How to Cut Your Own Bangs?

Do you feel sick of taking salon trips just to trim your bangs? Isn’t it bothersome when you specifically have to go to the salon just for your grown out bangs and have no other service to take? Well, Alive Haircuts is to the rescue, as we will talk about a few simple and easy steps that will guide you throughout the process to cut your own bangs. Yes, it is very much possible to cut your own bangs at home, without any professional help. All you need to know is the right technique. 

cut your own bangs

Steps to Cut Your Own Bangs:

1.) Part your Hair to Cut Bangs

Simply comb through your hair and eliminate the tangles. In order to cut these bangs, you need to side part your hair and make sure your manes falls all natural way. This is the very first step to cut your own bangs. 

2.) Pull Hair Forward to Cut your Own Bangs

Use the tip of a comb and part your hair an inch or two behind your hairline, which is now perpendicular to your side part. If you want to cut thicker bangs, you can increase the space behind the hairline. This step will separate the bangs sections from the rest of your manes, ensuring neat bangs. It is the second most important step to cut your own bangs.  

3.) Find the Highest Tip of your Eyebrow

You will find the highest tip of your eyebrow towards the center or the highlight of the brow, and it will help you easily frame the width of your bangs. Start from measuring a line upwards from the highest tip of your eyebrow and virtually join it to your hairline. Make a part where that virtual line ends. Now, move the hair on one side of the part towards the middle of your forehead and pin them on one side. This will keep the bangs from falling out. 

  • After all these steps, you should now have a section of hair in the center of your forehead. 
  • Now, if you already have a few bangs then take your pre-existing bangs and then part them towards the middle.

4.) Pull your Bangs up and Look at them from the Side

If you desire to have thicker and fuller bangs, then they should be about one to two inches thick. You also have the option to pull more hair forward from the horizontal part, which is behind your hairline. In case you want thinner bangs, do the opposite by simply pulling less hair out of your hairline. 

5.) Pin Back the Rest of your Hair

Pull all those manes back that are not to be chopped. Use a hair pin to hold the manes in place. This will help you to chop the bangs without any tension of including the undesired manes. 

6.) Make Sure your Bangs are Straight

This step to cut your own bangs may require you to dampen your hair a bit. You can easily do this with a spray bottle if your hair is naturally curly and your bangs have some bounce, you need to straighten them for a proper and aligned cut.

Lightly mist your hair using a spray bottle and comb through so that your bangs are flat and all the tangles are eliminated. In case you have straight hair then there is no such need to dampen them. 

  • Do not over wet your bangs in the state of water dripping out of them. 
  • Your hair appears longer than their actual length when wet, so always keep a margin from the actual length than you want to trim. 

7.) Determine the Length of your Bangs

Always decide the desired length of your bangs prior to cutting. This will ensure proper results without any mistakes. You may want your bangs to be just above the eyes, or up til the mid-length of your nose. It totally depends on you that how you want your bangs to look. Remember that you can always chop longer lengths but shorter length cannot be restored so, be cautious. 

8.) Cut at an Angle

In order to achieve side swept bangs, you need to start from one side that will fall in the center of your forehead. Place your scissors diagonally that now points towards your ear. The shortest part of your bangs should be in the middle of your face and the longest part should fall next to your ear, appearing as side frames. Hold the section of your hair that you want to cut, between your pointer finger and the middle finger. This will create a virtual line, making it easier to chop. Chop the hair below your finger. 

9.) Create a Natural Look

After you have chopped off your bangs you may notice that there is a very straight virtual line drawn in your bangs. This tends to look awkward and unnatural, so you now have to add a bit of definition to your bangs. Take your scissors and chop wispy rough edges towards the bottom of your bangs. This can be done by simply holding the scissors parallel to the length of your bangs and making small snips at the tips.

  • If your hair is thick or you want your bangs to appear more natural look, use a razor to snip the tips of your bangs. 

10.) Style your Bangs

Use a blow dryer and a barrel brush. Brush your bangs upwards or simply backcomb them. Never try to blow dry your bangs by brushing them straight down as this will leave your bangs with little volume that may make them appear flat and dull. Blow dry in the opposite direction for more volume and movement in your bangs.