How to Curl Short Hair?

Short hair replaces obvious femininity with style. The real benefit is that you can easily style it at home. So why not add life to your boring short hair by curling them. It is quite interesting and simple. You just need to follow the simple steps given in our article to curl short hair. Take a break from your everyday look and add beauty to your short hair.

Easy Steps to Curl Short Hair:

1.) Choose Your Curling Iron Wisely to Curl Short Hair:

how to curl short hair

If you wish to reach the top, it is necessary to climb the first step. In the same way, the curling iron is the first and most important item to curl short hair. The perfect curls or a frizzy look all depends on your curling iron. Here are some important points that you need to remember while choosing your curling iron.

The Diameter of the Curling Iron: If you want to curl short hair, then a big curling iron will ruin your hard work. To curl short hair a curling iron with a diameter of ½ inch is just perfect.

The Shape of the Curling Iron: The type of curls you want depends on the shape of the curling iron. If you want curls that are loose on the scalp and tight towards the end, then a curling iron with a conical shape is just perfect. The best look that you can get is by having tighter curls close to the scalp and loose towards the end. For this, you will need a curling iron with a reverse cone shape.

The Material of the Curling Iron: The material is very necessary to keep your hair protected and frizz free. Choose a curling iron that is made up of ceramic and titanium. Both these materials are good conductors of heat and emit a large amount of negative ions which results in static and frizz free hair.

Right and Adjustable Temperature of Curling Iron:

To curl short hair it is very necessary to maintain the right temperature in order to avoid damage and injury. The maximum temperature given in most of the curling irons is 250 Degree Fahrenheit. This much heat can cause hair damage. Choose a curling iron that has three heat levels. The user can choose the temperature accordingly.

2.) Ensure the Dryness Before Curling Short Hair:

Before you start to curl short hair, make sure that your hair is completely dry. Intense heat on the hair can cause damage and make your hair rough. Wash your hair and ensure that the strands are straight without any cowlicks. If you curl short hair remember to keep it dry as the curls will then stay for a longer time. If your hair is greasy then apply a little dry shampoo on the roots before curling. Use a heat protection spray to keep your hair safe from the intense heat. Don’t apply hair spray before curling because the combination of it with the heat will cause damage and your hair will become frizzy and dry.

3.) Divide into Sections to Curl Short Hair:

Dividing your hair will make your job easy. Use a comb to divide the hair into different sections. Use hair pins to tuck your upper layer of hair on the scalp and leave the bottom layer open. Do not include your bangs in the curling process. To avoid this you can tuck them on your scalp. The division of hair into sections depends on the thickness of your hair. If your hair is too thick divide it into three sections for effective results.

4.) Steps to Curl Short Hair:

  • Start with the front layer of your hair.
  • Hold the hair and roll it around the curling iron. Keep the iron away from your face to avoid injury.
  • If you use wide sections of hair, you will not get smaller and tighter ringlets. To curl short hair, use a 2-inch section.  This will give you medium sized curls.

5.) Keep the Ends Straight:

If you want to curl short hair, it’s better that you leave the ends. This will give your hair a little length and will prevent the curls from sticking out of your head. If you are using a wand, then roll the hair on it that are closer to the scalp and leave the 2 inches of hair at the end.

6.) Wrap the Hair for a Few Seconds to Get Perfect Curls:

The time period for which you need to hold the wrapped hair depends on the type of curls you want. If you want tight curls, then hold the rolled hair for at least 10 seconds. To get wavy and loose curls hold the iron for 5 seconds. After curling a particular section of hair use a hairspray to set the curls. If you have got tighter ringlets, then wait for a few minutes before using the spray.

7.) Give the Bottom Layer a Finishing Look:

Once you have finished the bottom layers use a hairspray to set the curls. Now you have to repeat the same process with the upper layers of hair. As we discussed earlier that dividing the hair will make your work easier. So remove the hairpins, one by one and curl one particular section of hair at a time. This will give your curls a neat look. Doing your work section wise will give you perfect curls.

8.) Finishing Touch to Curl Short Hair:

By now you have already curled your short hair. Now it is time for you to give your curls a finished look. Move your fingers through your curls to make them a little loose and to avoid ringlets. Comb the roots to add volume to your new style. Use a hair spray and peep into the mirror to see you’re changed and perfect look.