How to Blow Dry Hair?

Soft, shiny and bouncy hair not only makes you look dazzling and stunning but also boosts your confidence. No need to spend hours in a salon you can become a styling pro by learning the techniques to blow dry hair. The right tricks will not only make your hair dry but will also improve the structure and style of your hair. Now if you are getting late and you don’t want that dripping water then try these steps to style your hair in the most appropriate manner.

Easy Steps to Blow Dry Hair

1.) Hair Cleaning to Blow Dry Hair:

how to blow dry hair

Before you start to blow dry hair it is necessary to deeply clean it. You can wash your hair with your regular shampoo, but it is recommended to use a moisturizing shampoo. A moisturizing shampoo will nourish your hair deeply and prevent it from the damage of the blow dryer. Gently stop the dripping water from your hair with a towel. Don’t rub it against the hair otherwise, the friction produced will cause split ends, frizz and hair breakage. You don’t have to completely dry your hair instead you just have to stop the dripping water.

2.) Separation of Hair into Sections:

This is an important step before you start to blow dry air. It will be great if you divide your hair into 5 to 6 sections. Long sections will make your work difficult. Working with smaller sections is easy and the results are outstanding. While you are separating the hair into different sections, make sure that there are no knots and tangles. If your hair is short then maybe two sections are just enough. If your hair is naturally long separate your hair with the help of clips.

3.) Blow Dry Hair at the Top:

Begin your work with the top section of your hair. Choose a blow dryer that has three heat settings and three wind pressure settings. It is a one time investment so choose the dryer wisely. Remember to keep the blow-dryer atleast 6 inches away from the scalp. This distance between the dryer and scalp is necessary to prevent injury and hair damage. Avoid using the dryer in an upward direction as it causes a lot of damage. When you start your work from the scalp you are indirectly saving your hair from excessive dryness.

4.) Blow Dry Down Sections of the Hair:

Once you finish with the scalp, it is now time to work with down sections and ends. Gently bring down the blow dryer in a downward direction. Avoid focusing on one point. It will damage your hair and make it very dry. There are also chances that your hair gets burned.

5.) Damp Your Hair for Effective Results:

When you blow dry hair keep in mind that you have to leave it a little wet. If you completely dry your hair moisture will be lost due to which your hair will become frizzy and damaged. Let your hair dry naturally in 10 to 15 minutes.

6.) Blast of Cold Air for Finishing:

The blast of cold hair is done to lock the shine in your hair. Comb your hair properly to prevent tangles and knots. Apply a moisturizing serum evenly on your hair. You can even apply something natural like a bit of olive oil.

Tips to Avoid Blow Dryer Mistakes:

  • The most common mistake that you make is blow dry hair when it’s too wet. Towel drying hair is very necessary before you use a blow dryer. Blowing dry hair will prevent it from breaking and will fasten up your drying process.
  • Another common mistake that people often make is that they do not divide the hair into sections. Organizing your hair before using a blow dryer is going to make this daunting task easier. Use hair clips to tuck the hair to avoid any sort of mess. It will give you a clear idea about which portions you have finished and which are yet left.
  • When you are using blow dryers keep the heat settings at a normal temperature. Make sure that the heat setting is low while you are working along the hairline. When you reach the ends and tips increase the temperature. It will make it easy for you to remove the tangles.
  • It is very obvious that whatever style you pick for yourself a hairbrush is the most essential. That is why the right brush is essential before you blow dry hair. Try to avoid metallic brushes because they heat up quickly. It is suggested to use wide brushes so that detangling becomes easy.
  • Another mistake that people often commit is that they keep the blow dryer in one direction only. Due to this hair burns and excessive damage is caused. Do not keep the blow dryer close to the scalp and hair shaft.