15 Cute Black Girl Hairstyles

Black kids are blessed with thick curly hair that is fractious to handle. There are so many cute options available besides short cut or braided hair to reduce the trouble of black hair styling. You can make black girls hairstyle prettier by doing creativity with added flowers, beads, and bows. Let your little angel fly with cute hairstyles. Here are 15 cute black girl hairstyles, which are so easy and less time consuming. So the next time your little princess comes up to you and ask for a ponytail, try these hairstyles to add charm to her beauty.

15 Cute Black Girl Hairstyles

1.) Fishbone Cornrows

Fishbone hairstyle is one of the cute black girl hairstyles. In this hairstyle, the cornrow braided in fishbone style. The puff of curls  styled to the top together or you can divide it into two different sections. And this is the tough part of the hair which should be styled daily. You can apply oil mixed with water to get the quickly manageable curls.

fish cornrow black girl hairstyles

2.) Puff Hawk

It’s very cute hairstyle for your little girl. Many women also do this hairstyle on a special occasion. You can give this hairstyle to your little angle and that will give her feeling that she is all grown up. In this hairstyle, the hair is divided into three sections by tying each other into a fan bun. Secure this hairstyle with Barbie pins or small pins. It is one of the beautiful and cute black girl hairstyles.

puff hawk black girl hairstyles

3.) Shirley Temple Curls

Shiro temple curls are retro style, in which hair is twisted from the front and spiral curls in the back. These twists are tight and long lasting for a day like a braid. You can even give two pigtails in this hairstyle. It is one of the lovable and cute black girl hairstyles.

shirley temple black girl hairstyles

4.) Bantu Knot Puff

It’s a basic puff style with a cute ponytail. Add some flair to your kid’s personality with a twist and Bantu knot in the front. You can add this hairstyle in your daily routine. Embrace this hairstyle with flowers, headbands, hair scarf and jewels. It is one of the cute black girl hairstyles.

bantu knot puff black girl hairstyles

5.) French Braided Updo Bun

French braided updo is one of the inspiring and cute black girl hairstyles. In this hairstyle, the French braided bangs did it beautifully with braided bun. To get this look don’t use hair gel. Instead of hair gel go for Shea butter that will give moisture to your curls and help in easy styling. You can enhance this hairstyle with a bow for special occasions.

french braided updo black girl hairstyles

6.) Jumbo Braided Hairstyle

The jumbo braided hairstyle is very quick and simple hairstyle. This high braided hairstyle is very popular in the latest trend. The high braided ponytail is very stylish and looks extremely adorable on girls. it very neat and cute black girl hairstyles.

jumbo braided black girl hairstyles

7.)  The Formal Updo

The formal updo is the twisted or braided towards the crown area. This can be done with the help of hair rollers or by curling iron rod. You can make this hairstyle so adorable by using the fetching hair accessories. It is one of the cute black hairstyles that makes you crazy for your girl.

formal black girl hairstyles

8.) Mini-Fro Little Girl Hairstyle

You can see in the picture the picture that how cute is the mini fro  little girl hairstyle look. In this mini afro hairstyle, the two mini braid are completely done with the beads according to the color matching to your outfit. To get the look, avoid using the heavy product for this hairstyle. It is very pleasing and cute black girl hairstyles.

mini fro black girl hairstyles

9.) Twisted Pigtails

Twisted pigtails are one of the cute black girl hairstyles for any occasion. The fun, loving and playful hairstyle look more attractive with hair accessories. In this hairstyle, the two sections of hair are divided into two twisted pigtails.

twisted pigtails black girl hairstyles

10.) Half up and Half Down Curls

Half up and half down is very neat and clean of thick curls. It’s a very simple and stylish hairstyle that you can give to your girl. The hairstyle is best suitable for long hair. It is one of the cute black girl hairstyles.

half up and half down black girl hairstyles

11.) Curl with Middle Part

The curls with the middle part are one of the cute black girl hairstyles. In this hairstyle leave the curls loose according to your little girl face. To make it more adorable add a little bow in the middle of the curl with the middle part hairstyle.

curl with middle part black girl hairstyles

12.) Flower Child

Flower child is hairstyle by making a natural hair flower on the head of your child. To get the perfect look and manageable hair, choose the cornrow look. In this hairstyle, braiding is done in front of the face so the hair keeps away from the face and other left loosens. You add more versatility in this hairstyle like Bantu knot or braided in the back.

flowr child girl black girl hairstyles

13.) Fishtail Ponytail

Fishtail ponytail is one of the stylish and cute black girl hairstyles. In this hairstyle, the cornrow hair in a high ponytail and braided loose hair into a fishtail braid looks extremely gorgeous. You can also use Hairspray to manage your hair into the neat and clean look.

fishtail black girl hairstyles

14.) Mini Twist

Mini two strand is one of the cute black girl hairstyles. In this hairstyle, the twist can be tied up in a ponytail, bun or pigtails. To lock the moisture in the twist, add conditioner in the water and spray it on your hairstyle.

mini twist black girl hairstyles

15.) Kiddie French Braid

Kiddie French braid is one of the classic and cute black girl hairstyles. The hairstyle is for women of any age. You can even do this hairstyle while playing sports and other adventure activities.

kiddie french braid girl black girl hairstyles