How to Cut Hair?

Do your hands start shivering when you hold scissors to cut hair? If yes, this article is especially for you. The less knowledge and practice makes us nervous when we hold scissors to cut hair. You can save your money and times by cutting your hair at home. In this article, we have shared steps to cut hair. This article will give you perfect training and instructions for how to cut hair. Follow these steps which help you to get started.

Things to Remember Before You Cut Hair:

  • Wash your hair. When you go to a salon for a haircut, the first the hairstylist asks from you, Are your hair is washed? As the dirt particles settle down in your hair, which makes difficult to see a finished look.
  • Make sure, your hair should be wet before cutting your hair. To get a more precise look, wet your hair.
  • If you have thin hair or you have decided to use hair clipper then only take cuts on dry hair. And if you don’t have time, then you can take a haircut on dry hair.

Simple Steps to Cut Hair

1.) Choose the Right Hairstyle for You

There are so many hairstyles are available according to face shape. So think before cutting hair. Many face shapes like oval, heart, square, oblong and round. There are many options available that will help you get the right hair cut.  You can watch online videos and search in the magazines for the desirable cut that suits you. You can also visit the hairstyles sites or the sites who sell hair products to get the right hair cut.

How to cut hair

2.) Start Making the Cut

First taking any haircut to get the perfect look, separate your hair into sections. Divide the scalp into 7 sections like top, left side, left crown, right crown, left nape and right nape. While dividing the hair into sections, leave a one-half inch band of hair so it gets easily loosely hand on the perimeter of a line.

3.) Be Attentive While Cutting Your Hair

In some haircuts, you need to cut your hair from back to the front. While in other haircuts, you start from the front or you start cutting your hair from the perimeter. Each hairstyle is unique and cuts in a different style. Start cutting your hair slowly as you are not professional like the hair stylist. Don’t get impatient, because the wrong cut can be easily fixed by the hairstylist, but in your case, only the time is the perfect fix. Cross check your hair while talking the haircut as the taking the segments of hair from matching position.

4.) Understand Texturizing

Texturizing is done to remove the excess bulk of the hair. Various tools are available to give texturizing in your hair like scissors, regular scissors, and razor. You can give point cutting to medium to the long length of the hair to remove the bluntness by giving proper texture in your hair. You can give texture to your hair by combing and lifting the hair segment of Hair by holding the hair with the fingers and perpendicular to scalp the point your scissors towards inside and cut in a way by making a steep angle to make the point and create a textured wavy. The softness or Chucky layer look depends on the width and depth of your points. To reduce the weight, go for deep parallel point cutting. By following these tricks to cut hair, you can get the layered look without cutting layers.

5.) Know About Different Texturizing

Various different ways come in the texturizing to cut hair. You can even do notching in your hair. It works as point cutting. You can make wild or spiky look in shorter hair with the help of notching. You can even try free hand-notching. The free-hand notching, which removes the bulk and volume by snipping the hair pieces. Free-hand notching is done far away from the hair shaft that usually hair ends. If you have longer hair, try slithering which removes the end of the long hair. If you want to add texture and movement to your hair, try slicing. Slicing reduces the weight of the hair. You can even use a razor to remove the bulk of hair in place of the scissors to complete the entire look.

6.) Final Touch

Dry your hair with the help of the blow dryer to see the style you get. You can correct the cut once the hair gets dry. It is very difficult to see the look and style in wet hair. Dry your hair to see the haircut. Trim the uneven ends or short the length of the bangs or overall style. Give blow dryer to your hair 6-inches away from your hair. Cross the check the cut again and remove the unwanted length of hair for the perfect look. Flaunt your hairstyle and tell other people how to cut hair.