How to Glazed Curls for Round Face?

Many people think that medium length curly hairstyle looks unpleasant on a round face. In this article, we have shared steps to glazed curls for round face. Most people believe that glazed curls always look unattractive and unpleasant on round face as they make the round face bigger and round. But, it’s totally false. Yes, curls always increase the volume of hair, but the right ways of making curl make your round face gorgeous look gorgeous. The best way helps you to get curls that elongated silhouette of your hairstyle can give grace to your face. That’s we have shared a tutorial, how to glazed curls for round face with the help of curling wand. These glazed curls are gorgeous and modish for round face.

You can flatter this curly hair with the amazing hairstyle. You Can add luster to your hairstyle by using the hair products which will add beauty to your curls. These products enhance the volume in the hair and shine to your locks. As you know the curling wands come in different sizes according to the size of curl you want. The best quality of curling wand is ceramic plated hair irons which give less damaged to hair. Here are some easy steps to glazed curls for round face.

Steps to Glazed Curls for Round Face

1.) Switch on Curling Wand for Preheat to Glazed Curls for Round Face

To get required heat for curls, always set the tool for preheating. It will save your time and efforts by making curls. Mostly curling irons have the function set the temperature according to hair texture. If you have thicker hair than heat it up to 430 degrees and if you have fine hair then 320 degrees temperature on your curling wand. But, always remember higher the temperature, the more damage to your hair. So you see the low-medium-high mode in your curling rod.

how to glazed curls for round face

2.) Divide your Hair into Small Sections

It happens, whether you are doing hair straightening, hair crimping or making curls, you always divide your hair to get the perfect look. Do not divide too much hair in one section. Always divide your hair before using any other heat tool. If you want gorgeous curls to take the strand section wider than 1’’. If you will take more hair in one strand, then your hair will not preheat and curls will become saggy. If you want cute and sexy tight curls, then opt for the strand smaller than 1’’ thick.

3.) Start Curling Your Hair from Nape Section to Achieve the Look

Divide your hair into multiple sections. Start with nape section, start giving the shape of the first row and secure the other remaining hair with the hair clipper. First curls the furthermost locks from the face by holding the curling wand upside down. Similarly, curl the next lock, in the same way, to achieve the glazed curls look for round face. When you reach the center point begin to curl from the other side by keeping the iron rod away from the face. When the curls start reaching to the meeting point of curls in the middle section, they will get overlap.

4.) Curl the Crown Section for Glazed Curls for Round Face

Before you reach to the crown area, you need to follow some instruction to glazed curls for round face. Before you start working on the crown area you need to add some lifts at the root with the help of backcombing or hair spray to create the volume in the hair. If you haven’t done before with the causal styling procedure, then begin with the blow dryer and round brush.

5.) Curl the Temple Section to achieve Glazed Curls for Round Face

Always curl the temple section properly to avoid skin damaged. Keep the locks of the temple section away from the face. In same way like in the face-framing locks. You can also wear gloves for the safety as they curling rods generally don’t have places to hold properly. Don’t rush while making curls, especially at the temple section. Give full attention while making curls.

6.) Cool and Stretch Your Curls

Turn off your curling wand after completing with all sections. Cool down your curls and hold the curls in the spiral shape to get sexy and tight curls. If you don’t want tight curls, then stretch or break the curls with a finger to get the loose or wavy hair.

7.) Final fixation to Glazed Curls for Round Face

To make this hairstyle long-lasting, Use hair spray on your gorgeous curls. Hairspray helps your curls to hold it longer. If you have thin hair, you can use light hair spray on your hair. But if you have thicker hair, then you need strong hair spray to glazed curls for round face.