15 Funky Hairstyles for Girls

Girls especially teenagers are never afraid to try something new. They always want their life and look happening. Whether it is about a dress or a hairstyle, funky styles are the first choice. It is easy to create these hairstyles and is comfortable for the daily goings. Hair styling is as important as dressing. Even if your outfit is ravishing, but if the hairstyle is not perfect your overall beauty will decrease. Girls prefer funk styles rather than something sober. Read our article to try out the different funky hairstyles for girls.

List of 15 Funky Hairstyles for Girls

1.) Highlighted Wispy Bob:

higlighted wispy bob funky hairstyles for girls

Don’t worry about styling even if you have short hair. There are a variety of ways to get a punk hairstyle for your short hair. One of these is a highlighted wispy bob which makes you look stunning. The wispy layers and the wavy touch look flattering on teenage girls.

2.) Braided Hair with Shaved Sides:

braided hair with shaved sides funky hairstyles for girls

This is one of the best funky hairstyles for girls. If you have shaved sides, then this cool and funky style is just made for you. A braid with a half shaved side looks stunning and stylish.

3.) Tied Hair with Shaved Sides:

tied hair with shaved sides funky hairstyles for girls

This is one of the most interesting funky hairstyles for girls. This is easy to create and will make you feel comfortable in the crowd. Make sure both the sides are shaved and tie the hair on the crown with an elastic.

4.) Flying Ponytail Braid for Girls:

flying ponytail braid funky hairstyles for girls

This stiff and wavy ponytail will catch the attention instantly. It looks funky and stylish. You have to make a high ponytail first and braid it tightly for the flying touch.

5.) Mysterious Long Hair for Girls:

mysterious long funky hairstyles for girls

This funky hairstyle is perfect for all the girls who have long hair. This mysterious and weird look is perfect for the coming Halloween party. Do a bright and heavy makeup to balance the all over look.

6.) Colorful Twisted Hair with Thick Layers:

colorful twisted hair funky hairstyles for girls

This hairstyle is so eye-catching that you will grab all the attention. You just need to choose some bright shades for your hair. Divide your hair into different sections to apply the selected colors and the twist and fold all the hair in a beautiful Updo.

7.) Puffy Twisted Bun with Colored Bottom:

puffy twisted bun with colored botton funky hairstyles for girls

The dash of this bright color at the nape of the neck makes your natural hair look stunning and outstanding. The twist on the top the hair makes your hair look puffy and the high bun gives you a chance to show off the bright color.

8.) High and Curly Beehive:

high curly beehive funky hairstyles for girls

This is one of the best funky hairstyles for girls. This kinky and curly beehive are just going to change your look. The height of the bun and the headband makes this hairstyle funky and stylish. The texture of the hair is just like the icing on the cake.

9.) High Colorful Side Ponytail:

high colorful side ponytail funky hairstyles for girls

This hairstyle gives you an opportunity to show your love for colors. The high side ponytail looks amazing and what makes it different is the colored tresses. This is one of the ideal funky hairstyles for girls.

10.) Asymmetric Bob with Fringes:

asymmetrical bob with fringes funky hairstyles for girls

If you are looking for something funky and stylish for your asymmetric bob, then a deep bright color is enough to style it. It changes your sober look into a funky one. This cool and funky look can be enhanced with a headband.

11.) Colorful Fringed Ponytail for Girls:

colorful fringed ponytail funky hairstyles for girls

This is one of the best funky hairstyles for girls. The bright colored ponytail with curly ends will make you look stunning. Make sure that the color of the fringes is different. The edginess in the fringes will make this funky hairstyle unique.

12.) Braided Bun with Two Shades:

braided bun with two shades funky hairstyles for girls

This is one of the exemplary funky hairstyles for girls. You have to braid up the hair in thin sections starting along the hairline. Make sure that the braids are alternately colored. Gather all the braids to make a low bun.

13.) Side Half Hairdo with Bouffant and Highlights:

side half hairdo with bouffabt funky hairstyles for girls

The extreme volume, flowery bun, and rolled sides make this hairstyle look funky and creative. The side hairdo is perfect for an evening party or any other special occasions.

14.) Tight Auburn Red Curls for Girls:

tight auburn red curls funky hairstyles for girls

The tight curls will make your hair look voluminous. The bright copper shade will enhance the beauty of your shoulder length layered bob. Try this funky and cool hairstyle for an evening party.

15.) Sleek Hair with Bold Bangs:

sleek hair with bold bangs

The main attractions of this funky hairstyle are a deep side part with bold side bangs. You can tie the rest of the hair at the back into a high pony. The side bangs are layered and the bold colors make this hairstyle cool and funky.