15 Simple Military Cuts for Guys

Military cuts are very much in the trend nowadays. Military cuts are short haircut which is easy to maintain. These cuts are hygienic, easy to maintain and never comes between the vision on the battlefield. These simple military cuts are best for military guys, but the common people also mad about this stunning and bold look. If you are the true fan of army bold look then here some military haircuts that suit you the best. Just select the photo of your favorite style and ask your hairstylist to give you the selected cut. Here are some amazing and simple military cuts for guys.

15 Simple Military Cuts for Guys

1.) The Crew Cut

The simple haircut considers being quite conservative than the other military haircuts. In this haircut, at least 2 inches of hair get trimmed but leaving the extra length in front of the head. The extra hair on the front can be styled by the hair brush. In the crew cut haircut both the side, even the back of the head get shaved and even tapered. It is one of the bold military cuts for guys.

1 military cuts for guys

2.) The Flat Top Cut

The flat hairstyles are perfect haircut for the straight hair. In this haircut, the hair gets trimmed to the minimal length so that when brushed up it remain flat. The flat top cut is one of the simple military haircuts for guys.

2 military cuts for guys

3.) The Regulation Cut

The Regulation cut is one of the oldest and simple military cuts for guys. The haircut is done with the long hair and trimming can be done up to a minimal length. The regulation cut parted in the side to reveal a sharp line from the front to the back of the head. The hair on the back as well both the sides of the head tapered well to get the neat and clean look.

3 military cuts for guys

4.) Induction Cut

The induction cut is one of the military cuts for guys that is given on the first day of the boot camp. It is the very simple haircut and a nearly bald cut. To avoid the cuts on the scalp, hair stylist uses a good electric hair clip. The induction cut not very attractive but very efficient for the army people.

4 military cuts for guys

5.) Structured Low Fade

The structured low fade is very accurate and neat look. It is one of the simple military cuts for the guys. In this hairstyle, straight lines on the temples and the smooth curves on the side look very amazing. Try this hairstyle to get the smooth look.

5 military cuts for guys

6.) Side Parted Tapered Style with Pompadour

The modern side parted tapered style with pompadour is retro style. Side parted tapered style with pompadour is very neat and clean. It is one of the military haircuts for guys.

6 military cuts for guys

7.) High and tight Haircuts

The high and tight haircut is very attractive military haircuts. It was done by using a hair clipper around the side of the head and remain 1 inches from the top. It is a unique haircut that looks amazing on the right person. Make sure do this haircut very carefully to avoid the cuts.

7 military cuts for guys

8.) The Birch

Birch hairstyles are one of the military haircuts for guys like other hairstyles. Hair gets trimmed by the help of electrical clipper and leave the hair little longer than the blur does.

8 military cuts for guys

9.) Fade Haircut

The fade hairstyles are one of the military haircuts for guys. In this hairstyle, the hair gets trimmed from the both side to the shortest length. Top hair never exceeds two inches in the fade haircut.

9 military cuts for guys

10.) Blurr Cut

The blur cut is one of the military cut for guys. Blurr cut is nearly a bald look and the hair is eighth of the inches which easily get by the help of the hair clipper. To get the best look, get it done with your hair barber.

10 military cuts for guys

11.) High and Spiky Cut

You can get spiky cut in military haircuts for guys. In this haircut, all hair are trimmed up to a shorter length. Trimmed all hair very short hair and leave the top part to get the spiky hair. It is one of the simple military haircuts for guys.

11 military cuts for guys

12.) Side Swept with Base Hair

The side swept with base hair is very famous haircut by adding the base hair on one side part.in this hairstyle, the hair get to start from 2-3 inches from the top and create a side part. After the side, part creates a base about one inch in width and length. To give the complete look shave all the hair below the baseline. Brush it from the top to create a pump look.

12 military cuts for guys

13.) Vintage Military Cut

If you want classy and old school look then try the vintage military cut. The slightly top hair just in starting and rest all remain in bald look. It is one of the military haircuts for guys.

13 military cuts for guys

14.) Comb over Top

This military haircut is inspirational from the undercut hairstyle. The both the side of the head remain short and maintain the top with the comb. The hair on top remains different to make the military haircut more interesting. It is one of the military haircuts for guys.

14 military cuts for guys

15.) Tight comb over

The haircut is nice haircut which involves nice scissors cut that style with the comb and remain side get reduce. The style is very formal and mostly suited to the professional haircut. Tight comb over is one of the best military haircuts for guys.

15 military cuts for guys