20 Natural Curly Hairstyles

Give style to your naturally curly hair these stunning hairstyle. These natural ringlets hair textures boost hair volume and allow you do as many experiments possible. Here is short, medium and long natural curly hairstyle that you look to try. Try 20 natural curly hairstyles and embrace your overall personality.

20 Natural Curly Hairstyles

1.) High Pony Tail

The high ponytail at the crown area is one of the best natural curly hairstyles. You can see many style diva flaunting high curly ponytail. Make this hairstyle with more beautiful with gorgeous hair accessories and lavish outfits.

high ponytail natural curly hairstyles

2.) Flat-Twist with Twist Out

Flat Twist with Twist out is one of the modish natural curly hairstyles. The hairstyle is easy to maintain and can be sleep without messing up the curls. It is a gorgeous hairstyle that also protects the edges of the hair which cause breakage.

Flat twist out natural curly hairstyles

3.) Two Tone Natural Hair

Two tones natural hairstyle is very trendy and stylish natural curly hairstyles. Growing natural curly hairstyle is a very difficult to process but looks always stunning. You can give a splash of two tone color in your hairstyle by making your curl more astounding. Just wear your sexy pieces of earrings and eye makeup with this hairstyle.

two tone natural curly hairstyles

4.) Natural Updos

Updos are flawless and extremely beautiful, especially when we do in curly hair. Curly hairstyles allow you to create as many experiments you do. In curly hair, there are many possibilities to create many stylish updos for curly hair. You can create braids and twist it up to sleek updo with soft waves.

Natural Updo natural curly hairstyles

5.) Bob Hairstyle

The bob hairstyle is best to reduce the bulk of curly hair. The bob hairstyle is bouncy and airy. If you don’t have natural curls, you can create waves by to achieve this look with the help of a curling iron. Just add little sea salt spray and some scrunching in your bob hairstyle. It is one of the natural hairstyles that easy to maintain.

Bob hairstyles natural curly hairstyles

6.) Twist and Pin it Half Hairstyle

The twist and pin it hairstyle is one of the striking natural curly hairstyles. In twist and pin it hairstyle, you can enhance your hairstyle with layers that lessen the thickness and right length for curly that look gorgeous on you. The winning layers make this hairstyle stunning.

Twist it and pin it half natural curly hairstyles

7.) Side Fishtail Braid for Curly Hair

Curly hair has the advantage of creating flare in your hairstyle. The side fishtail braid is one of the impressive natural curly hairstyles. Just make side fishtail with front hair and secure it with the pin at the crown section like in the picture.

Side fishtail braid natural curly hairstyles

8.) Curly Afro Puff with Edges

If you don’t have enough length for curly hair then you can try curly afro puff with edges. The hairstyle looks best on black women as they natural hair texture which is perfect for this look. It is glossy and smooth hairstyle for perfect for the special occasion.

Curly afro with edges natural curly hairstyles

9.) Thick Defines Gray Waves

Thick define gray waves are one of the natural curly hairstyles for medium length hair. The silver gray color splash on your make you fall in love with this hairstyle. In this hairstyle, the curly hair with gray waves makes this hairstyle irresistible for those who have curly hair. It is one of the best natural curly hairstyles.

Thick defines gray waves natural curly hairstyles

10.) Knotted Headscarf

Knotted headscarf is one of the adorable natural curly hairstyles. As the beautiful black love to wear the hair accessories like bandanas, headscarves, and headbands. They love to add charm in beautiful hairstyle. The hairstyle not only protects your hair with a scarf but also makes you stylish.

knotted headscarf natural curly hairstyles

11.) Black Choppy Textured

You can rocks your short curly hair with a black choppy textured look. The advantage of this hairstyle is that you can do this hairstyle in naturally curly hair. You just need to cut your locks with the razor to create a sharp dramatic look.

Black choppy textured natural curly hairstyles

12.) Mid Length Bown Balayage

Mid Length brown balayage is one of the best hairstyles for naturally curly hair. Go crazy with lighter strand and dark root. The style looks beautiful in naturally curly hair. If you have naturally straight hair then curls your with the curling iron with brown balayage splash on your hair to achieve this look.

Mid length brown balayage natural curly hairstyles

13.) Tousled Choppy Hair

If you have naturally thick curly hair then you don’t need a difficult hairstyle to achieve the desirable look. Tousled choppy hair is one of the popular natural curly hairstyles. In this hairstyle, layer and striking shapes make you look gorgeous. You can also blend this layer with your favorite hair color.

tousled choppy look natural curly hairstyles

14.) Short Natural Sass

Short Natural sass doesn’t take your much time. It is very easy to maintain. The short natural sass looks best on black women as they hair beautiful natural curly texture. To magnify the look, you need large accessories, you just need small clips which are sufficient for this hairstyle.

short natural sass natural curly hairstyles

15.) Blonde Waves with Dark Roots

Blonde waves with dark roots are one of the stylish hairstyle for curly hair. You just need a perfect hair color to transform your personality. It looks stunning in wavy hair also. The style is perfect for the occasion and beach vacations.

blonde waves with dark roots natural curly hairstyles

16.) Short Purple Bob

The choppy bob cut with purple hair color is worth trying. It is one of the adorable natural curly hairstyles. The hairstyle looks cute on curly hair and wavy hair texture. It suits all the face shape and best for fair skin tone. The hairstyle is fun, playful and unique.

short purple bob natural curly hairstyles

17.) The Tight Tiny Curls

If you have short and tight curls, this hairstyle is for you. It is one of the afro natural curly hairstyles. You can see many beautiful women embracing this hairstyle. You don’t need hair accessories to embrace these curls.

the tight tiny natural curly hairstyles

18.) Thick Waves with Natural Colored Hairstyles

Add more dimension to the natural curly hairstyle. You can add purple blue and teal color dimension your hairstyle to your dark base. Brown and golden are the very common color used in highlights, you can also add unexpected color to your hairstyle.

Thick waves with natural colored natural curly hairstyles

19.) Brown Shag with Soft Highlights

Brown shag with soft highlights is one of the appealing natural curly hairstyles. You can enhance your hairstyle with wild bangs and hair accessories.

brown shag natural curly hairstyles

20.) Natural Twisted Spiral

Natural twisted spiral is one of the different natural curly hairstyles. It is mostly done by the back women as they hair texture is perfect to achieve the look. It is easy to maintain without even using hair accessories.

Natural twisted curly hairstyles