20 Easy Long Box Braids

If your soul and mind are starving for something rich, deep and authentic, then long box braids will fulfill your soul and mind. Box braids are ideal because of their low maintenance and the countless styles. It is perfect to get them done at any time of the year. These captivating hairstyles will take you a step up in the fashion world. Read the article to scrutinize the easiest long box braids.

Best 20 Easy Long Box Braids

1.) Loose Side Part Long Box Braids:


Long box braids offer  you versatility. You can make different hairstyles using your box braids. It is not always necessary to pin them tightly. Leaving them loose also makes you look good. A side-part with loose braids will give you a fabulous look.

2.) Topknot Long Box Braids Hairstyles:

You can rock this hairstyle in the natural color of your hair. There is no need to highlight your hue with any other color. A trendy topknot will give your hair plenty of dimension and volume. This hairstyle for sure is a big hit in the fashion world.

3.) Half Head Box Braids Hairstyle:


This is one of the easiest long box braids hairstyle. If you want to keep your hair open and want to have long box braids also, then hairstyle will give you the leverage. It is the best hairstyle if you want to try something wild. This is an incredibly awesome hairstyle which offers you so much versatility.

4.) Cornrows Box Braids Hairstyles:


Cornrows are known as the sisters of box braids. If you are looking for a cool and slicked back style, then cornrows are really fun and exotic. There are a variety of styles you can try with cornrows. This hairstyle will make you look intoxicating. It is best for ladies who love versatility and style.

5.) Simple Long Box Braids Hairstyles:


This hairstyle does not require any extra care or time. If you have to attend an impromptu, then this hairstyle is just perfect. This simplest hairstyle on earth makes you look beautiful and graceful.  If you are blessed with naturally long hair, you can wear this breathtaking hairstyle anywhere.

6.) Textured Topknot Box Braids Hairstyles:


This is one of the best long box braids hairstyles. A textured topknot is different from a basic topknot. The different types of twists and flips add diversity and dimension to your topknot. The detailing in this topknot will tell about the creative person that is inside you.

7.) Wild Colors Long Box Braids:


Colors make the life of the person interesting, then why not add color to your beautiful braids. Break the monotony by trying the different hair colors. These crazy and wild colors for sure will give you a sexy and hot look.

8.) Jumbo Sized Long Box Braids:


It is not always necessary to have tight and small box braids. The jumbo sized long box braids will give you a full and thick style. It is a gorgeous hairstyle for all the ladies. Try this jumbo sized hairstyle and flaunt the beauty of your hair.

9.) Voluminous Half Updo Long Box Braids:


All the ladies want to have tons and tons of volume of hair, especially on the top of the head. This hairstyle will showcase the volume of your intoxicating hair. This sexy half Updo works in every social gathering. Give yourself a fabulous look by adding a plenty of height to the top of the head.

10.) Crown of Long Box Braids:


This hairstyle will make you feel as the ruler of the world. This beautiful design will help you to make a crown for yourself. It is an easy hairstyle to make and will not take much of your time.

11.) Silver Smoke Box Braids Hairstyles:


These single braids include all the shades that are perfect for a unique look. The cute finger waves with the long ombre shade give you an improbable look. It is a great hairstyle for most of the women.

12.) High-Half Ponytail Long Box Braids:


A high half ponytail upgrades your style in the perfect way. This sassy is known to enhance the beauty and personality of a person. You can decorate your braids with beads or color some of the strands.

13.) Sleek High Bun Long Box Braids:


This is an ideal hairstyle for both social and professional environments. A sleek and polished bun gives you a sophisticated look. A high bun with a beautiful neck piece and long earrings will make you look resplendent.

14.) High Side Ponytail:


This is an ideal hairstyle for a classy and sassy look. It looks great in a tank top and jeans. You can enhance the beauty of this hairstyle by pairing it with some flawless makeup. A bright lipstick on the glowing skin is just enough.

15.) Combo of Undercut and Side Part Braids:


If you are bored with those regular buns and side parts, then take your hairstyle to new heights by trying something new. This hairstyle is not only for hipster men and punk rockers but for all those who want to try something different.

16.) French Long Box Braids:


This is an amazing hairstyle to showcase the beauty of your long box braids. It is easy to make and the jumbo size of the braid for sure is a head turner. This ravishing hairstyle looks great on most of the outfits. You can add texture and different highlights to make it look more stunning.

17.) Double Braided Updo:


This is one of the easiest long box braids hairstyles. If you have a fear that double braided looks will be too thick and heavy, then you are absolutely wrong. This amazing Updo brings all the attention towards the face. It is a ravishing hairstyle for ladies who have round face.

18.) Braided Bun Hairstyles:


Use you long box braids to make a tight braided bun that looks fabulous while sitting on your crown. This hairstyle only takes a few minutes but looks flattering. Make a high pony and braid and twist it.

19.) Fishtail Long Box Braids:


A fishtail braid has all the capability to take your hairstyle to new heights. It is a sexy and easy style to duplicate. If you want to try something different with your braids, then this is a perfect option.

20.) French Updo with Long Box Braids:


A French Updo makes your braids look authentic and original. A French Knot looks amazing and is an ideal hairstyle for every occasion. Try this elegant hairstyle and rock the fashion world.