How to French Braid?

‘You are never fully dressed without great hair’. And if you are blessed with naturally long hair, then it’s a double blessing. A French braid is a classic hairstyle to wear if you have long hair. The big  braid not only looks creative and ravishing but also holds your hair comfortably and in place. This is an ideal hairstyle for most of the occasions. If you are searching for a classic and neat hairstyle, then a French braid will put an end to your search.

Different Types of Classic Braids:

  • Regular French braid.
  • Dutch braid.
  • Dual texture braid.
  • Milkmaid braid.
  • Upside down braid.
  • Fishtail braid.

Steps to French Braid

1.) Basic Preparation to French Braid:


If you want to make a clean and neat braid, it is very necessary to brush your hair properly. Comb the hair in the backward direction and remove all the tangles. This will make your further work easy. You can make a French braid in dry hair or wet hair. But doing it in a little-wet hair will give it a neater look. And when you open it the waves will give you an amazing style.

2.) Divide Your Hair into Sections:

step-3 french braid

Divide your hair into a big portion. This big portion should be from the top center of your head. Make sure that all the hair in this portion should come from the same row. Don’t grab hair from here and there. Gather the hair from the top of the forehead. The thickness of your braid will increase gradually when more and more hair will be included.

3.) Redividing the big portion into Small Portions:


Now, after combing the big chunk and making sure that there are no tangles, you have to divide that chunk into three sections. Make sure that the length and width of each section is same. You can separate the portions with the help of your fingers. Use your hand to hold the created even pieces.

4.) Make a Traditional Braid:


Hold the two chunks in one hand and keep the third one in the other hand. Cross the right chunk over the center and then cross the left chunk over them. Repeat this and make atleast a few rows of this traditional braid.

5.) Include New Portions to Make French Braid:


After making a traditional braid, it is necessary to include more hair portions to French braid. While you are working with the traditional braid, now it is the right time to start including new hair portions. Grab some hair from one side of the head and cross it over. Do this before you cross a section of your traditional braid over to center. Grab less hair so that your  braid looks intricate. If you want your French braid to look ravishing try to pick more hair that is near to face and neck.

6.) Join the New Hair with Braided Section:


Use your finger to bring the hair that is near the face. Join this hair portion with the braided section. You can join it with the nearest braided section. Be careful while doing this. Make sure that your hair is entangled so that your braid gets a neat look.

7.) Include all Your Hair in the Big Braid:


After completing the top portion now its time to make a simple braid. Include all the left hair and make a traditional braid. Make sure that by the time you reach the nape of the neck all the hair is included in the braid.

8.) Finish the French Braid:


Keep braiding the hair until you reach the end of the hair strands. You can secure your traditional braid with a ponytail holder. You can even decorate your braid with some hair beads and pins. To avoid those wispy strands that are left, you can use a hair spray to make your French braid look fresh.

Different Ways to Style Your French Braid:

1.) Side Braid in French Style:


This is an effortless way to make a French braid hairstyle. It is one of the easiest hairstyles to make. Make one side French braid and leave the rest of the hair open. It looks good on medium and long hair.

2.) French Braided Crown:


This is one of the best hairstyles to get a princess look. This regal and queenly hairstyle for sure will give you a stunning look. It is an easy hairstyle if you are getting late and elegant hairstyle for office.

3.) Headband French Hairstyle:


This is not just a braid, but it is an art. This hairstyle gives you a chance to make your own headband. You can change your look with this inventive hairstyle.

4.) Try a Low Updo with a Side French Braid:


This is one of the most elegant and sophisticated French braid hairstyles. It makes you look amazing and is easy to make. If you are going to a wedding tonight, then enhance the beauty of your gown with this hairstyle.

5.) Waterfall Braid:


This hairstyle is perfect for achieving a relaxed and downplayed look. The true beauty of this braid lies in the messiness of this hairstyle. This hairstyle will give your hair a thicker and fuller look.