20 Best Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Everyone desires to have those obedient strands that always look good and are easy to manage. Hair density and insufficient thickness are a few factors that result into mismanaged and untidy hair. However, your haircut and the way you style your hair plays a key role. But, all this does not mean that you have to stick to shorter lengths and compromise with your style. A good haircut and styling are all that you need to manage your hair well and carry every possible hairstyle perfectly. In this article, you will get learn about a few hairstyles for thin hair. 

List of 20 Best Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Thin hair may appear dull and lifeless if they are not styled correctly but, the hairstyles enlisted below will help to pump up the volume of your thin hair. No matter if you prefer short bobs or waist-length waves, we here are offering you with a list of 20 best hairstyles for thin hair, you can simply choose your favorite style and rock the show.

Short Layered Bob

First on the list of best hairstyles for thin hair is a Short Layered Bob haircut. Choppy layers have always initiated to a boost in your hair volume. Combining them with a lighter hair color especially darker roots against light hair gives an illusion of density in your strands.

hairstyles for thin hair

Windswept Waves

Second on the list of best hairstyles for thin hair are these windswept waves. When tackling with thin hair, the main aim is to amplify limp locks and one of the latest on-trend ways to do this is to cut your hair into waves. They are just perfect for after work dinners, drinks, and outings.hairstyles for thin hair

Choppy Ends on Medium Length

The line where your hair falls is something to take under concern while dealing with thin hair. A delicate choppy cut or a simple blunt is the best choice for your thin hair to appear thick and pumped up. This grabs this hairstyle third position on the list of hairstyles for thin hair.

hairstyles for thin hair

Long Side Bangs

We understand that bobs aren’t the best choice for every woman. This is because every woman has different choices, eventually preferring different hairstyles. A perfect layered haircut is the best choice as this adds versatility to your hair that can be styled in every other way regardless of being limited to those bobs.

hairstyles for thin hair

Shoulder-Length Waves

Some women prefer remaining brunettes and if you are among them then this hairstyle is a perfect match for you. You do not need blond and caramel highlights for this style, a few simple brown baby lights are enough for your new haircut to steal the show. This grabs the fifth position for this hairstyle on the list of hairstyles for thin hair.

hairstyles for thin hair

The Burgundy Bombshell

Long lengths for thin hair textures need some layering. A few light layers and v-cut ends that frame your face is simply a right choice. Also, darker shades for your hair reflect more light, making them appear rich in texture. This gives density and boosts the volume of your hair. Making it a number sixth on the list of hairstyles for thin hair.

hairstyles for thin hair  Wavy Layers for Mature Women

Your age cannot decide your hairstyles. Let those grays embrace your look and transform your strands into wonders. Soft curls at the end tend to add body and volume to thin hair. This will make you feel younger and prove that those grays can even look youthful without the commercial colors. This makes it number seventh on the list of hairstyles for thin hair.

hairstyles for thin hair

The Floral Headband 

Floral headbands are a “no girl can resist” hair accessory and what could be more fun than a spring style hair. This contemporary hair style is the best choice for ladies with thin hair. The flowers are paired according to your hair color, for instance, blondes can opt for pale pink or yellow flowers and redheads can go for red flowers or maybe a deeper shade of magenta for a change.

hairstyles for thin hair

Bangs with a Half Updo 

This wavy hairstyle that has a little teasing effect, created towards the crown. On the other hand, those thick blunt bangs give the illusion of fuller and dense hair. This grabs it number nine on the list of hairstyles for thin hair.


Crown Braids 

This hairstyle is simply perfect to accessorize your hair without using any artificial accessories. This style of front braiding that wraps your forehead gives your hair a thicker appearance. 

hairstyles for thin hair

The Fringe Effect 

Those thick bangs around the forehead actually pump up the volume of thin hair giving an illusion of dense hair locks. This type of hairstyle is best suited on oval face shapes with all hair textures other than tight curls.

hairstyles for thin hair

Crimpy Craze 

Bored with your long straight strands, give them the attitude that they deserve. Try the micro crimping effect and part your hair from the center. Pastel colors look absolutely exquisite on this kind of hairstyle, making it number twelfth on the list of hairstyles for thin hair.

hairstyles for thin hair

The Curl Booster 

One of the easiest ways to style your thin hair is, to curl them. Curls have always been on the rescue for thinner hair textures. This is because they add volume to your hair. With minimal layering and medium length makes the hair look bouncy and fuller. It simply suits all face shapes with straight or wavy hair textures. 

hairstyles for thin hair

The Bold Bouffant 

This hairstyle makes you feel confident and sexy, at the same time adds volume to your hair forming a crown over your head. All you need to do is tease your roots at the top of your head and secure the tease section with bobby pins.

hairstyles for thin hair

The Long Auburn Locks 

This makes your hairstyle more radiant that is complimented by piecey bangs and shiny long tresses. This hairstyle works best for long and straight hair tresses. 

hairstyles for thin hair

Headband with Wispy Bangs 

Fine blonde hair chopped out in layers to give an illusion of voluminous hair. Those wispy side-swept bangs add a tinge of creativity to this simple style that is complemented by the headband detailing.

hairstyles for thin hair

The Undone Side Braid

This tousled hair with a not so perfectly tied braid simply appears gorgeous. Those face-framing blonde tresses gently skim the forehead and suits perfectly for square shape faces. 

hairstyles for thin hair

The Edgy Pixie 

This one on the list of hairstyles for thin hair is a classic pixie cut with long bangs that is contrasting to the original pixie style. These long bangs add a sense of mystery and drama to your look. Those sideburns and lots of chopped hair give an edginess to your hairstyle.

hairstyles for thin hair

The Cinnamon Bob 

Thus hairstyle is where the tresses are chopped right past the chin, adding lots of layers and bangs. This length is apt to make your hair look voluminous and bouncy.


The Icy Pixie 

This one on the list is a pale pixie cut that adds dimensions and texture to your hair. The soft feathery layers tend to beautify the look. This kind of style looks best on heart-shaped faces with wavy or straight hair.