15 Different Pixie Haircuts with Bangs

Pixie haircuts are the first choice of every professional woman. The reason is the comfort level, modernity, and versatility. It makes your hair manageable and your life easier. Without worrying about the styling you can rock any event or party. A pixie haircut, when combined with bangs, create a beauty that is irresistible. If you are worried about the uniqueness, then just chill! And read this article to find out the list of 15 different pixie haircuts with bangs.

List of 15 Different Pixie Haircuts with Bangs

1.) Curly Pixie Haircuts with Bangs:

curly pixie haircuts with bangs

Curly bangs, shaved sides, cropped pixie are some of the elements that make this haircut unique and different. The back look of this haircut is totally different from the front. Get this haircut and surprise people with your stunning look.

2.) Afro Curly Pixie with Bangs:

afro curly pixie haircuts with bangs

This medium length pixie is going to enhance the beauty of your natural hair. This is one of the best haircuts for Afro-American women. It is a perfect way to show off your natural curls.

3.) Messy Pixie Haircuts with Bangs:

messy pixie haircuts with bangs

This medium pixie haircut looks stunning on women with curly hair. The choppy layers not only add life but also makes your hair look thicker. This style is appropriate for ladies who love the messy touch.

4.) Feathered Pixie Haircuts with Bangs:

feathered pixie haircuts with bangs

This classic pixie haircut with razored layers suits most of the ladies. This haircut is perfect for achieving a sober feminine hairstyle. The slight spikes add edge which makes this haircut look more appealing.

5.) Pixie Haircuts with Tapered Sides and Bangs:

pixie haircuts with bangs and tapered sides

This is one of the best haircuts for ladies who have a fearless attitude. It gives you a bold, stunning and rebellious look. The tapered sides and the glossy crown will highlight your bone structure.

6.) Timeless Pixie Haircuts with Bangs:

timeless pixie haircuts with bangs

The absence of layers makes this pixie haircut timeless and unique. It looks flattering on slender facial shape. You can dye your bangs with brown shades to create an illusion of dimension. The dyed bangs will help your hair to look thick.

7.) Pixie Haircuts with Side Bangs:

pixie haircuts with bangs side

Pixie is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about short haircuts. This is a regular pixie haircut with side bangs. The bangs that hang on the forehead helps you to achieve that girlish look with short hair.

8.) Shaggy Pixie Haircuts with Bangs:

shaggy pixie haircuts with bangs

The platinum blonde color will give your shag pixie a new definition. This haircut is very captivating and eye-catching because of its unevenness. If you want something daring and unique, then this is just a perfect haircut for you.

9.) Short Chop with Parted Bangs:

short chop pixie haircuts with bangs

If you are looking for a haircut for your thin hair, then this short chop with parted bangs is ideal for you. The mixture of textures and angles gives this haircut a new and modern style. The parted bangs will make this haircut look lovely.

10.) Layered Pixie Bob with Bangs:

layered pixie haircuts with bangs

The graded layers in this pixie bob provide body and dimension to your hair. It makes your pixie bob look more stylish. Women with heart shaped faces rock this haircut and style.

11.) Asymmetrical Pixie Haircuts with Long Bangs:

asymmetrical pixie haircuts with bangs

Bring the sass and style back in your life with this gorgeous haircut. The shaved side with highlighted long bangs gives you a classy and fearless style. The edginess in this haircut is worth compliments.

12.) Blunt Pixie Haircuts with Short Bangs:

blunt pixie haircuts with bangs

This blunt pixie is one of the most simple and classy haircuts. The minimal layers and short bangs look flattering together. This absence of volume in this haircut gives you a chance to flaunt your makeup skills. It emphasizes on the beauty of your facial features.

13.) Short Pixie Haircuts in Pastel Blue:

short pixie haircuts with bangs in pastel

This is one of the best pixie haircuts with bangs. This edgy pixie haircut looks flattering on women with long faces. The bangs in this haircut will remove the focus from your oversized forehead. The flawless makeup, beautiful eyes, and the bangs will bring out the model in you.

14.) Pixie Haircuts with Highlighted Bangs:

pixie haircuts with bangs highlighted

Highlights are one of the simplest ways to modernize your pixie haircut. It is gaining a lot of popularity among teenage girls and mature ladies. The messy texture of the hair makes this haircut looks ravishing.

15.) Undercut Pixie Haircuts with Bangs:

undercut pixie haircuts with bangs

This is one of the best pixie haircuts if you are willing to show the power of creativity. This haircut is a combination of a choppy pixie and an undercut. Try this amazing haircut to look dazzling.