How to Curl Hair with a Straightener?

You don’t always need a curling iron in order to get those perfect curls. You can even curl hair with a straightener, that you will eventually love! So, next time you are looking for a new and fun looking hairstyle, pull out your regular flat-iron and get amazing results! Don’t forget to thank us!!

In this article, we have demonstrated a step by step guide that will help to curl hair with a straightener. So Folks! keep reading and keep loving us as we are always to the rescue.

curl hair with a straightener

Steps to Curl Hair with a Straightener:

1.) Start with Complete Dry Hair 

Wet and damp hair won’t hold the curls so it is better to start with the complete dry hair. No matter if you have one of those magical wet-to-dry hair straighteners, it is better to have dry hair when you want to curl them. This is the first and initial step to curl hair with a straightener.

  • If you’re blow drying your hair first, then use a hair mousse.
  • The added volume will keep your hair from looking too flat after curls.

2.) Always Use a Thin Flat Iron for Curls 

Your hair straightener should be about 1 to 2 inches (2.5 to 5 cm) in width from plate to handle when you are using it to curl your manes. A flat, paddle-style hair straightener won’t be able to do proper curls. You can try it, but it won’t be as easy as you think. So, it is better that you strictly follow the instructions. The second most important step to curl hair with a straightener.

  • Heat the hair straightener up to its minimum temperature that you need in order to curl your hair.
  • If your hair is super fine and thin then stick to the low end of the temperature dial.
  • In the case of coarse and frizzy hair, increase the temperature.

3.) Heat Protecting Spray 

Apply a heat protecting or a thermal spray that creates a protective barrier between the hair and the straightener. This is to protect your hair so that it doesn’t “frizzle” or burn. Spray the product all over your hair and comb through. You can also simply run your fingers through your hair in order to evenly distribute the product. This makes the third step to curl hair with a straightener.

  • If you have thick and coarse hair, spray it on each section before you for even results.
  • If you just spray it on the top layer of your hair, it won’t hit the bottom layers, resulting in uneven styling.

4.) Part Your Hair Into Sections 

If you have really thick and voluminous hair, you will have better luck in curling each section instead of trying to attack the whole mess at once. Sectioning your hair is very important while trying to curl hair with a straightener.

  • Start from the nape, i.e. the bottom of your scalp.
  • Leave as much hair as you can work at once and pin up the rest.
  • Once that particular layer is done, unclip your hair and let the another layer fall.
  • Again, take as much hair with which you can work at once and pin the rest.
  • Continue the steps and with the last layer, you may wish to curl using front to back technique.
  • However, if you are on a time crunch and your hair is all naturally wavy then you should be able to get away with just curling the top layer and the face framing layers.
  • No need to work the whole mess as just the touch up would do the work for you.

5.) Use a Hairspray to Hold the Curls

In case your hair doesn’t curl easily or does not hold a curl, use a hairspray on the sections of your hair before you starts curling them. If you want your curls to hold their shape for a longer time then immediately as they fall from the straightener, spritz a tiny bit of your hairspray and then let them fall free.

  • Do not over do with the hairspray.
  • This may make your hair appear stiff and crunchy.

6.) Take a Section That You Want To Curl 

The volume of each section of your hair that you want to curl, depends on your hair texture. But here are a few points to keep in mind while curling your hair and expecting good results:

  • Smaller sections result in small and tight curls, as well as more of them. So, if you want to recreate the ringlets, try keeping your sections less than two inches wide.
  • Larger sections make bouncier and loose curls that look a little more natural and subtle. Always use sections that are wider than 2 inches, in order to get big curls.
  • You don’t have to stick completely to one size. Varied chunks can create texture in your hairstyle. For instance, you could do larger curls towards the bottom of your hair. This will create lift and volume. More delicate curls can be placed around your face. Try various ways and see what suits you the best.

7.) Start Curling your Hair 

For just the flicks and curls, you simply have to rotate the hair straightener in a half turn. If you want ringlets or complete curls, rotate the straightener in a full turn. Turn the hair over onto itself, creating a loop like curl.

  • Find out the natural fall of your hair between the half and the whole turned curl.
  • You may even find that half is enough, or that a three-quarters turn is more ideal for your hair.
  • Their are varied variables you can switch up to.
  • Where you start on with, while curling your hair (towards your scalp or towards the ends).
  • How slowly you turn the flat iron and How at what angle you should rotate the flat iron?
  • Experiment with these variables in order to find the perfect look for your style.
  • It is not necessary to curl all of your hair, a few strands that are straight or just wavy can give you a natural and beach-y look.

8.) Finishing after Curling your Hair

Leave your hair with their natural fall after you are done with the curling procedure, You can also add an additional touch by wrapping up your manes in whichever way you want. The last and final touch while trying Sectioning your hair is very important while trying to curl hair with a straightener.

  • For preferred looser curls: Gently run your fingers through your curled hair and tousle them. This will add a little more volume, and a natural look.
  • For preferred tight curls: Spritz a light mist of hairspray all over your curls. This will help to keep them sleek and tight throughout the day. In case you live in a really humid region, consider using an anti-humidity hairspray for better results.