20 Iconic Box Braids Hairstyles

In this article, you will find the top 20 iconic box braids hairstyles. Box braids are well known for their versatility. It is a very appealing hairstyle because of its low-maintenance. You get different options of color, length, and style. Box braid is one of the best hairstyles to protect your hair from damage. If your hair is healthy and nourished then box braids will look amazing.

Best 20 Iconic Box Braids Hairstyles

1.) Long and Tiny Box Braids Hairstyles:


This is one of the most iconic box braids hairstyles. These braids are not exactly micro but the tiny braids make you look super cute. The beautiful layered length with a side part gives you a chance to flaunt your gorgeous long hair.

2.) Bun Braids Hairstyles:


A bun always gives you an elegant and sophisticated look. Box braids are loved by most of the women because of its versatility. The twisted hair into a sock bun is ready to give you the bold and formal look. A red lip color will just look divine.

3.) Long and Alluring Box Braids Hairstyles:


This is one of the most pleasing box braids hairstyles. Long hair comes with so much fun and experiments. It is good to try different funky styles on long hair but it is better to get up and do nothing with your hair. Only a little water-based moisture will make your hair look amazing.

4.) Bun with a Big Braid Hairstyles:


Bring out the artist in you by styling your medium box braids. Don’t stop, let your creativity speak about the hidden artist in you. A bun with a long side braid is a unique and sculptural style to start with.

5.) Knock Out Style Box Braids:


This is one of the most iconic box braids hairstyles. The box braids hairstyles have all the ability to incorporate the modern trends. A single woven braid with bright strands will give you the look of 90’s dudes.

6.) Swirl Braids with a High Bun:


This is one of the most alluring box braids hairstyles. The swirl braids woven into a bun look super cute. If you want to keep the style sleek, you can tuck the pieces under the bun. Before opting for box braids make sure that your hair is healthy and nourished otherwise your braids will not look that good.

7.) Single Thick Box Braids Hairstyles:


Is that braided bun putting a lot of weight on your head? Do you want to look like a Greek goddess? If yes, then this single braid hairstyle is the best for you. Divide your beautiful tresses into three chunks and then incorporate them in a single thick braid.

8.) Pig Tail Bun Box Braids Hairstyles:


A box braid is a throwback of 90’s. This hairstyle is perfect for adding a lot of spunk to any outfit. It will give you a chance to flaunt your beautiful features. It looks amazing with tank tops and jeans. You can also try this hairstyle with tube dresses.

9.) Regal Bun Box Braids Hairstyles:


Bigger braids provide a lot of volume. The twisted and braided bun gives you a chance to make full use of this volume. This sculptural styling is ready to give you a royal vibe.

10.) Adorable Half Buns Hairstyles:


This is one of the most iconic box braids hairstyles. This throwback style is ready to take you in the 90’s. Adorable half bun hairstyle is ready to give you a diva look. This 90’s hairstyle will never be out of trend and fashion.

11.) Crown of Box Braids Hairstyles:


Your hair is a ball gown that you never take off. So why not make a crown for yourself. Long braids give you a chance to try a new hairstyle. This crown braid hairstyle will make you feel the queen of this world.

12.) Twist and Wrap Highlighted Box Braids:


If you are bored with natural box braids, then its time to play with some colors. The lowlights and highlights of golden blonde and light brown will make you look charismatic. The braided individual strands are a big dose of personality.

13.) High Half Ponytail Box Braids Hairstyles:


A high half ponytail is perfect to add a plenty of sass. This high up hairstyle will look great because box braids offer so much volume to play with. You can add silver color to your strands to enhance your personality and overall look.

14.) Layered Bob Hairstyles:


This is one of the most pleasing box braids hairstyles. Short box braids make you look amazing and alluring. This layered bob hairstyle is ready to give you a classic, chic and crazy-cool style.

15.) Multi-colored Box Braids Hairstyles:


Life is all about experimenting and trying new things. Colors always makes a person happy. So why not add color to your tresses. You can try a two-toned or three-toned look for yourself.

16.) Side Swept Hairstyle with Box Braids:


This is one of the most iconic box braids hairstyles. If you want a versatile styling then this is just the right choice for you.  It not only frames the face, but also makes round faces appear slim.

17.) Fauxhawk Box Braided Hairstyles:


The edgy braided Mohawk hairstyle is ready to give you a stylish and elegant look. The long braids can be easily manipulated in this beautiful Updo. Try this funky hairstyle and show the crazy inside of you.

18.) Multiple Braids and Twist:


This is one of the best box braids hairstyles. Multiple braids and twist will give you a casual and fancy look. This Updo is perfect to elevate the standard bun. This is a flattering hairstyle for most of the women.

19.) Side and Straight Box Braided Ponytail:


A side and straight braided ponytails with a flawless makeup will make you look pleasing and gorgeous. Vampy lipstick, glowing skin and flirty lashes will take you from classy to sassy.

20.) Chunky French Braid:


This is one of the most iconic box braid hairstyles. Thickness of box braids will make this jumbo size French braid look amazing. It will look ravishing because of the texture and variations of highlighted braids.