15 Flat Top Haircuts

Flat top haircuts immensely appreciated as soon they as appeared. These haircuts have become the first choice of men and women. It is shown in the study that hairstyle is mostly worn by the black men. The hairstyles are not boring or any less edgy. They are quite different from military haircuts but very easy to maintain. The flat top haircuts are very much in trend. Here are 15 flat top haircuts that are easy to maintain and stylish.

15 Flat Top Haircuts

1.) Side Part Top Haircut

The side part top haircut is one of the flat top haircuts that looks awesome on short hair. Add the neat side part with softened edges which are filled on the side. You can go for a stylish beard with this hairstyle. The hairstyle suits round and oval face shape.

side parted flat top haircuts

2.) Black Faded Flat Top

The black faded top is unbeaten look amazing with natural texture. There is no doubt that the hairstyle looks flawless on the black men as they have a natural texture for this hairstyle. They maintain the hairstyle for a long period of time without any trouble.

black faded flat top haircuts

3.) High Flat Top with Angled Front

The high fat top with angled front is very neat and stylish haircut. In this hairstyle, the angled above the forehead and prominent fade haircut. The hairstyle is a great combo of two haircuts. It is one of the flat top haircuts that you must try.

high flat with angled flat top haircuts

4.) Precision Flat Top

The precision flat top is one of the flat top haircuts. You can see this flawless haircut in the picture. In this hairstyle, the top gets chopped in the way to get the hunk look. The precision flat top haircut gives a perfect angle above the forehead.

precision flat top haircuts

5.) Neat Casual Flat Top

The neat casual top is one of the flat top haircuts. For this hairstyle you don’t have to grow long hair, you can go for flat tops. If you will have long hair then it is very difficult to stand straight in a longer length. So go for a shorter length, which helps you to get the neat casual flat top.

Neat and casual flat top haircuts

6.) Salt and Pepper Seductive Haircut

Salt and pepper seductive haircuts are one of the flat top haircuts. In this haircut, the flat top variation features get it done with black and gray throughout the hair and face hairstyle. Salt and pepper haircut makes the men less traditional, but full of free-spirited.

salt and pepper flat top haircuts

7.) Natural Flat Top with Design

Natural flat top with the design is one of the flat top haircuts. It’s neat look that is perfect for the casual occasion. In this hairstyle, the both the sides get reduced and top remain flat. For a better look, you can add some edgy design in this hairstyle that will blow other’s minds. The look gets more perfect with casual shirts and tattoos.

natural flat top with design flat top haircuts

8.) Pompadour Top

Pompadour Top is one of the flat top haircuts. It’s a neatly coiffed appearance that looks astonishing on men. The style is modern and hot when you comb in a flat style. Get this modish and elegant look which suits every face shape. Try to wear formal with this hairstyle and get the rich business man look.

pompadour flat top haircuts

9.) Lightly Faded Flat Top

Lightly faded flat top haircut is a very modern haircut. In this hairstyle, the flat top chooses the smoothly faded temple which makes accurate top hair cut. The haircuts look best in oval and heart shape face. The hairstyle looks dashing in fair skin tone.

lightly faded flat top haircuts

10.) Mini Flat Top

Mini flat top for those who don’t want much hair on the head rather than cleared. The mini flat top is known as a low flat top. It is one of the military cuts that people are mad about it. In this hairstyle, the head gets completed shave and top remain with minimal hair. It is one of the flat top hairstyles.

Mini-Flat-Top-Flat Top Haircuts

11.) Blunt Blonde Flat Top

Blunt Blonde flat Top is one of the flat top haircuts that are very much in trend. In this hairstyle, the top section of hair, cut bluntly to get it a stiff and precise look. Both the sides remain smaller to a minimal length. Flaunt this bold style with blonde color.

blunt blonde flat flat top haircuts

12.) Gray and  Flat Top

Gray flat top is one of the flat top haircuts. You have gray hair, then you have the advantage of having the gray and flat top. It looks very nice in a flat top which looks so admirable. Make your hairstyle graceful with natural gray.

gray and flat top haircuts

13.) Artistic Asymmetrical Flat- Top

Artistic Asymmetrical Flat- Top is one of the flat top haircuts. It’s a funky, edgy and cool haircut look amazing when it’s worn by black men. The artistic asymmetrical flat top look very stunning, especially on the black men as they have natural hair texture which makes it more attractive. It suits mostly face shape and very debonair hairstyle.

artistic flat top haircuts

14.) Flat Top for Light Brown Hair

Flat Top for light brown hair is one of the flat top hairstyles. In this hairstyle, the both sides get shaved up to minimal length and top remain in a flat shape with a minimal length of hair. The hairstyle will surely help you to understand how brown hair looks amazing with a flat top for light brown hair.

flat top haircuts for light brown hair

15.) Fade Flat Top

The fade flat top is one of the flat top haircuts. To get the classy look, the mid faded top and thick middle section give you flamboyant look. Try this hairstyle which is very easy to maintain.

fade flat top haircuts