15 Ideas for Modern Shag Haircut

Now, that trend has gone where women cut their tresses in simple one length styles. The modern shag haircut is a new way to add charm to your dull and boring haircut. In shag haircut, you will get more layers, more volume, and sexier look. These shag haircuts have lots of layers with unequal length. It is a type of haircuts which needs special techniques to create fullness in the middle crown area and thinner edges at the end. The shag haircuts suit to every type of hair texture and length of hair. Here are top ideas for modern shag haircut that suits every face and type of hair.

15 Ideas for Modern Shag Haircut

1.) Golden Blonde Shag

Golden blond shag is very trendy and modern shag haircut for women. In this shag haircut, the different layers with soft highlight and Downlights give a stunning look with the shag haircut. The front tresses cut and flipped in ways to bring out the oval face shape. And the rest tresses at the back are playfully flipped out.

golden blond modern shag haircut

2.) Feathered Wonder

The feather wonder is one of the modern shag haircuts. In this haircut, the layers of the haircut in the medium cut light feather to achieve the feathered wonder haircut. This haircut goes with every face shape and looks extremely beautiful in the medium fine hair.

feathered wonder modern shag haircut

3.) Crop Idol

The crop idol is mostly suitable for thick hair. As in this haircut, the volume of the hair decreases by chopping the hair tresses. The haircuts suit heart, round, and square face cut. It looks best in thick hair. If you want to get the exact look, you can use a hair straightener to lock in the smooth texture. This is hairstyle look best in short and medium length hair.

crop ideal modern shag haircut

4.) Apricot Do

Shag haircut is so adorable. It looks even prettier with sweet apricot- inspired lowlights. In this hairstyle, the soft curls are made the curling iron rod with inspired apricot lowlights. The style is best for the heavy and thick hair. It mostly suits heart, square, and rounded face cut.

crop ideal modern shag haircut

5.) Modern Shag with Wispy Edges

Modern shag is one of the ideas for modern shag haircut with wispy edges. In this hairstyle, A-line bob with razor cut and wispy ends look absolutely. You can even take very light and moderate honey streaks look breathtaking.

wipsey edges modern shag haircut

6.) Bangs and Waves

Shoulder length shag haircut looks very impressive with bangs and waves. It is one of the modern shags that is very popular among these days. To get this endearing look add some bangs and soft waves in your shag haircut.

bangs and waves modern shag haircut

7.) Seriously Straight

Seriously straight is one modern shag haircuts. These messy layers into super straight style look so extremely hot. In this hairstyle, leaving the messy layer thicker from the top and thinner ends in the bottom absolutely gorgeous ideas.

serously straight modern shag haircut

8.) Multiple Layer Shag

The multiple layer shag is ideas for modern shag haircut. In this hairstyle, the shoulder length layer with curling ends looks astonishing with completely fun and sassy hairstyle. If your hair has a dark hue, then go for subtle highlight to enhance the hairstyle.

multiple layer modern shag haircut

9.) Long Pixie

The long pixie is a chopped hairstyle with cropped bangs. It is modern shag haircut that is breathing and very trendy haircut. The hairstyle can be done in various lengths and look alluring in the straight hair.

long pixie modern shag haircut

10.) Long and Natural Shag

The long and natural shag is modern shag haircut. For this haircut, you don’t need any hair stylist. You don’t need to perfectly coifed or follow any rule for this long and natural shag. The layers put into the thin and medium texture.

long natural shag modern shag haircut

11.) Cropped Top Hair Shag

The cropped top hair shag is the modern shag haircut that increases the volume in the hair. In this haircut, the top hair gets cropped and rest remain the same. The chopped layers make the hairstyle voluminous. To get this look, you surely need to hit the salon.

cropped top modern shag haircut

12.) Sweeping Layers

Sweeping layers are one of the modern shag haircuts. In this hairstyle, the layers sweep back with the help curling or flat rod. It is unique and beautiful haircut that suits every face cut.

sweeping shag modern shag haircut

13.) A Line Shag

The A line shag haircut looks absolutely amazing. It is modern shag haircut that gives you bounce in your hair. Leave the mostly hair on the right side and bounce in the back. for better look sprinkle the golden highlight in the top tier of hair with beautiful dark and light highlights.

a line modern shag haircut

14.) Simple Shag for Thin Hair

The simple shag for thin hair is the best solution to manage your thin hair. It is modern shag haircut. To get this hairstyle use blow dryer and round brush to give a perfect look to your shag. If you haven’t taken this haircut for your thin hair then ask your hairstylist to give you the perfect look.

shag for thin hair modern shag haircut

15.) Short and Layered

The short and layered is one famous haircut. It is modern shag haircut with bangs and longer layer down to the side. To get the hotter look, use bold hot lipstick with a beautiful outfit.

short and layered shag modern shag haircut