How to do African Hair Braiding?

Do you want a break from all styling treatments and chemicals? Do you want a hairstyle that is durable? If yes, then you are in the right place. This article will suggest some simple steps to do the African hair braiding. It is one of the best hairstyles for thicker and fuller hair. Though it is time-consuming, but the results are worth. Your cornrows can stay up to 3 months. Cornrows, rope braids, and box braids are common options of African hair braiding.

Steps to do African Hair Braiding

1.) Preparing Your Hair to do African Hair Braiding:

step 1 african hair braiding

As you know that cornrows can stay for a longer period of time. So why not start with the clean and well-conditioned hair. If you want your cornrows to be straight for several weeks it is necessary to make sure that your hair is clean. You just have to wash your hair with a regular shampoo and then use a good conditioner to make your hair soft. Keep a hair oil with you to make your hair smooth and frizz-free while braiding.

2.) Choose the Area for Parting Hair:

step 2 african hair braiding

It is very important to choose a part because you can braid cornrows in any direction. There are two common part styles to try. You can either braid in rows straight from your hairline till the end or you can braid in a circular motion around your head.

3.) Section Your Hair for Individual Cornrows:

step 3 african hair braiding

Take a spray bottle and fill it with water and olive oil. Dampen your hair a little with this solution. Now dividing the hair into different sections will become easy for you. It is very easy to create cornrows if you know the simple braiding. The difference between braids and cornrows is that braids hang freely from the scalp and cornrows stick to the scalp. Use the rat tail of the comb to section your hair. If you want bigger cornrows to take a large section and if you small cornrows take skinnier sections.

4.) Split the Hair Section into Three Parts:

step 4 african hair braiding

The first thing that you need to remember is that the hair section should be along the hairline. Each section of the divided hair should be same in size. This ensures neat and clean work. This is an important step to do African hair braiding because you will have to start the braiding in the future.

5.) Start Braiding the Divided Section:

step 5 african hair braiding

This step plays an important role in your African hair braiding. Since you have already divided the section into three, now is the time to start braiding. Start braiding it tightly to give it a neat touch.

6.) Add Hair to the Braid:

step 6 african hair braiding

Till now you were making a simple braid. So, now to turn it into a cornrow it is necessary to add hair in this braid. Add hair from the section you are braiding into a cornrow. Grab unbraided hair and include it into each strand you cross over the middle section. This will attach the braid to the scalp and make it a cornrow. Every time you pick one of the hair section to braid, add hair from parted off section.

7.) Keep Braiding and Adding Hair:

step 7 african hair braiding

This is another important step in African hair braiding. Continue making the braid and keep on adding hair from the parted off section to make your cornrows.

8.) Detangling the Section of Hair on Which You are Working:

step 8 african hair braiding

If your hair is straight, then making cornrows is very easy. But, if your hair texture is a little curly or natural,  then it is necessary to detangle hair when you go downwards. You can do this with your fingers or keep a hairspray and conditioner to help with detangling.

9.) Continue the Normal Braid:

step 9 african hair braiding

This is another important step in completing your African hair braiding. Once you have braided your hair to the scalp, now it is time to continue it a normal braid. Keep on braiding till the very end.

10.) Fix the ends:

step 10 african hair braiding

Once you have made a normal braid until the end, it is time for you to do fix its end so that it doesn’t become loose. You can either curl them around your fingers or use a snap free rubber band.

11.) Do This All Over the Head:

step 11 african hair braiding

After finishing one section of the hair, it is time to prepare for another section. Repeat the same process to braid another section of hair. Do this all over the head to complete your African hair braiding.

12.) Final Touch to Complete African Hair Braiding:

step 12 african hair braiding

Complete your cornrows. Section out even pieces of hair and braid them. Make sure that the size of each cornrow is uniform and there is proper neatness. If your hair is coming out of the braid, the reason might be insufficient moisture. Add some more oil to make sure that hair doesn’t come out of the braid. You can also add ponytail extensions if you find these cornrows boring.