20 Sassy Lisa Rinna Hairstyles

Lisa Rinna is not only popular but also glamorous. This American T.V. Celeb has inspired so many women with her unique styles. We do not ask you to copy her, but being inspired by your idol’s style is definitely not wrong. So, if you are also among those tons of Rinna fans and want to style your hair the way she does, Ask Hairstyles will help you with it. In this article, we will learn and discuss top 20 Sassy Lisa Rinna Hairstyles for you to choose from.

Top 20 Sassy Lisa Rinna Hairstyles

Choppy Brown Shag

This terrific brown shag haircut is first on the list of sassy Lisa Rinna Hairstyles. She has opted for this dimensional hairstyle as it works best for her statement texture. Perfectly incorporated caramel highlights over dark brown base simply work wonders for the celeb.

sassy Lisa Rinna Hairstyles

Ultra Shiny Shag

Second on the list of sassy Lisa Rinna Hairstyles is this masterpiece that was well sported by the celeb at the 10th Anniversary Pink Party. This sassy shag with an A-line silhouette effect widens towards the ends. This works wonders for oblong face shapes.

sassy Lisa Rinna Hairstyles

Slick Back Browns

Third on the list of sassy Lisa Rinna Hairstyles that is also a cute example of sassy elongated pixie hair is this masterpiece. She has opted for a slick back style to unveil the ears and flaunt her elegant earrings. This kind of hairstyle works best for long and square face shapes.

sassy Lisa Rinna Hairstyles

Glamorous Short Waves

This gorgeous look grabs number three on the list of sassy Lisa Rinna Hairstyles. Rinna has locked her weaved tresses for a soft feminine appeal. Darker roots with highlighted ends accentuate her skin tone and make the cat eyes even more sensual.

sassy Lisa Rinna Hairstyles

Short Chic Feathers

The attention-grabbing feathery hair with warm honey hair color, light up Rinna’s look as the brightest star in the sky. The teased roots towards the crown and the side part add a cute feathery finish to the style while giving height to her face frame.

sassy Lisa Rinna Hairstyles

All Natural Sleek

Sleek layered bob with golden highlights appear fantastic and well compliments Lisa’s tanned skin tone. The dark colored teased roots work as a key factor in giving height to her hairstyle and also adds a gradient effect.  

sassy lisa rina hairstyles

Flawless Flicks

Those flipped up flicks with chocolate highlights over dark brown base works wonders with Lisa’s tanned skin. Also, the choppy top crown adds volume to her hairstyle and gives a captivating glance. This makes it as one of the sassy Lisa Rinna Hairstyles.

sassy Lisa Rinna Hairstyles

The Formal Updo

The slick back hairstyle perfectly knotted at the back of her head makes Lisa looks like a goddess. This tends to draw attention towards her facial features and is also a wonderful opportunity to wear large and chunky jewelry.

sassy Lisa Rinna Hairstyles

Fancy Loops

This very creative hairstyle with loopy tresses suits Rinna very much. With all the hair away from her face, all the attention is dragged towards her facial features. This again allows her to wear chunky jewelry and take her style to next level.

sassy Lisa Rinna Hairstyles

Asymmetric Swept Bangs

Long and elongated shaggy bangs stick out boldly and add a tinge of sassiness to Rinna’s style. You can easily mimic this night out party style hair and also incorporate a few highlights to enhance the texture of your hair.

sassy Lisa Rinna hairstyles

Short Layered Bob

Rinna chose this hairstyle to flaunt her bold cleavage showoff. Also, the hairstyle adds volume to her hair and those well-trimmed tresses tend to frame her face pretty well.

sassy Lisa Rinna Hairstyles

The Fancy All Black Updo

Another memorable and statement-making hairstyle is this elegant updo. It tends to feature intricate twists and loops over the crown and appear both fancy and iconic.

sassy Lisa Rinna Hairstyles

Long Waves

This layered long hairstyle with wavy texture looks graceful and flattering on Rinna. In case you are inspired by the celeb but don’t want to cut your hair short, this masterpiece would be a perfect choice for your long hair with natural waves.

sassy lisa rinna hairstyles

Sexy Waves

The most impressive and sensual hairstyle on the list of sassy Lisa Rinna Hairstyles is this medium length waves. The hairstyle tends to speak out of the celeb’s bold and confident persona.

sassy Lisa Rinna Hairstyles

Edgy Bob with Heavy Bangs

This ultra modern urban hairstyle with sassy highlighted bangs looks very formal and classy. The edgy highlighted tresses tend to add sass to this simple bob cut.

sassy Lisa Rinna hairstyles

Duo Tone Effect

The hairstyle though is a simple choppy bob but the main key factor that adds a statement to Lisa’s hair is the dual color shade that gives a gradient effect. It makes the hairstyle more attractive and will surely turn the heads at you.

sassy Lisa Rinna hairstyles

Pixie Punk

One of the most amazing sassy Lisa Rinna hairstyles is this straight and sleek pixie cut. Women who love short hair and always experiment with their style, this masterpiece is a perfect fit for them. Effortless styling without much fuss is also one of the key factors of this hairstyle.

sassy Lisa Rinna hairstyles

Curly Formal Updo

This classic curly hair updo allows adding height and shape to Lisa’s boring all time bob haircut. It is easy to re-create the looks with rollers and right styling products.

sassy Lisa Rinna hairstyles

Messy Boy Cut

This masterpiece is something that Rinna always adopts for her hair styling. The choppy brown boy cut hair is easy to maintain and style. This messy look opted by Rinna makes her appear bold and classy.

sassy Lisa Rinna hairstyles

Honey Glazed Edgy Bob

This eye catchy edgy bob haircut with honey blonde tresses appears flattering on Rinna. The skillful placement of layers adds texture and volume to her hair, making her look glamorous and classy at the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards.

sassy Lisa Rinna hairstyles