How to Get Wavy Hair?

Wavy hair is a modish and effortless style that people prefer more than the straight or curly hair. There are may different option available to get wavy hair at home rather than going salon every time. The wavy hair gives grace to your beauty and boosts the volume of the hair.

Wavy hair doesn’t mean that every time you use a heating tool to make the hairstyle wavy. You can get wavy hair with different tricks without the use of curling iron. You can make wavy hair with the help of coiling bun, braid, headband, rag curlers and twisting the hair. Here are best 5 tricks to get wavy hair at home.

5 Tricks to Get Wavy Hair

1.) Braiding to Get Wavy Hair

You can achieve wavy hair look by braiding your hair. Before starting braiding, you need to wet your hair to get wavy hair. Divide the hair into the section to make braids of your hair. As bigger braid means less wavy hair. Take many small sections of hair, if you want tight frizz. And if you want to loose and relaxed curls, then divide your hair into 4-5 sections and braid them. After braiding your hair, dry your hair with the help of a blow dryer or you can leave it on overnight and see the result in the next morning.

how to get wavy hair

2.) Buns to Create Wavy hair

You can get wavy hair with the help of buns. Wet your hair and divide your hair into sections. This means the more section you will create, the more waves you will get. 10-12 section are enough to get this look rest depend on hair texture. Choose one section and twist it to create a small bun at a time. Start making the small buns from your face so that you can see clearly what you are doing.

Twist the hair tightly and hold away from your head. It will look like a rope. Then create a bun by rolling the strand from the base. Fix the bun with hair Bobby pins. If you have thick hair then use elastic bands. Similarly, do this with rest hair. After completing the rest hair, dry it completely before you undo the bun. You can dry your hair with the help of a blow dryer or leave the hair as it is for overnight.

3.) Rag Curlers to Form Waves

Rag curlers will help you to give wavy hair at home without any cost. You need to cut the cloth strips around 4-5 inches long and about half inches wide. Create 12 pieces of strips, 6 for the top and 6 for the bottom. Divide the hair into sections, 6 sections in the crown area and 6 sections below the crown area. Then start rolling.

First place the strip on the tip of your hair and begin rolling inward. Do this method in front of the mirror and if the tip wants to come out, tuck it back and roll hair upward. Then tie the both ends of the strip together to secure the curls. The knot should be tight enough that it will not open while sleeping. Don’t make the knot too tight that it makes you difficult to untie knot. Next day open all the knots and set the curls with your finger. Don’t use a comb or brush as it makes hair frizz. For making the hairstyle long-lasting, put spray on it.

4.) Get Wavy Hair with Velcro Roller

You can use medium sized Velcro roller to achieve wavy hair look. It will give you the perfect wavy look without the help of heating tools. You need to apply the tennis ball sized amount of mousse to your wet hair. Leave your hair to get dry until it’s little wet. Create 2 sections of your hair a bottom, middle and top and fixed them with a duck clip.

Start from the bottom, unclip the bottom layer and divide it into many 1-2 inch sections. Start from the left front section. Fix the roller on top of the ends and roll it up toward your hair roots. Fix the roller with bobby pins and do the same with the rest of the hair. Use a blow dryer to give heat to each individual roller. When the hair gets cool apply hair spray on it, then remove the roller. Try this method to get the wavy hair.

5.) Use Headband for Wavy Look

You can use your headband to get wavy hair. First, you need to slightly wet your hair to achieve the look. Don’t do it with wet hair as it will take overnight to get dry. Lightly misting with water on your hair is enough for this look. So before using a headband, makes sure your hair should be tangled free and gently parted.

After using the headband, you are not able to part your hair. If you don’t part your hair, it might disrupt your pattern. Then place the thin, stretchy headband around the hair. If you don’t have a headband, you can make your own headband by wrapping the piece of the elastic band around your head and knotting it.

Take a small section of the hair from the front of your head. Twist the section of hair by keeping away from the face and tuck it under the headband. Similarly, pick the more sections and tuck it into your headband. Keep continuing it until you reach the end of the back, once you reach start it from the other side in the same way. Remove the headband in the morning and get sexy natural wavy hair.