How to Bleach Your Hair?

Do you want to bleach your hair without undergoing to chemicals? If yes, this article is for you. If you want to bleach your hair without using the hair color or chemical, we have the perfect solution for you. We have shared best ways to bleach your hair to get the desired hair colors. These methods are safe and don’t cause any damaged to your hair. So feel free to use these ways to bleach your hair at home.

Best Ways to Bleach Your Hair

1.) Lemon to Bleach Your Hair

As lemon is lightened hair naturally as it has bleaching properties. When you applied the lemon juice in your hair, it automatically activates the bleaching process and lightens hair naturally. You can you a lemon to bleach your hair as compared to other products which are very costly and gives you negative effects. It contains fresh fragrance and also has the ability to bleach your hair naturally.

For this method, just take two lemons and extract the juice from it. Mix the 2 parts of juice in 1 part of water. Put the solution in the spray bottle and sprinkle on your hair then take a sunbath for 3-4 hours. You see the result in a 1 week as it works rapidly. Make sure you use good hydrating conditioner after the process as the lemon is very strong, which makes your hair dryer.

how to bleach your hair

2.) Honey to Lighten Your Hair

Honey is mostly used ingredient which is found in every home. As it bleach your hair and lighten it naturally. Many people add honey in shampoo and conditioner to get the subtle locks. As the honey contains hydrogen oxides and iron, which activates the bleaching process. The lightening effects depend on how much the amount of honey absorbed by your hair.

For better try, this method, take one cup of raw honey and two cups of vinegar with 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Also take one tablespoon of the ground cardamon and cinnamon. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Apply the mixture on the wet hair so that it can absorb quickly. You can use a brush to apply the mixture on the hair. If you want highlights in hair, then apply the mixture to the particular area. To avoid the drying of the bleach, use shower cap or plastic wrap. Leave as it for overnight, then rinse it in the next morning. You will see wonderful results after wash.

3.) Chamomile Tea to Fade Hair Color

There are plenty of treatments available to bleach your hair, but all are not effective and safe. As the light colored and natural substance present in the chamomile makes it a wonderful option to bleach your naturally. You can also use black tea instead of chamomile as they both have equal bleaching properties. It naturally bleaches your pigments in your hair.

For this method, you need a hair conditioner and chamomile tea. Just brew the chamomile tea in a boiled water pot for half and hour. As the tea is very stronger, so give a proper time to cool down. Then add 6-7 tablespoons of chamomile tea in your hair conditioner and leave it for 10 minutes. After every hair wash with shampoo use chamomile conditioner to bleach your hair naturally. It works slowly so you need to have patience. See the result after 2 weeks.

4.) Cinnamon to Lighten Hair Color

Cinnamon works effectively when it’s come to bleach your hair. The method works best for the darker hair. It is not harmful to your hair like other bleaching products are available in the stores. Cinnamon contains peroxide that doesn’t make your hair dry. It bleaches the hair well with a nice fragrance. You can find this ingredient everywhere in the store and at your home also.

For this method, wet your hair and apply conditioner on your hair. As the hair conditioner helps the cinnamon to stay on hair from a long time. It will help you to spread the highlights throughout your hair. Add cinnamon and water into the bowl and mix it well. Spread the paste in your hair and make sure every part of the hair should cover with the paste. You can use hair brush or you can rub the hair by taking in hand. Then leave the paste on the hair 4-8 hours depending on the how lighter shade you want. Cover your hair with a plastic bag or shower cap. Rinse the paste with shampoo.

5.) Henna Powder to Diminish Hair Color

Henna powder is widely used for the hair coloring technique. It works as an excellent hair conditioner along with lightening hair properties. You can use henna powder to bleach your hair. For better bleaching process uses henna with chamomile powder and boiling water.

For this method, mix equal amount of 2 powders and form a thick paste. Mix the paste with boiling water and leave it cool down. Apply the paste on the wet hair and comb the hair so that mixture will properly cover every strand. Use a plastic bag or shower cap so that the mixture won’t get dry. Leave the paste on hair for half an hour, if you have a dark natural hue then leave it for 2 hours. Rinse the hair with shampoo and don’t use conditioner after the wash as henna condition your hair naturally.

6.) Vinegar to Get Lighter Hair Color

Vinegar is the perfect solution to bleach your hair. Rinse your hair with vinegar and lighten your hair naturally. If you want red highlights then you can use raw apple cider vinegar. The bleaching properties of the vinegar make your hair lighter and vibrant. For this method, you need to take the apple cider vinegar in distilled water with an equal amount of quantity. Spray the hair to get bleach your hair. If you want highlights in your hair, then use cotton or brush on a particular strand. Leave the solution on the hair for 30 minutes, then take a hair wash.