How to Dread Hair?

Dread hair can be used to create versatile hairstyles. If you are bored of the braided hairstyles then why don’t you try to dread your own hair? Though it takes a little patience and effort, but the results are amazing. Read our article to discover some simple methods to dread hair. These methods are cost effective and you can easily create pretty dreads yourself.

Methods to Dread Hair:

1.) Twist and Rip to Dread Hair:

This is one of the simplest steps to dread hair. It is an inexpensive method and you only need a residue free shampoo, hair wax, and some rubber bands. Follow the steps given below to get best results.

Steps to Follow:

  • Divide your hair into different sections. Keep the width of the sections according to the size of the dread which you want. You can keep the sections small for a neat look. Use those elastic rubber bands to separate the sections.
  • Hold one of the sections in your hand and twist it. Keep on twisting until it becomes very tight. Divide the end of this section into two parts and pull them in opposite directions. This will ensure that your hair gets tangled and knotted. When you pull the two ends of the sections the knots will reach to the roots and settle there.
  • Repeat this process with the other sections of the hair. Make sure that every section of the hair is tangled and knotted. This may take a little time, but the results will be effective.
  • Once you have twisted one section of the hair secure it with an elastic so that it does not get loose. Do this with the rest of the twisted hair sections. Leave the rubber bands like that for 2 to 3 months.
  • After a few months, you can remove the rubber bands as the dreads are now strong enough and do not need any to secure it. When you will remove the rubber bands you will get tight and smooth dreads.
  • You can use a residue free shampoo or hair spray to maintain the health of your dreads. If you are going out where there is dirt and pollution, then try to cover your dreads.

2.) Backcombing to Dread Hair:

how to dread hair

The best advantage of this method is that after trying it your hair will look like dreads and will reach the maturity stage very soon. This is one of the most natural methods to dread hair.

Steps to Follow:

  • Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo. Make sure that you do not use a conditioner. Conditioner makes your hair smooth and silky which is a great barrier in dreading hair.
  • Split your hair into different sections and secure them with an elastic. It is completely your choice whether to take large sections of hair or small.
  • If you take the one-inch section of hair medium sized dreads will be created. Remember, if you take small sections more time will be required to create dreads.
  • Use a fine comb and start combing your hair down towards the scalp. When you do this loops and knots will be formed which will settle down at the roots. Continue this process until the section of hair is backcombed properly.
  • Use rubber bands to secure the ends and roots of the dreads. You can remove these rubber bands once your dreads mature.
  • Use a hair gel which contains natural ingredients to avoid frizz. This gel will help you to keep your dreads healthy. Use a clarifying shampoo regularly and forget about the conditioner for a few months.

3.) Twisting to Dread Hair:

This is one of the most natural methods to dread hair. This method gives you a total control on your dreads. If you go for this in a saloon also the cost is not much.

Steps to Follow:

  • Clean your hair with a clarifying shampoo and dry it.
  • Split your hair into different sections and secure them with elastics.
  • Work with one section at a time. Twist this hair section around your finger and keep on twisting it.
  • Use a wax while doing this. The more you twist your hair the faster dreads will be created.

4.) Wool Sweater to Dread Hair:

This is another natural method to dread hair and you do not need any professional help. You just need a woolen sweater for this method. Follow the steps given below to reach your goals.

Steps to Follow:

  • Rub a wool sweater on your head in circular directions.
  • Do this for 15 minutes and knots will start forming.
  • Try to rip the knots apart to create dreads.
  • Continue this process until dreads are created all over the hair.

5.) Dread Perm to Dread Hair:

Dread perming is a method that requires professional help. One of its big advantages is that you will get instant dreads but the chemicals used can also cause a little hair damage. It is a cost effective method. You just need to go to your nearby saloon for the work to be done.

6.) Twist and Pin to Dread Hair:

Though this method is a little time consuming, but the results are awesome. You just need some hair clips, dread wax, and a clarifying shampoo. Follow the steps given below to achieve the desired results.

Steps to Follow:

  • Douche your hair with a residue free shampoo and allow it to dry.
  • Divide your hair into different sections and use clips to hold them.
  • Start your work by twisting one section of the hair at a time. Keep on twisting it until the knots are formed.
  • Apply dread wax on the twist and keep on twisting. This twist will look like a ball and settle on your head.