15 Inspiring Winter Hair Colors

Hey, let’s try some inspiring winter hair color with both natural and unnatural color tones this winter. To make this season more interesting add more dimension and depth to your existing hair color. So here are 15 inspiring winter hair colors that will surely add warm in this season.

15 Inspiring Winter Hair Colors

1.) Radical Reds

The radical red is one of the winter hair colors. Try this intense red color in this winter season. The color goes best with skin tone. You can go for the curly and wavy texture that looks awesome with this hair color. Don’t get afraid while going to the hair salon.

radical red winter hair color

2.) Ice Queen

Ice queen is one of the winter hair colors. Magnify your beauty with ice queen. You will get the real color by going into the double process. If you have natural light hair, then this hair color is perfect for you. Make sure you will check the quality of the color before using it in the process to maintain the health of the hair.

Ice queen winter hair colors

3.) Perfectly Paneled

Perfectly paneled is one of the inspiring winter hair colors. Color paneling is bold and sassy, especially when it’s winter. Create the larger section of the hair separated to achieve the bold look. Well, the color is suitable for all hair texture. It also depends on how you will customize the color in your hairstyle. The hairstyle looks best in oval, round, large and heart shaped face.

perfectly paneled winter hair color

4.) Brilliant Balayage

Brilliant balayage is one of the winter colors. A head full painted with subtle highlights with naturally light blonde which look stunning in winters. The lighter blonde color is mostly achieved by the those who have natural light hair. You can consult with a color expert before going into the process. Make sure you are using the right quality for your hair.

Brilliant balayage winter hair color

5.) Contrasted Caramel Curls

Contrasted caramel Curls are one of the winter colors. In this hairstyle, the deeper blonde contrasted with caramel look splendid on curly hair. Curly and wavy hair is the best suitable for this hairstyle. Warmer skin tone looks best for this hairstyle. Make sure you are changing the colors according to the seasons. Apply make up to magnify the look.

contrasted cramel winter hair color

6.) Brombre

Balayage ombre is one of the winter colors. The deep brunette, when combined with soft and warm blonde, are simply blissful. It is mostly suitable for the warmer skin tone. You just need to add some softened highlight to add dimension and brightness to your hair to achieve this look.

brombre winter hair color

7.) Baby Blue

Baby blue is one of the winter hair colors. Add this eye-popping hair color in your crown area to give dimension to your hair with naturally depended base color. Pair your dark hair with baby blue color. The tone is bright and add charm to your hairstyle. The cooler skin tone is best suitable for those hairstyles.

baby blue winter hair color

8.) Rich in Red

A lively red when it’s paired with soft underlying layers of warm brunette create a contrast and add charm to your hairstyle. Before going into the procedure, make sure you will discuss with a colorist. It is one of the best winter hair colors. Go with winged eyeliner and red lips with this hairstyle.

Rich in red winter hair color

9.) Curiously Curly Highlights

If you don’t like to take a global hair color, this hairstyle is for you. In this hairstyle, few pieces of curls get colored and rest hair color remain the same in natural dark color. It also adds depth and dimension to the hairstyle. It is one of the winter hair colors.

curiously cuurly highlights winter hair colors

10.) Outrageous Orange

Outrageous orange is one of the winter hair colors. In this hairstyle, the medium brunette virgin hair color with pre-highlighted sections are colored with jaw-dropping orange. If you want all hearts to get attracted to you, then add some vibrant color to the virgin head of the hair. It mostly suits the warm skin tone.

Outrageous orange winter hair colors

11.) Strawberry Blonde Mama

Strawberry blonde mama is one of the winter hair colors. This winter flaunts your hair with strawberry blonde mama which add framing of the face. The color mostly suits cooler skin tone. If you have a blue or green eye, then you should try this hair color. It is mostly suited all hair texture. Add a great warm in your life by adding strawberry blonde mama in this winter.

Strawberry blonde mama winter hair colors

12.) Secret Silver Fox

Secret silver fox is one of the winter hair colors. In this hairstyle, a deep brunette base flaunts a section of the hair with perfectly place silver. It is suitable for both cool and warm skin tones. If you have shorter hair, then add soft highlights in your hairstyle.

secreate silver fox winter hair color

13.) Dark Haired Dream

The dark hair dream is one of the best winter hair colors. If you want a stylish and decent look, then try dark hair dream. Magnify your beautifully rich bass with several highlights. The hairstyle looks gorgeous on the fair skin tone.

Dark haired dream winter hair colors

14.) Copper Cutie

Copper cutie is one of the best winter hair colors. The copper and red blonde tone are perfect for this summer. It is suitable for fair and cooler skin tone.

copper cute winter hair colors

15.) Golden Brown Goddess

Golden brown goddess is one of the winter hair colors. In this hairstyle, deep brunette with golden overtone is always amazing. Try the best hair color for your skin in this crazy winter.

golden brown godess winter hair colors