20 Eye Catching Hairstyles for Fat Faces

Everyone is not gifted with a slim, delicate faces and a chiseled cheekbone. Don’t despair, if you have a fat and fuller face. Chubby faces give you a cute look and it lights up when you smile. But if you are bored of your cute look and want to look hot, then read this article to find out the top 20 eye-catching hairstyles for fat faces. These hairstyles will bring your self-confidence back by making your face and neck look longer.

Top 20 Eye Catching Hair Styles for Fat Faces:

1.) Side Parting for Chubby Faces:


This is one of the best eye-catching hairstyles for fat faces. No doubt that middle parting makes you look good, but it draws attention towards your cheeks. So ladies, if you have a round face, it will look all the more fat. You can try different partings to decide which suits you best. A side parting will make you look fabulous.

2.) Curled Bob Hairstyles for Fat Faces:


If you are just willing to revamp your style, then this is a perfect hairstyle. This cute style will look marvelous on your chubby face. Bouncy curls and blonde highlights are a perfect combination. A deep side bang will make your chubby face look thin. This hairstyle is best suited to women having fair skin color.

3.) Hairdo for Chubby Faces:


Loose curls, framing tendrils, and bold highlights will just make you look perfect. This is a daunting hairstyle for women with round faces, but it looks marvelous on chubby faces. This is one of the best hairstyles for fat faces.

4.) Half Updo for Fat Faces:


If you want to create an illusion of slim face, then this hairstyle is a perfect choice. This beautiful hairstyle will give your face a perfect frame. Try a Half Updo to see you’re changed and slim face. You can leave a few hair strands loose and try some variations in your hairstyle.

5.) High Bun for Round Faces:


A bun always looks beautiful  no matter what is the occasion or the what is the outfit. But you will be surprised to know that this hairstyle will help you to get a longer face. The height of the bun will give your face a changed look. Flaunt this popular and sexy style by trying it.

6.) Messy Ponytail for Fat Faces:


This is one of the most eye-catching hairstyles for fat faces. Your hair will get depth and texture from this hairstyle. This means that your hair will seek all the attention and your fat face will no more be a center of attraction. This messy style will not highlight your fat face.

7.) Side Braid for Chubby Faces:


A side braid makes you look super classy. It is a perfect hairstyle if you want to transform your look. This hairstyle is very eye catching and hence your fat face is highlighted less. This is one of the fabulous hairstyles for fat faces.

8.) Mixed Layers Hairstyles for Fat Faces:


Layers always win when it comes to an eye-catching hairstyle. It makes you look amazing and makes you look trendy and classy. Consistent layers of different lengths are one of the best hairstyles for fat faces. You can keep some layers short and others long. Make sure that the shortest layer is till chin length. This is a perfect hairstyle for straight hair and soft locks.

9.) Braided Bun for Round Faces:


This is one of the best eye-catching hairstyles for fat faces. Braided bun will give you an illusion of a slim face. Enhance the beauty of your gorgeous face and stunning makeup with this beautiful braided Updo.

10.) Classy Waves for Fuller Faces:


This is a fantastic hairstyle to hide your chubby faces. Waves add texture and volume to your hair. Your hair looks fuller due to which your face looks slim. If you want to make a style statement then is a perfect hairstyle.

11.) Copper Curls with Side Bangs:


Spiral curls add weight to your face. Give your hair an old Hollywood flair by choosing a sleek and wavy hairstyle. The curly side part will make your face look graceful and slim. You can hide your forehead with larger bangs.

12.) Resplendent Red for Fat Faces:


This is one of the best hairstyles for fat faces. The beautiful red color will not only upgrade your haircut but will also grab the attention. Thus, your round face will be less highlighted. You can either go for a solid hue or a multi-tonal solution. A bright color lipstick will just add up to your beauty.

13.) Crown Braid Hairstyles for Fat Faces:


This hairstyle is very elegant and classy. It moves the eyes from the cheeks to the braid. The crown braid will build a visual height and grab all the attention. You can make this look more beautiful by adding a flower.

14.) Bouffant Curls for Chubby Faces:


This is one of the perfect hairstyles for fat faces. The best thing that you can do to hide your fat face is to create a balance. Bouffant curls create an appropriate balance. The extra at the top will make your face less highlighted.

15.) Long Bob for Fuller Faces:


A bob is never out of trend and you will be surprised to know that a long bob looks amazing on chubby faces. This hairstyle is easy to maintain and it’s completely fine if you do not add touch ups for a few times.  The balayage color will add visual length to your hairstyle and will create an illusion of a slim face.

16.) Pastel Ombre Hairstyles for Fat Faces:


This is a perfect hairstyle to withdraw the attention from the fat face. Pastel ombre distracts the widest part of the face and the color highlights grab all the attention. This hairstyle adds sharpness to the chin and jawline.

17.) Fishtail Braid for Chubby Faces:


Fishtail braid with long wispy bangs will set a perfect frame for your face. It will create an illusion of slimmer face and is a perfect hairstyle for long hair. This hairstyle is good for a casual and formal look.

18.) A-Line Hairstyles for Fat Faces:


This edgy hairstyle make you look classy and smart. The sharp and equal hair with pointed edges will make your face and neck look longer. This hairstyle provides a balanced symmetry to your face.

19.) Smoky Waves for Fuller Faces:


This is one of the most eye-catching hairstyles for fat faces. Smoky wave is a universally appealing hairstyle. A side part will hide your fat face and a blunt cut will give you a modern look.

20.) Classy Chignons for Fat Faces:


This is one of the best hairstyles for fat faces. Chignons suit most of the face shapes. You can look more elegant if you leave a few hair strands loose. This will soften your cheeks and hence your face will look longer.