15 Trendy Pastel Hair Color

Pastel colors are very popular among the different hues. If you are looking for new ideas for your hair, try soft and subtle pastel color for your hair. Everything that expresses from makeup to outfit is inspired by pastel color. These shades are very much in trend and new found love of many celebrities. These pastel colors are not only meant for the summer and springs, you can use in any of the seasons with different style. So take a look on pastel hair color and make your hairstyle interesting. Here are 15 trendy pastel hair color.

15 Trendy Pastel Color

1.) Purple pastel Hair Color

Light purple or lavender is very trendy pastel hair colors. The entrancing purple pastel hair color is a perfect match for the light to olive skin tone as well as dark complexion. It’s a very delightful color that makes you look pleasant.

purple pastel trendy pastel hair color

2.) Pastel Pink Color

The pastel pink hue is the lighted pink color that is a very popular color of 2016. As the pastel pink look gorgeous from short pixie to long hairstyles. It goes best with light eye color and fair skin tone. You can easily get the right shade of the pink pastel on blond hair color. It is trendy pastel hair color.

pink pastel trendy pastel hair color

3.) Pastel Peach Hair

The pastel peach hair color is a sweet and luscious shade of pastel color that gives an inspirational look. A glimpse of this hair color reminds us of the sunset. The light orange hue looks amazing on the white skin tone. The pastel peach hair color is one of the most ravishing and trendy pastel hair color.

peach pastel trendy pastel hair color

4.) Pastel Blue

The pastel blue is cool and calm pastel color that you can have on your beautiful hair. Pastel blue goes well with the light complexion to medium skin tones. The serene baby blue effect gives you magnificent look. It is wonderful and trendy pastel hair color.

blue pastel trendy pastel hair color

5.) Pastel Mint Hair Color

Mint is the very popular light shade of the green hue. The unique pastel mint hair color goes well with white skin tones to medium complexion. To get the true winsome pastel mint color try on blond hair color. It is trendy pastel hair color, which looks completely beautiful when goes with black and light eyes.

mint pastel trendy pastel hair color

6.) Pastel Ombre Hair Color

Pastel ombre completely enchanting when match with the dark and light shade of the same pastel hair color.  You can color your hair from  the dark pastel hair color on the root and light in the end. The hair color will give ombre effects that make it one of the trendy pastel hair color.

pastel ombre trendy pastel hair color

7.) Rosey Pastel Hair Color

The rosy pastel is one of the unique pink colors and has a rosy effect. It gives you picture of the vintage old style that looks fabulous on the hair. If you want to choose a light color for your hair, then try pastel pink color on your hair.

rosy pastel trendy pastel hair color

8.) Rainbow Cream Pastel Balayage

The creamy and dreamy rainbow cream pastel balayage is a great combo of many colors. To get the look like a rainbow, try different pastel color on each strand. You can select pink, coral, purple, yellow, aqua and green to get the color on the hairstyle. It is fun and trendy pastel color that we totally want to try for ourselves.

rainow pastel trendy pastel hair color

9.) Candy Pastel Coral Balayage

The candy pastel coral balayage is a heart of hairstyles. You can try this hair color on your natural hair or an extension. It’s a great combo of pink and coral which is trendy pastel hair color. The color looks more beautiful in curls. The candy pastel coral balayage reminds of waves of heart.

candy pastel trendy pastel hair color

10.) Half Up Hairdo in Sunset Pastel Color

We all know that how beautiful the pastel color look. The pastel color looks extremely adorable if we do some hairstyling with pastel color. Add some pastel color in your and pulled up hairdo. This is a trendy pastel hair color.

half up pastel trendy pastel hair color

11.)  Warm Frosted Balayage

The warm frosted balayage is done by using the purple, platinum blonde and pink in pastel with metallic finishing. It is a gorgeous hair color which gives you look of frost fairly with a warm heart. The hairstyle looks so appealing with cat eye makeup. The warm frosted is trendy pastel hair color.

warm frosted balayage trendy pastel hair color

12.) Metallic Unicorn Pastel Color

To get the unicorn look you can try pink, green, yellow and purple pastel color. The metallic unicorn pastel hair color mostly suits the mid length hair. The color is truly amazing and sophisticated with different color attitude. The metallic unicorn is unique and trendy pastel hair color.

metallic unicorn trendy pastel hair color

13.) Postal Balayage Rainbow Princess

This color will give you the glimpse of a frost fairy who met with a unicorn and brought her hair into the rainbow. You can divide your hair section with different pastel hair color like pastel green, purple, pink, yellow and blue. In order to flaunt your pastel color, you can make braid hairstyle in your crown area. The color is extremely cute and trendy pastel hair color.

rainbow princess trendy pastel hair color

14.) Pastel Neon Balayage Hair

The pastel neon balayage hair is incredibly dazzling. Color your hair with paste neon color and add life to your dull and boring hair. It is a trendy pastel color that is captivating when you see on your hair.

pastel neon trendy pastel hair color15.) Dark Pastel Balayage Hair

You can use any dark pastel hair color in the dark pastel balayage hair. Give a dark shade of pastel color in the root and a lighter shade in the bottom layer. To add a special effect in the hairstyle you can add golden and green strand in the hair. The dark pastel balayage is trendy pastel color.

dark pastel trendy pastel hair color