20 Ideas for Burgundy Hair Color in Brunettes Blondes and Red Heads

Do you want to dye your hair? Burgundy is an exemplary color in brunettes. Women with blonde and brown hair look up to this color to appear brighter. But again it can become difficult for you to choose the shade that looks flattering. Just chill! Read our article to find out some great ideas for burgundy hair color. If you are passionate about the red color, then scrutinize through our article to find the varieties of red shades.

Top 20 Ideas for Burgundy Hair Color

1.) Maroon Color for Layered Hair:

maroon burgundy hair color

This is one of the best shades of burgundy hair color. The power of this dark burgundy hair will help you to get a classy, bold and sexy look. The layers and style give it a look that is beyond perfection.

2.) Dark Red Hair Color:

dark red burgundy hair color

This is one of the amazing hair colors for women who have olive to medium skin tone. You just have to mix the deep burgundy locks with the natural color of your hair to look dazzling. The beautiful waves will complete your coolness and will enhance the beauty of this color.

3.) Reddish Blonde Highlights with Subdued Copper:

reddish blonde highlights burgundy hair color

This is one of the best shades of burgundy hair color. This hair color is making a bold statement on its own. Layers and side swept bangs look beautiful in this hair color. You can also complement your skin tone by adding some warm streaks.

4.) Golden Chestnut Hair Color:

golden chestnut burgundy hair color

This hair color works best on warm toned complexion and thick voluminous curls. To get a seductive look you can add copper blonde highlights to the end of the hair. This shade of burgundy hair color will make you fall in love with it.

5.) Ginger Red Waves:

ginger red waves burgundy hair color

The yellow undertones in the muted red look flattering on fair complexions. It has gained a lot of popularity among women who have green and blue eyes. You can curl the deep auburn ends for a playful look.

6.) Burgundy Highlights for Dark Brown Hair:

burgundy highlights with brown hair burgundy hair color

This extraordinary hair color will make you stand out of the crowd. It is for sure going to bring out the individuality in you. To achieve the desired results you have to choose the color of the base and highlights carefully. If the base of your hair is dark, then highlight the streaks with bright burgundy color.

7.) Ripe Raspberry Hair Color:

Ripe rasberry burgundy hair color

This is one of the best shades of burgundy hair color. It is one of the most flattering hair colors for short haircuts. This extravagant shade of red will make you look awesome. If you want to look younger and elegant, then is an exemplary hair color.

8.) Fiery Burgundy Hair Color:

fiery burgundy hair color

This burgundy hair color gives you an extravagant look that is enough for surprising people around you. This mulled wine hue looks amazing with tanned skin. If you are blessed with bright appearance, then this a worth trying hair color.

9.) Combo of Purple Tint and Burgundy Red Hair Color:

combo of purple tint burgundy hair color

It is very easy to get this coloristic masterpiece. You just have to keep the basic tone of burgundy and then use the shades of brown and orange. You can set the radiance of this hair color with tints of purple.

10.) Cinnamon Hair Color:

cinnamon hair color

This is another ideal shade of burgundy hair color. The warmer orange tints will make you look awesome and your hair looks eye catching. Try this elegant hair color to feel different and unique.

11.) Lavender Hair Color:

lavender burgundy hair color

This shade of burgundy hair color is charming and unquestionable. It leans towards the blue palette which makes it all the more unique and awesome. If you have a passion for blue shades,  then this new hair color is a perfect choice.

12.) Simple Burgundy Hair Color:

simple burgundy hair color

It is not always necessary that an eye-popping hair color flatters young girls. This simple burgundy hair color also looks awesome with contrasting looks. The modern and retro look depends on the kind of hairstyle you choose.

13.) Plum Red Hair with Auburn Highlights:

plum red hair burgundy hair color

The addition of chunky caramel highlights in this auburn color will make you look gorgeous. It is a flattering hair color for women with medium skin tone and brown eyes. If you are longing for a sophisticated look, then this hair color deserves a try.

14.) Burgundy Sombre for a Classy Look:

burgundy sombre burgundy hair color

This shade of burgundy has all the ability to make you stand out. It looks great on long and medium hair. If you want that sexy look, add a little color to your natural brown or black hair.

15.) Light Auburn Hair Color:

light auburn burgundy hair color

If you love blonde hair, then this hair color is surely going to impress you. This universal color looks great on warm and pale skin tones.

16.) Carroty Streaks with Blue Based Reds:

carroty streaks burgundy hair color

If you want to make your auburn brown hair more bright, then spice it with wine undertones. This sophisticated hair color looks more awesome when you add different highlights to it.

17.) Deep Wine Hair Color:

deep wine burgundy hair color

This is one of the best shades of burgundy hair color. The beauty of this hair color is that it is fairly saturated and not too bright. You can break this solid hair color with caramel highlights.

18.) Cherry Brown Hair Color:

cherry brown burgundy hair color

The blend of rosy red and rich brown will make you look charismatic. Cherry-cola is an ideal hair color for cool-toned skin and brown eyes.

19.) Intense Red Hair Color:

intense red burgundy hair color

This is one of the most bright and intense shades of red. It looks flattering on women with deep golden complexion and brown eyes. You can also try this if you have an olive complexion.

20.) Red and Brown Highlights:

red and brown highlights burgundy hair color

This is one of the best shades of burgundy hair color. If you are not wanting to take a risk by choosing a pure red shade, then why not try some red and brown highlights that start from the top. The splash of these colors will look good without overpowering your hair.