20 Elegant Haircuts for Women

Decent, Respectable, fashionable, youthful and graceful are some common words that are used to describe a person. You will be surprised to know that a perfect haircut can attach these words to you. A haircut is a change in attitude and style. We have listed the top 20 elegant haircuts for women. Choose the perfect haircut to get an elegant and hot look.

Best Elegant Haircuts for Women

1.) Bold Pixie Haircuts for Women:


This is one most elegant haircuts for women. This minimalistic cut will highlight your natural beauty. Pixie haircut not only gives you a sophisticated look, but it is also easy to style. You can add dimension to your cut by different color nuances.

2.) Medium Layered Haircuts for Women:


Layers make your hair look beautiful by adding volume and texture. This cut with discrete layers looks stunning on fair complexions. The longest locks should be till the shoulder and the front locks should be short.

3.) Layered Bob Haircuts for Women:


This is one of the most elegant and the easiest to maintain haircut. It gives you a classy look and saves your time. Frame your face by introducing some grading to your locks. If you want a stunning sun-kissed hairstyle then use Carmel highlights.

4.) Sleek Bangs Haircuts for Women:


This haircut has hidden delicate layers which give it a finishing touch. If you are just bored of the simple layers, then try this different haircut. The layers below the collarbone will give a new definition to the cut. The hanging bangs on the forehead will give you a classy and elegant look.

5.) Mid-Length Layers for Fine Hair:


If you are just confused that which haircut will suit your fine hair, then let me tell you that mid-length layers are the perfect option. The mid-length cut with strong layers will make you look sophisticated. Give a finishing touch to your haircut with a dab of serum.

6.) Stacked Bob Haircuts for Women:


This amazing haircut will add life to your dull and boring hair. It will make you feel young and refreshed. Shorter and longer strands will add volume to your hair.

7.) Curly Blonde Bob:


This is one of the most elegant haircuts for women. It is a perfect choice if your hair has a curly or wavy texture. This haircut embraces your natural beauty and is easy to style.

8.) Trendy Shag Haircuts for Women:


This is one of the best haircuts for a casual and elegant look. It looks good on every face cut. If you want shoulder length hair then this is just perfect for you. Women who have natural wavy hair should try this haircut.

9.) Chin-length Crop Haircuts:


This haircut looks amazing on every face shape except round. It will give you a bold and elegant look. You can flaunt the beauty of your hair with this amazing haircut.

10.) Angled Bob for Women:


If you want a bob with an edge, then this is the perfect haircut for you. This is a kind of large bob which is angled towards the end. You can look fabulous by parting the hair on the side or middle.

11.) Crop Haircut with Ringlets:


This fabulous haircut is ideal for special occasions such as weddings or posh events. The ringlets at the end give a bounce to your beautiful crop. The short layers will set a perfect frame for your face.

12.) Blonde Inverted Bob:


This is one of the best haircuts for women. This haircut is easy to maintain and give a full bounce to your hair. The Inverted bob creates a fabulous and curved style which looks fantastic. This haircut is flattering for all face shapes.

13.) Layered Pixie Haircut:


This is one of the most elegant haircuts for women. This high fashion short haircut is loved by women who like attention. It will save your time that you spend on styling your hair.

14.) Layered Haircut with Thick Fringes:


The beautiful haircut is for sure a head turner. It will give your hair a fabulous style. The multi-tonal blonde color will enhance the beauty of long layers. The fringes are straight, full and long. It is a flattering haircut for most of the face shapes.

15.) Choppy Haircuts for Women:


This haircut not only looks good on young girls, but also on mature ladies. It adds volume to your hair and makes you feel happy and young. The auburn highlights will make your haircut look amazing.

16.) Multi-Layered Haircut:


This is one of the most elegant haircuts for women. This sleek and chic cut will provide body and movement to your hair. The mixture of short and long layers will frame your face perfectly. This haircut looks gorgeous in long hair.

17.) Loose Curls with Bangs:


If you want to add volume to your hair then this haircut is perfect for you. The loose curls will give your hair a flattering texture. Messy side bangs will make sure that you get a sexy touch. This elegant hairstyle is flattering for most of the face cuts.

18.) Flip Layered Haircuts for Wmoen:


This haircut will enhance the beauty of your long luscious locks. It is not only a haircut but an amazing hairstyle. The perfectly formed bouncy curls at the end will give you an elegant look.

19.) Beachy Layered Haircut:


This is one of the best haircuts for women. The angled layers will help you to get the amazing beachy waves. It is one of the most flattering haircuts.

20.) Wavy Bob Haircut with Fringes:


This is one of the most elegant haircuts for women. The wavy finish will make you feel young and happy. Add some blonde highlights to your tousled texture to look gorgeous.