20 Best Short Hair with Highlights

If you want a beautiful and different look, you can’t always go for a haircut. But for so sure you can try some highlighted styles to look beautiful and charming. The best way to enhance your crowning glory is by trying some beautiful highlights that add life, texture, and volume so that you look different and changed. Well, keeping in mind the popular trends this article contains a list of good ideas for your short hair with highlights. Choose the best highlights to enhance the appeal of your hair.

20 Best Short Hair with Highlights

1.) Chestnut Brown Hair with Copper Highlights:

chestnut short hair with highlights

Chestnut brown short hair with highlights of copper look alluring. The combination of copper and caramel highlights will add more drama to your hairstyle. Keep the highlights in the front to get a unique and fresh look.

2.) Black Short Hair with Highlights of Silver:

black short hair with highlights of silver

This is one of the best highlight shades if you are looking for an edgy and street look. The silver highlights will not liven your hair but will also add texture and movement. Get ready to make your short hair more beautiful with the silver highlights.

3.) Black Hair with Highlights of Blue:

black short hair with highlights of blue

This blue color is one of the hottest runway fashion colors. It adds depth to your shiny black hair and gives you a sophisticated look. The fabulous blue highlights add richness to your beautiful hair.

4.) Red Hair with Copper Highlights:

red short hair with highlights of copper

These bright color highlights look stunning with short hair. A hue of dark red with layers of copper, gold, and auburn will give you a bold and lively look.

5.) Shaggy Bob with Highlighted Caramel:

shaggy bob with caramel highlights short hair with highlights

A shaggy bob is one of the most popular haircuts for short hair. The beauty of this haircut increases when it is highlighted with caramel and copper shades. It is a flattering shade to highlight brown or black hair.

6.) Rose Gold Highlights for Short Hair:

rose gold short hair with highlights

Short hair with highlights of rose gold looks ravishing on women who have a fair skin tone. This dynamic and remarkable highlight look amazing on most of the face shapes.

7.) Black Short Hair with Highlights of Red:

black short hair with highlights of red

Short black hair with red highlights that something to die for. It looks flattering on most of the people and the color pop is not too much. You can choose an auburn color with a cherry gleam for highlighting your black hair.

8.) Edgy Haircut with Chunky Highlights:

edgy cut short hair with highlights

Edgy short hair with highlights looks astonishing. The mix of colors is in very much trend these days. You can use some chunky colors like black, purple and blue to highlight your hue.

9.) Punk Haircut with Platinum and Blue Highlights:

punk haircut short hair with highlights of blue

This hardcore rocker hair looks breathtaking when you mix highlights of platinum and blue streaks. A beautiful eye makeup with long earrings will complete your punk look. These highlights speak a lot about your style and personality.

10.) Highlighted Chocolate Vanilla Swirl:

highlighted chocolate swirl short hair with highlights

You just can’t ignore the beautifully swirled ice-cream. In the same way, this haircut looks like a perfect swirl of ice-cream. The brown highlights on blonde hair make you look pretty and different.

11.) Light Brown Short Hair with Highlights of Blonde:

light brown short hair with highlights

This is an extreme version of the 90’s version of highlights. The blonde highlights blend so well with light brown hair that a smooth effect is created. This shade of highlight is for all the women who do not want to go extreme with their hair.

12.) Highlighted Faux Hawk Haircuts:

highlighted faux hawk short hair with highlights

This short haircut with highlights is going to make you look super hot. The dark hue with blonde tips is going to make a surefire statement for you. Try this amazing highlighted haircut to challenge your creative skills.

13.) Highlighted Wavy Bob:

highlighted wavy bob short hair with highlights

Wavy short hair with highlights is another way to get a stylish look. It makes you look more feminine and adorable. The combination of careless waves and light strands is just fabulous. A Highlighted wavy bob creates volume and makes your hair look thicker.

14.) Gold Pixie with Highlights of Light Ash Brown:

gold pixie short hair with highlights

Whenever we talk about short haircuts, pixie always attracts attention. Though it is very common and popular among short haircuts, but this golden colored pixie with ash brown highlights is totally unique and different. It looks beautiful on ladies with a fair skin color.

15.) Short Black Hair with Highlighted Bangs:

Short black hair with highlighted bangs short hair with highlights

If you are searching for the best short hair with highlights, then you will fall in love with this. Short black hair is very common, but the highlighted bangs will make this style uncommon and different. The color of bangs totally depends on your choice, but for inspiration, you can look at this lady in the picture.

16.) Razor Haircuts with Caramel Highlights:

razor cut short hair with highlights of caramel

If you want to total makeover for your style and hair, then a short razor cut will live up to your expectations. You can accentuate this haircut with caramel highlights. It frames the face and helps you to get the right look.

17.) Inverted Bob Haircut with Chocolate Brown Highlights:

inverted bob short hair with highlights

This short hair with highlights will look awesome for anyone who loves an inverted bob haircut. The chocolate brown highlights look gorgeous instead of the caramel highlights.

18.) Undercut with Pastel Highlights:

undercut short hair with highlights of pastel

You can spot these pastel highlights with a trendy haircut. Your short hair with highlights of pastel will look so eye catching that people will want to copy your style. It is a great hairstyle for chilled out ladies.

19.) Dark Brown Hair with Sea Green Highlights:

dark brown with sea green short hair with highlights

Now this is something unique and different that is going to make people turn their heads. Black, caramel, platinum, and blonde are common shades when you talk about highlights. This sea green highlight will make you look dashing.

20.) Short Hair with Highlights of Dark Plum:

short hair with dark plum short hair with highlights

If you are trying to give yourself a bold and a different look, then the blend of caramel and dark plum highlights with dark hair is awesome. This vibrant hairstyle will make you stand out of the crowd.