. You can decorate your thick fishtail with some hair jewels or beads.

20.) Side Part with Shaved Sides:

side part with shaved sides big box braids

This is something unique and different that you should try. This punk Rockstar style will take you away from the regular buns and ponytails. Keep your big box braids on one side and shave the other side.