20 Medium Length Haircuts

Geometric lines, versatile textures, glamorous shapes and sophisticated colors are some of the basic things that a person looks in a haircut. Just chill! We have selected the top 20 medium length haircuts for you that has all these basic qualities. So ladies! Get ready as these amazing haircuts will help you to cope with your luxurious manes.

Top 20 Medium Length Haircuts

1.) Retro Bouffant for Medium Hair:

retro bouffant medium length haircuts

This chic bouffant style is parted from the center and curled at the ends. You can nail this retro look by giving a cat eye flick around the eyes. Retro bouffant is one of the best medium length haircuts.

2.) Layers for Medium Hair:

layers for medium length haircuts

Layers are one of the best medium length haircuts. The layers around the crown offer volume. This haircut will enhance the beauty of natural hair. To make the texture pronounced, you can highlight the layers with balayage highlights.

3.) Medium Length Haircuts with Bangs:

medium length haircuts with bangs

Though this is a simple haircut, but the results are totally outstanding. This trendy haircut is very popular among women. This shoulder length haircut with bangs will make you look resplendent.

4.) Blonde Bob for Medium Length Hair:

blonde bob medium length haircuts

A classic long bob is one of the best shoulder length haircuts. In this haircut, the hair strands are a little curled towards the end. This haircut will make you look fashionable, sophisticated and feminine. You can upgrade your long bob with an ash blonde tone.

5.) Wild Layers with Color Pops:

wild layers with color pops medium length haircuts

If you want to add volume and style to your hair, then these wild and multidirectional layers will do the job. This shoulder length cut with layers of varying lengths is just beyond perfection.

6.) Angled Cut for Medium Hair:

angled medium length haircuts

This long and angled cut will give your bob a new and unique look. So ladies instead of going short with your hair, go with the flow, which accentuates the waves of natural hair.

7.) Multicolored Side Swept Bangs:

multicolored side swept bangs medium length haircuts

This breezy and lightened haircut gives you an opportunity to celebrate the creativity in you. The best way of styling this haircut is to keep the hair on one side. The choppy ends will make the strands appear less heavy.

8.) Shag Haircuts for Medium Length Hair:

shag medium length haircuts

This shag haircut is ideal for becoming your signature style. The edgy bangs and effortless waves will make you look charismatic. What makes it best is the minimal layers in this haircut.

9.) Collarbone Bob for Medium Length Hair:

collarbone bob medium length haircuts

This is one of the top 20 medium length haircuts. It is a classic style for most of the women because you can wear it with any outfit and it is flattering for every age group. This collarbone bob is going to provide shape and structure of your thick hair.

10.) Choppy Haircuts for Shoulder Length Hair:

choppy medium length haircuts

If you want to frame your face without overwhelming it, then this choppy and edgy haircut is exemplary for you. It will reduce the heavy weight of your hair and the multiple layers will add sass and movement to your hair.

11.) Blunt Haircut for Medium Length Hair:

blunt medium length haircuts

This is one of the perfect haircuts for women who want to avoid being too weighed down. It makes thick hair appear heavy because there are no layers in this haircut. If you are looking for a professional haircut, then blunt haircut is awesome.

12.) Asymmetrical Bob for Medium Length Hair:

asymmetrical bob medium length haircuts

This is one of the ultimate medium length haircuts. There is no need of any bold colors and cuts, you can showcase your adventurous style and quirky nature with this haircut. The steepness of angles totally depends on your mood and desire.

13.) Bouncy Layers for Shoulder Length Hair:

bouncy layers medium length haircuts

This haircut incorporates a variety of layers with it. The outcome of this haircut totally depends on the right finish. You can use additional styling products and a blow dryer to make this haircut look more awesome.

14.) Curls with a Thick Bang:

curls with a thick bag medium length haircuts

This is one of the unbeatable medium length haircuts. This stunning layered haircut looks flattering on most of the ladies. The larger curls with a thick bang look improbable.

15.) Stacked Bob for Medium Length Hair:

stacked bob medium length haircuts

This is an ideal haircut for women with thick hair. The voluminous crown and back make this haircut stand out of the crowd. There is no heaviness in the front of the face and neither it overwhelms your hair. You can also incorporate an undercut or thick waves in this haircut.

16.) Combo of Straight Cut Edge and Medium Layers:

combo of straight cut edge medium length haircuts

This is one of the peerless medium length haircuts. The combination of angled layers and straight cut in one style are just amazing. It is a matchless haircut for women with straight hair. You an choose a good color for your hue.

17.) Feather Haircut for Medium Length Hair:

feather medium length haircuts

This haircut is going to allow your manes to fly free in the meadow breeze. The length in this haircut is manageable and there is enough work at the ends. Feather haircut is an ideal choice for framing your face.

18.) Razored Ends with a Layered A-Line Haircut:

razored layers medium length haircuts

This is one of the matchless medium length haircuts. If you are a bob lover, then definitely you are going to love this layered A-line cut. The flip up in the back gives a stunning effect to this haircut.

19.) Platinum Layered Haircut for Medium Length Hair:

platinum layers medium length haircuts

Layers for medium length hair are super popular at this time because you can transform it according to your personality and style. This platinum haircut is a good option if you are looking for an everyday style.

20.) Sleek Lob for Shoulder Length Hair:

sleek lob medium length haircuts

This is one of the peerless medium length haircuts. The strategic layers in this haircut will help your thin and straight hair to achieve some volume. The angled cut on the sides will help you to achieve some contrast with the upper layers.