How to Messy Broken Curls?

Don’t want to use heating tools to get the curls? If yes, this article is for you. Curls add charm in everyone’s face. The hairstyle is suitable for everyone and goes with every hair texture. You can create curls in any length of hair. Here are easy methods to get the messy broken curls without using any heating tool. You don’t need a hair stylist and you don’t need to go hair salon. You can use these methods at home.

Easy Methods to Messy Broken Curls

1.) T-shirt to Get Flawless Curls

You must get shocked how T-shirt to get messy broken curls? Yes, it’s true. You can get messy broken curls with your own T-shirts. For this method, first, your hair should be clean and washed. Wash your hair with normal shampoo and conditioner. Dry your hair with a towel. Then take out the T-shirt which you don’t like or don’t use. Cut the T-shirt starting from the neck to take out the long strips. Don’t take out the sleeve part as it’s very small for the strips.

Make the strips wide, according to the size of curls you want. If you don’t have T-shirt, you can use a dish towel and paper bags. First divide your hair into the different sections, then put the T-shirt strip at the tip of your hair. Start rolling your hair in the upward directions by putting the strip at the same place the whole time. Wait for several hours so that it can properly dry. You can leave as it for overnight, then undo the strips to get messy broken curls.

how to messy broken curls

2.) Headband for Vintage Curls

You can use a headband to get the messy broken curls. First, wash your hair with shampoo and condition then dry your hair with a towel. Take a headband with the soft elastic band to keep your hair out of the face. Divide your hair into the sections. Then wrap a headband around your head and use a hair pin to secure the sections. Start wrapping your hair around the headband. Then leave it for several hours or you can leave it for overnight to dry your hair to get the messy curls. Undo the headband to messy get messy broken curls. If you want your sweet and vintage curls last long then, use the spray to hold the curls for a long time.

3.) Brading to Get Natural Waves

Braiding is one of the easiest methods to get the desired messy broken curls. First wash your hair with shampoo, then condition your hair. After wash, dry your hair with a soft towel and make them tangle free with the help of the comb. Then part your hair from the middle and divide it into 2 sections. Start braiding the both sections separately and in the end secures it with an elastic band. If you want loose waves, then don’t divide the section, make the only single braid. If you want tight curls, then divide the hair into the 3 sections and make 3 braids. Leave the braids for several hours or you can make it before going to bed and leave it in overnight. Then in the next morning, undo your braids and make the messy broken curls by running your finger in the curls.

4.) Roller Curls to Get Voluminous curls

Rollers curls are the very simple and effective method to get the messy broken curls. You just need to purchase the roller from the beauty shop to get the amazing and voluminous curls. Make sure you select the rollers according to the size of curls you want. If you want big curls then use big rollers or if you want tight small curls then take small rollers.

As you have read it before, first you need to take a head wash, then go ahead for the procedure. Gently clean your hair with shampoo and a hair conditioner so to remove the impurities and oil from the hair. Slightly dry your hair with the soft towel. Then start combing your hair, make there are any tangles left in the hair.Divide hair into the sections. Then take one section of the hair and put the roller at the end of the hair tips then roll down in an upward direction. After rolling, secure it will hair pin. Similarly, Repeat the same with all the sections until your head covered. Leave the roller for about 5-6 hours to get the desired curls. If you are comfortable, then you can make them before going to sleep so that you can leave it in overnight.

5.) Socks Buns to Get Messy Broken Curls

Socks buns to get messy broken curls. First, wash your hair with a shampoo and conditioner so that impurities get removed. Dry your hair with a soft towel. Take a sock and take out the toe part of the socks with the scissors and use the left tube of socks then roll the socks in the donut shape.

Take the section of the hair like you take while making a ponytail. Spray the section with water. Take the end of the ponytail and insert the hair section in the sock hole. Then wrap the section of hair over the outer surface of the sock and tuck the ends of the securely. Keep continue to roll down the ponytail until it rolls down to your head, then secure with a hair pin. Make sure the bun securely stays in place. Leave the bun for overnight so that hair gets dry easily and forms a wavy texture when you undo the hairstyle.

6.) Twist Curls to Get Cute Curls

You can get messy broken curls by making the twist curls. So first dry your hair until it becomes slightly wet. Then divide your hair into the 2 sections. Just twist one-half of the hair until it gets tightly twisted. The secure the twisted hair by making a small bun and secure it with the hairpin. Do the same with the other side. Then leave the twisted buns for 6-7 hours so that it gets dry properly. Removes the pins after a particular time and enjoy messy curls.