20 Ideas of Ideal Short Haircuts

Short haircuts look extremely fashionable and elegant. They are light-weighted and makes you feel comfortable. Short haircuts are an ideal solution for busy working women and sports persons. Pixie, bob, angled, sassy and feathered are some of the short haircuts that are worth trying. All these haircuts have gained a lot of popularity worldwide and require no extra styling. Read our article to select the best haircut that suits your personality.

List of 20 Ideas of Ideal Short Haircuts

1.) Layered Bob Short Haircuts:

layered bob short haircuts

This haircut is going to texturize your hair beautifully. It adds a lot of volume to your crown and minimizes the styling effort. You just have to use a styling gel after shampooing to keep your hair frizz free.

2.) Sassy Bob Haircuts for Women:

sassy bob short haircuts

This is an ideal haircut for women with thick and straight hair. The hair looks sleek and this haircut ensures that all the volume and natural height gets counterbalanced. For giving this haircut a flirty look, you can keep the layers at the back and sides short.

3.) Asymmetrical Short Haircuts:

asymmetrical short haircuts

This modern haircut looks flattering when a deep side part and an asymmetry is mixed. It is an ideal haircut that suits on fine and thick hair. This haircut gives you a chance to flaunt your facial features while playing around with your hair.

4.) Curly Pixie with Tapered Sides:

curly pixie with tapered sides short haircuts

This is one of the best short haircuts to enhance the beauty of your natural curls. Short curls look amazing on its own, but the tapered sides act like a cherry on the cake. It adds a lot of volume on the top of the crown and gives you a super sexy look.

5.) Graduated Bob for Thick Hair:

graduated bob short haircuts

The super thick hair makes this bob haircut look fuller. The short layers added towards the middle and back give you a natural bouffant look. You can even make this haircut look complete with some blonde highlights and brown layers.

6.) Messy Pixie Short Haircuts:

messy pixie short haircuts

It is not always necessary to keep a pixie that looks sleek and layered. Sometime messiness looks more beautiful. The naturally wavy and curly texture makes this haircut looks awesome.

7.) Platinum Bob Short Haircuts:

platinum bob short haircuts

This short haircut looks great on women having thick hair. The layers in this platinum bob add beauty in this haircut. The combination of a sophisticated and punk look with some feather layers is just fantastic.

8.) Angled Lob with Straight Bangs:

angled lob short haircuts

This is one of the ideal short haircuts if your hair is straight and sleek. The angled layers in the front with short back is marvelous. The too much bulk at the back is this real beauty of this haircut. Straight bangs give you an elegant look.

9.) Pixie Haircut with Long Side Bangs:

pixie haircut with long side bangs short haircuts

Do you want a haircut that doesn’t look too heavy? If yes, then the mixture of short length and layers is the perfect solution for you. The pixie cut along with the long side bangs will make your look soft.

10.) Rounded Bob with Bangs:

rounded bob with bangs short haircuts

This is the short version of a bob. You just have to ask your hairstylist to add some layers below the ear. This will give you a simple yet ravishing look. The side bangs blend perfectly with the layers and make the haircut close to perfection.

11.) French Short Haircuts:

french short haircuts

The edgy texture is the main attraction in this haircut. The touch of messiness has made this haircut popular among older women. The contrasted length, delicacy, and plasticity of this haircut is fantastic.

12.) Highlighted Pixie with Bangs:

highlighted pixie with bangs short haircuts

This highlighted pixie does not require any extra styling to look ravishing. For an extra messy touch, you can use a mousse. The subtle highlights give you a gorgeous and sun-kissed look.

13.) Two-Tone Short Haircuts:

two tone short haircuts

This low maintenance style is perfect for all the ladies for whom time and hair are equally precious. You just have to make sure that the length of the cut is short. It is an ideal haircut to tame your stubborn tresses.

14.) Piecy Short Bob Haircuts:

piecy short bob haircuts

If you want to try something unique and different, but you are afraid to experiment with colors, then these hidden highlights are best to enhance the beauty of your short haircuts.

15.) Layered Crop Short Haircuts:

layered crop short haircuts

This layered short hair crop is going to freshen your look instantly. It is a low maintenance haircut and doesn’t give you a serious look.

16.) Pixie with Short Bangs:

pixie with short bangs short haircuts

This messy crop with uneven bangs looks great on most of the celebrities. The edginess in the look is flattering if you want an urban look. You can use a texturizing product to bring out the best from this haircut.

17.) Cropped Haircut with Colorful Highlights:

cropped haircut with colorful highlights short haircuts

This is one of the best haircuts for short and thick hair. It is a unique and different style if you love changes. The highlights will add a touch of punk and boldness. This haircut looks edgy and gives you a youthful appeal.

18.) Feathered Pixie Short Haircuts:

feathered pixie short haircuts

It will be fair enough to call this haircut an outgrown pixie. The length is comfortable and is enough to play with the hair. A feather layered look beautiful on straight and thick hair.

19.) Faded Pixie Short Haircuts:

faded pixie short haircuts

The faded sides will take your normal pixie to a new level. Remember, the nape should also be faded. The faded side and nape will give you an edgy urban vibe.

20.) Undercut Pixie Haircuts:

undercut pixie short haircuts

This short haircut is going to spice up your normal pixie. The tapered layers and long side bangs blend together amazingly. The v shape that comes at the nape makes this short haircut unique and appealing.