20 Gorgeous Black Wedding Hairstyles

A wedding is a big day in a person’s life. You are starting a new and exciting journey. Adventures, thrills, and choices are waiting for you. Then why not make this day special and memorable. Food, decoration, gifts, venue, outfit all should be best. But if your hairstyle is not suiting you, all the preparations are just a waste. Whether you will look resplendent or displeasing all depends on your hairstyle. The hairstyle you make will be etched in the memories of people around you. We have made your work a little easier by suggesting you a list of gorgeous black wedding hairstyles. Scrutinize yourself and choose the perfect style for your big day.

Top 20 Gorgeous Black Wedding Hairstyles

1.) Black Swirled Updo Hairstyle:


The best thing about this hairstyle is that it suits all face shapes. If you want to give your love story a retro touch then this is the perfect hairstyle for your big day. The sleek hair swirled into circles will give you a glam look. This hairstyle will look good on women with long and medium hair. A jeweled hair pin will just add up to the beauty of your hairstyle.

2.) Asymmetrical Loose Updo Wedding Hairstyle:


This hairstyle suits most of the face shapes. This loose asymmetrical Updo will look good if you are not wearing a veil. Decorate this hair Updo with a beautiful jewel.

3.) Sleek Full Bun Black Wedding Hairstyle:


If you want a classy look at your wedding, then this is just perfect for you. So ladies, if you have long and straight hair, then grab the attention of everyone with this amazing hairstyle. A flower or a jeweled pin will make this hairstyle all the more beautiful.  Take advantage of your locks and make a full bun at the base of your neck.

4.) Black Updo with Braids:


This is a perfect hairstyle for women having medium hair. It looks amazing on most of the face shapes. If you want to look different on your big day, then try the Black Updo with braids. The loose tendrils and braided front layers tucked in a low bun will just make you look ravishing. You can decorate your braided layer with some gems, or your bun with a jeweled hair pin.

5.) Vintage Wedding Hairstyle:


This hairstyle will never get out of fashion and it’s just eternal. This hairstyle will embrace a full vintage vibe and will make you overwhelmed at your own look. Try this hairstyle if you are planning a vintage themed wedding.

6.) Loose Curls Black Wedding Hairstyles:


This is one of the gorgeous black wedding hairstyles. These simple loose curls will look amazing on most of the face shapes. It is a perfect hairstyle for women having medium hair. You can add elegance to your hairstyle by supporting your curls with a flower hair clip.

7.) Braided Crown Bun Hairstyle:


Crown braids are feminine,simple and super-stylish. If you want something super huge then a crown braided bun is just perfect. The braids can add beauty to your bun and it seems like you are wearing a crown. Decorate your braided crown with hair gems and wear long earrings to compliment your hairstyle.

8.) Curly Pinned Updo Black Wedding Hairstyles:


If you are planning to have a vintage themed or a beach wedding, then this hairstyle is perfectly fine. This hairstyle will be loved by all the women having natural curls. You can look more amazing and elegant if you wear a rhinestone hair clip.

9.) Lower French Pin Black Wedding Hairstyles:


This perfect hairstyle can make your big day all the more memorable and special. The best part of this hairstyle is that it suits all face shapes and doesn’t overpower your dress. Long jeweled earrings will just compliment your hairstyle.

10.) Easy Halo Black Wedding Hairstyles:


Braids and twist are very popular wedding hairstyles. If you have straight hair then this hairstyle will complement your beauty. It looks great on black hair and together it gives a cohesive look.

11.) Low Bun Black Wedding Hairstyles:


This versatile hairstyle will give you a flawless look. This suits all face shapes but looks extremely good on oval faces. Try the gorgeous Updo so that it becomes impossible for people around you to take their eyes off. A jeweled accent piece will make your bun complete.

12.) Afro Puff for Short Hair:


If you are not willing to straighten your natural hair, then this hairstyle will beautifully showcase your natural hair. You can highlight your curls with a color that compliments your skin tone. A flower piece of the puff will just look amazing.

13.) Waterfall Curls Black Wedding Hairstyles:


Curly hair has a good amount of texture. To add beauty to your natural curls you can try the waterfall braid. This will complement your natural hair and will make you look resplendent.

14.) Black Curls with Braids:


The bouncy black curls with braids in front will make you look super-stylish. This hairstyle will make you look gorgeous and will add elegance to your beauty.

15.) Curls with Headband for Short Hair:


Don’t worry if you have short hair because it can be turned into a perfect hairstyle. The lovely texture will make you fall in love with it. If you have natural hair, then try this amazing hairstyle to show off your curls. Wear a beautiful headband to add beauty to your face.

16.) Retro Glam Black Wedding Hairstyles:


Is the theme of your wedding Hollywood? Want a retro look in your wedding? If yes, then this is the perfect hairstyle for you. A bold red lipstick and a side curled Updo will make you look perfect. Keep your eye make minimal and add deep contour and see the amazing results.

17.) Top Bun Black Wedding Hairstyles:


This is one of best black wedding hairstyles. Top Bun is a simple to do hairstyle and you look amazing on long faces.  It keeps your makeup fresh.  You can add elegance to your hairstyle by wearing and ethnic hair jewel.

18.) Twisted Updo Hairstyle:


This hairstyle will capture the hearts of people around you. The twisted hair from the neck into multi-strand braids will make your photographs look amazing. The amazing hairpin makes not only adds beauty to the hairstyle but also grabs all the attention.

19.) Queen of Hearts Black Wedding Hairstyles:


A wedding is considered as the meeting of two souls and hearts. So why not make such a hairstyle that shows your love. This hairstyle is perfect to tell your partner about how much you love him. The uniqueness of this hairstyle lies in the heart shape that is formed in the front.

20.) Wavy Bob with Headband:


This an amazing hairstyle for wedding festivities. Wavy bob is extremely simple to make and will save up your lot of time. A beautiful headband will add beauty to your face and hairstyle. Wear some heavy accessories as this hairstyle is very simple.