15 Medium Layered Haircuts

Do you want to update your hairstyle without any dramatic changes? Are you afraid of losing the length of your medium hair? Do you want to add volume and texture to your hair? The secret weapon of attaining all this is layers. Read the article to discover the best medium layered haircuts. The layers will not only soften your angular face cuts but will also enhance your facial features.

Best 15 Medium Layered Haircuts

1.) Flamming Fringe for Medium Hair:


This bright and bold haircut will increase the beauty of your hair. Layers are spread all around the face and the length of layers is several inches past the chin. The thick bang in front will give you a dramatic touch. This haircut will suit on long shaped faces. It looks extremely good on straight hair.

2.) Fancy Flip Medium Layered Haircuts:


With this haircut, you can show off your layers with a fun flip. The shortest layer will start from around the cheekbones. A side part will give you a super cool look. This is one of the best medium layered haircuts. It looks best on oval face cuts.

3.) Curled Up Medium Layered Haircuts:


This is one of the most amazing medium layered haircuts. There is a different length of each layer. The layers are from medium to long. The curls will add volume around the chin. If your hair has a wavy and thick texture, then this haircut is worth trying. This haircut looks perfect on oval shaped face.

4.) Tousled Layers for Medium Hair:


The combination of medium locks, heavier bangs, and tousled curls will give you a super sexy look. The best part is that it suits on most of the face cuts. This is one of the best medium layered haircuts.

5.) Stratified Strands for Medium Hair:


This is a full package if you love layered hair. In this haircut, you will get layers of all length. If you can make this haircut more amazing by adding some highlights. A simple ponytail on this haircut will make you look classy and gorgeous.

6.) Bedhead Layers for Medium Hair:


This is one of the best medium layered haircuts. Bedhead layers will give you a gorgeous and authentic look. It is very easy to style Bedhead layers. You can maintain this haircut by using a dry shampoo.

7.) Highlighted Waves for Medium Hair:


Waves are the best option to add life to your boring hair. But what if you highlight them. Add some vibe to your gorgeous locks. You can try some blonde highlights on your natural brown hair. Use a color protecting shampoo to preserve the highlights.

8.) The Combo of Choppy Layers and Shag Cuts:


Shag cuts were very popular in the 80’s and 90’s period. But now again they are in trend with a modern twist. The twist is choppy layers which will add spiky texture, volume, and movement. The uneven layers will give you an edgy urban chick look.

9.) Long and Swooping Layers:


This is one of the best medium layered haircuts. This super soft haircut will soften up your whole look. Swooping layers will look good on the hair that is thick, straight or wavy in texture. This haircut looks fabulous on square shaped faces.

10.) Curly Couture Medium Layered Haircuts:


If you are blessed with natural curls, then this is a perfect haircut for you. The short and medium layers make it easy to style and manage the curls. You can keep your style airy and whimsical by keeping the hair parted on one side. This hairstyle suits most of the face shapes except the heart one.

11.) Short Layers for Medium Hair:


If you want to add volume to your hair, then this is the perfect haircut for you. This haircut will give a perfect frame to your face. You can accent your layers with hidden pops of colors. A combination of dark brown hair and red tone highlights will look perfect. This is a flattering haircut for all face cuts.

12.) Shaggy Layers with Short Side Bangs:


This is one of the best medium layered haircuts. Shaggy layer is a perfect cut to show off your texture and beautiful color of hair. The short side bangs will add flair and the combination will give you a youthful look.

13.) Textured Layers and Spicy Bangs:


This haircut for sure is a head turner. If you want a hot and sexy look, then add tons of textured layers and spicy bangs. Keep the ends razored and let your style grow out beautifully. If you have straight or wavy hair, then this is a perfect haircut for you.

14.) Funky Flip Medium Layered Haircuts:


This is one of the best medium layered haircuts. The red hair with flirty layers will give you a gorgeous look. This is a good haircut if you want voluminous layering. This haircut looks good on every face shape.

15.) Tapered Layers for Medium Hair:


This haircut will create a soft and cascading effects. It will look fabulous when the layers will spread all around the face and shoulders. This haircut compliments all face cuts. It looks perfect on straight and wavy textured hair.