15 Elegant Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Do you want a transformation to your bulky thick hair. These hairstyles are for those who women who want a desirable haircut, which are less bulky and weightless. Right hairstyle always perfects to add charm to your daily routine. Here are 15 elegant hairstyles for thick hair.

15 Elegant Hairstyles for Thick Hair

1.) Layered Haircut with Side Swept Bang

When we talk about thick hair, bangs magnify the beauty of haircut. In this hairstyle, the beautiful bangs with a layer look thrilling in thick hair. It is one of the modish hairstyles for thick hair. If you are very usual with bangs then try side swept for your hairstyle. The hairstyle looks best on oval, long and heart-shaped face cut.

layered with side swept hairstyles for thick hair

2.) Choppy Layered Bob

Choppy layered bob is one of the sassy hairstyles for thick hair. Try this messy bohemian style, these choppy shoulder length cut will make you fall in love again and again. Ask your hairstylist to give you crazy layers. The more choppy haircut the messier it will be.

choppy layered hairstyles for thick hair

3.) Long Layered Haircut

The long layered haircut is one of the refined hairstyles for thick hair. In this hairstyle, the layer helps to thin the strand which is bulky and heavy. A long bob layered haircut or medium bob is always a good option for thick hair. If you want a messy look, then curl your hair ends with a curling wand to give texture to your hairstyle.

Long layered hairstyles for thick hair

4.) Long and curly

Long and curly is one of the elegant hairstyles for thick hair.  You can even try beach waves which are also in trend. If you are going on the vacations then try this long and curly look for thick hair, which will add a glow to your face.

Long and curly hairstyles for thick hair

5.) Long and Shaggy Hair

Long and shaggy hair is perfect for the hairstyle as there are fewer chances of losing volume in thick hair. Try this shaggy hairstyle which will add body and movement to your hairstyle. The hairstyle adds volume and sheen with long shaggy hair. Even if you have fine, this hairstyle is suitable for you.

Long and shaggy hairstyles for thick hair

6.) Angled Short Cut

If you love long hair, then there is time to come out from boring hairstyles. You need to sacrifice your long for this hairstyle. In this hairstyle, the hair cut at the proper angle at the shoulder length strand. It not only give charming face frame, but you can style your hair in various styles.

Angled short cut hairstyles for thick hair

7.) Short and Choppy

The short and choppy hairstyle is one of the elegant hairstyles. To achieve this look you need to add some gel in damp strand then crushed those strands in criss-cross direction. You will see your choppy layers last for long. Have this sexy look with no nonsense with short haircuts.

short and choppy hairstyles for thick hair

8.) Easy and Breeze Shorter Hair

The easy and breeze shorter hair is one of the gorgeous hairstyles for thick and shorter hair. Maintain the charm of your face by this hairstyle. This hairstyle magnifies your facial feature. Go for easy and breeze shorter hair instead long bob this summer. It is one of the elegant hairstyles for thick hair.

easy and breeze hairstyles for thick hair

9.) Modern Layered Haircut

If you have straight hair then go for long and medium modern layered haircut. In this hairstyle, the soft ends and beautiful layers add body in your hairstyle. If you want to add bounce naturally then try this hairstyle. It is one of the cute hairstyles for thick hair. The hairstyle mostly suits long face shape and oval face shape cut.

Modern layered cut hairstyles for thick hair

10.) A Long and Statement

The best haircuts for thick hair involve chopping and layer to reduce the bulk of the hair. If you have grown long and beautiful hair, then try a long statement hairstyle that transforms your look totally. There are various styling options available in the hairstyle.

a long and statement hairstyles for thick hair

11.) Medium Length haircut with Long Layer

Layering is the best key that magnifies haircut in thicker hair. Add long layers in a medium hairstyle that add volume in the hair without ballooning to the unmanageable thickness. For the perfect look, give blow-dry to your hair before going to any occasion. It is one of the best hairstyles for thicker hair.

medium length haircut with long layer hairstyles for thick hair

12.) Edgy Bob Haircut

Bobs are always on trend and best for those ladies who have thicker hair. If you don’t want to style your hair in the morning then try edgy bob haircut. Edgy bob haircut will give you flattering look and cut in uneven length. Add choppy layers to give a spark in your hairstyle.

edgy bob haircut hairstyles for thick hair

13.) Long and Undercut Hairstyle for Thicker Hair

Long and undercut hairstyle for thicker hair is one of the elegant hairstyles for thicker hair. In this hairstyle, the long hair with undercut hairstyle is best to spice up the natural routine. Flaunt your undercut and surprised other with hidden treasure under your long layers.

long and undercut hairstyles for thick hair

14.) Lob haircut for Thick Hair with Arched Bang

Lob haircut for thicker hair with arched bangs is one of the elegant hairstyles for thicker hair. If you don’t want to lose your long locks, then try this hairstyle. Try this flawless messy look which adds 5 minutes to your daily routine.

lob haircut with arched bang hairstyles for thick hair

15.) Undercut Pixie Hairstyle

The undercut Pixie hairstyle is one of the hairstyles for thick hair. Undercut hairstyle is recently love of many women. Eye-popping tattoos and piercing always look best with this hairstyle.

undercut pixie cut hairstyles for thick hair