20 Different Haircuts for Long Hair

Are you searching for your signature style? Are you bored of short pixies and bobs? If yes, then read the article to find the best haircuts for long hair. A haircut will not just change the length of your hair, but will also change your look and attitude. Long hair looks amazing, but you can make it more beautiful by going for a perfect haircut. Get ready to throw some layers and bangs to complement your hair texture and face shape.

Top 20 Haircuts for Long Hair

1.) Front Layers for Long Hair:


This is one of the best haircuts for long hair. This beautiful haircut will give volume to your face. There are layers of different length around the face and three long layers at the back and end. If you are worried about your thin hair, then this is the best haircut for increasing volume. This haircut is perfect if the texture of your hair is straight. If you have an oval or heart shaped face start the layers at the cheekbone. If you have a square-shaped face keep the layers a little above the cheekbone.

2.) Layers with Tight Curls:


This beautiful hair is very safe as it suits most of the face shapes. This is a perfect haircut if your hair has a wild or curly texture. These layers will lend weight without looking heavy. Look more pretty in this haircut by keeping the layers longer on the side.

3.) Tapered Ends for Long Hair:


This long layered cut will prevent the natural spirals from ballooning out. It easily removes the bulk and gives you a hot look. The horizontal layers that will start at the collarbone will remain long in the front. This haircut makes your hair look thicker but also streamlined.

4.) All-round Layers for Long Hair:


This is one of the best haircuts for long hair. The imperfect ends make this cut as a wash and go kind of cut. The scissors in this cut are used in a downward direction. This haircut will upgrade your style. You can look more elegant by making a middle or side part. The best part is that this haircut compliments every face shape.

5.) Blunt Bangs with Side Swept:


This is a great haircut for women having a heart shaped face. This haircut will give you a flawless look and the soft side swept bangs will make your eyes look amazing. Your chin will become a center of attraction in this haircut. The fringes and layers will add beauty to your style.

6.) Pin-up Curls Haircuts for Long Hair:


Long pin-up curls look ultra flattering on a heart-shaped face. Soft and wide curls at the end will add contrast to this haircut. The narrow and pointed chin will create a perfect balance for your face. Since the forehead is wide it is not necessary to keep the volume on the top. The curls hanging below the cheeks will make you look resplendent.

7.) Beach Waves for Long Hair:


This is one of the best haircuts for long hair. It gives an ultra flattering look if you have a long-shaped face. The blonde highlights added to the flawlessly curled strands will make you look gorgeous. This haircut makes you look pretty and is in proportion with the rest of the body.

8.) Heavy Fringe for Long Hair:


Heavy fringes look perfect on square shaped face. The bangs will transform your whole look. The outside edges of the fringes are little longer than the center. The transition from long layers to bangs is just amazing. This haircut gives your hair a lot of volume, which supports a strong jawline.

9.) Long Bob Haircut:


A long bob is always in trend. This is a low maintenance haircut, which helps to enhance the beauty of the face and hair. Long bob looks amazing on square shaped face. The thick strands hanging on either side of the face will create an illusion of longer hair. This haircut suit looks good on straight and wavy hair.

10.) Multi-Layered Haircut for Long Hair:


This is one of the best haircuts for long hair. If you are a woman with long hair, a sleek and chic haircut is your ultimate goal. This mixture of layers will add volume to your hair. Most of the layers are mid-length. You can decide the size of the layers by seeing the frame of your face.

11.) Jagged Layers for Long Hair:


The edgy, jagged layers create their own sense of movement. The tone jagged layers will make you look gorgeous. You can also highlight the layers to create a pretty dimensional  layer. This haircut suits most of the face cuts.

12.) Long Waves Haircuts for Long Hair:


This is one of the most amazing haircuts for long hair. Long hair can also seem lifeless. The long waves will give new life to your long hair. Reveal the texture of your long locks with this haircut.

13.) Loose Messy Curls with Bangs:


No doubt that curls have their own beauty, but they can look amazing if you add bangs. Use different barrel sizes and alternate the curls to give your hair a messy look. If you want a sexy touch curl the side bangs towards the back.

14.) Edgy V-Line Layers for Long Hair:


This beautiful haircut will give your layers an edgy look. In this haircut, the locks are curved towards the center. This creates a V-line. You can look ravishing if you soften the ends of your hair with a curling iron.

15.) Highlighted Choppy Layers:


This is one of the best haircuts for long hair. Short choppy layers will enhance your hair characteristics and facial features. You will look more glamorous if you highlight the choppy layers with blonde or chocolate shades. Use a good quality hair spray to set your choppy layers.

16.) Curtain Bangs for Long Hair:


Curtain bangs look fabulous on an oval shaped face. If you are bored of plunge then this haircut is the perfect solution for you. You can brush them to one side or spread it fully across the forehead.

17.) Layers on Layers for Long Hair:


This is one of the best haircuts for long hair. Keep the shortest layer till the chin level. You can make your layers noticeable by using a different fade color for each layer. This haircut does not need any special hairstyle.

18.) Flips and Layers Haircuts for Long Hair:


This is one of the amazing haircuts for long hair. You can highlight your layers with the shades of blonde and brown. This haircut gives your hair a new life. If you are tired of your thick hair, try this haircut and solve your problem.

19.) Feather Cut for Long Hair:


Do you want a cute look? Are you bored of short pixies and blunt bobs? If yes, then you can also look cute in a feather cut. This haircut suits most of the face shapes. You can create a soft and a ripple effect by adding texture to the bottom layer.

20.) Long Shag Haircuts for Long Hair:


This Haircut will take you back to the disco look. Long shag is a combination of retro era and the modern era. The choppy, jagged and close layers will give your hair a kind of feather look. The styling will give a modern look.