15 Choppy Pixie Cuts

We are featuring the most amazing and sassy pixie. The pixie cut is always on trend, but there are various different pixie comes in pixie hairstyles. The article gives you wonderful ideas on the best pixie cut for different face shape. Here are 15 choppy pixie cuts all lined up here for you.

15 Choppy Pixie Cuts

1.) Feathered Pixie with Balayage Highlights

If you are confused, then go for highlights and layers pairing work. The feathered pixie with balayage highlights is one of the choppy pixie cuts. Add asymmetrical cut in the pixie cut which looks more interesting in the hairstyle. The hairstyle is very suitable for oval face shape, long face shape, and heart face shape.

feathered pixie cuts choppy pixie cuts

2.) Pixie Wedges

Take this picture to the hair stylist to achieve this look. It is one of the choppy pixie cuts. In this hairstyle, you have to keep the top and side longer than a traditional pixie. The hairstyle adds volume and gives a beautiful frame to the face. You can carry your piece of earrings with this pixie hairstyle.

pixie wedges choppy pixie cuts

3.) Two Tone Pixie

Two tone pixie is one of the choppy pixie cuts. The style is not designed for a particular age. It can be extreme for those who are working professionally. You can add little pomade to embrace the texture and add little missing punk in the hairstyle.

two tone choppy pixie cuts

4.) Classic Pixie

You must be getting the idea of this cut by its name. The hairstyle looks amazing in the short hair. To double the charm of this hairstyle adds gorgeous silver blonde. Go trendy with hairstyle and leave the spark everywhere. It is one of the choppy pixie cuts.

classic choppy pixie cuts

5.) Classical Short Pixie in Pastel Blue

The hairstyle is very suitable for long face. It is one of the edgy pixie haircut, which is very much in trend. The classical short pixie in pastel blue is one of the choppy pixie cuts. The haircut helps you to keep the attention away from the oversized forehead and direct to the facial features. To magnify the look you can go for pastel blue hair color.

pixie in pastel blue choppy pixie cuts

6.) Pixie Bob

If you want to grow your hair longer, pixie bob is the perfect transition. Pixie-bob is one of the choppy pixie cuts. Long hair will give more options to style your hair. You can opt for the color with this hairstyle. Wear the amazing pair of earring with this hairstyle.

pixie bob choppy pixie cuts

7.) Imperfect Pixie

Imperfect pixie is a bonus while waking up with the messy pixie. It is one of the choppy pixie cuts. For those who doesn’t have much time for a hairdo, this hairstyle is perfect for those people. The hairstyle is easy to maintain and quick. You just need to grab a hair paste or pomade and running to your hair which hardly takes your time.

Imperfect pixie choppy pixie cuts

8.) Choppy Gray Pixie

The best thing about the choppy gray pixie is its brilliance in versatility. It is one of the choppy pixie cuts. In this hairstyle, grow your hair with amazing color which makes you more confident with this look. If you want to try you can also experiment symmetry cut.

choppy gray choppy pixie cuts

9.) Finely Chopped Pixie for Thin Hair

If you wispy locks give you less satisfaction, try finely chopped pixie for thin hair. Stop thinking and try something new for your hair. In this hairstyle, the choppy layers give structure and add volume to your hairstyle. It magnifies your facial features and gives you adorable look.

finally chopped pixie choppy pixie cuts

10.) Bleach Blonde Pixie

Bleach blonde pixie is one of the choppy pixie cuts. In this hairstyle, the razored cut top section in shorter haircut looks stunning on beautiful women. It gives body to your hair by adding the texture and movement to your hair. It also helps you discover the styling techniques in this hairstyle.

bleach blonde pixie choppy pixie cuts

11.) Gray Blonde Pixie

Women who like a natural hue in their tresses, go with the gray blonde pixie. The bold and spirit pixie is a right choice for you. The hairstyle is designed for any age. It is one of the choppy pixie cuts. In this pixie the two tone color with a soft difference in color helps to get the gray, so that it looks more natural and appealing.

gray blonde choppy pixie cuts

12.) Platinum Blonde Disheveled Pixie

Platinum blonde disheveled pixie is one of the choppy pixie cuts. As you know the finely choppy locks will look more amazing with blonde hair and very much in trend. The hairstyle is right enough to bring the every razor-sharp cut of every lock. The platinum blond disheveled pixie shows the richness and classiness of this hairstyle.

platinum blonde choppy pixie cuts

13.) Tapered Pixie Cut

A tapered pixie is one of the choppy pixie cuts that look striking on every beautiful girl. But the hairstyle is less extreme pixie version compared to under pixie hairstyle. It adds a soft touch to your beautiful hairstyle.

tapered choppy pixie cuts

14.) Long Tapered Pixie Cut with Side Bangs

Long tapered pixie cut with side bangs is one of the choppy pixie cuts. In this hairstyle, the long choppy pixie cut a trendy edge. The beautiful edge with a matte blonde hair color, which help you to flaunt the dark roots of your hair.

Long tapered pixie with side bangs choppy pixie cuts

15.) Pixie with Cherry Highlights

Add richness to your hairstyle with cherry highlights in your pixie haircut. In this hairstyle, the rich brunette base with the cherry color accent in the bangs look more elegant and sassy.

Cherry highlights choppy pixie cuts