20 Short Pixie Haircuts

Whether it’s a celebrity or a classic icon, everyone has proven that a short haircut has a lot of versatility, femininity, and practicality. Many people think that a short haircut lacks femininity. But after reading this article your thinking will just change. In this article, you will find best 20 short pixie haircuts. A short pixie haircut will just end the dilemma of styling which you have to face every morning.

Best 20 Short Pixie Haircuts

1.) Icy Short Pixie Haircuts for Women:

icy short pixie haircuts

This gray super short pixie haircut will lighten your face immediately. Go for an ice gray color because deep colors will overshadow your facial features. It is a perfect dose of coolness in your look.

2.) Faux Hawk Short Pixie Haircuts:

Faux hawk short pixie haircuts

This short pixie haircut has all the abilities to fake a faux hawk. So if you want a natural style for your pixie, then this haircut is an ideal option. You just need a good quality gel to secure your faux hawk style.

3.) Asymmetrical Short Haircuts:

asymmetrical short pixie haircuts

This hairstyle is perfect to get both short and long hair lengths. It is short and stacked from the back while the top and the front is long. The long front frames the face perfectly and accentuates your eyes. You can even highlight your layers with a bright color.

4.) Buzzed Short Pixie Haircuts:

buzzed short pixie haircuts

A buzz haircut is the short version of a pixie. You can ask your stylist to use an electric razor for more outstanding results. This look is perfect for all the cool and mature ladies.

5.) Long Layered Short Pixie Haircuts:

long layered short pixie haircuts

The bangs that are hanging in front are feathered and the sharp edges will give you a bold look. These angled and sharp edges are the signature details of this short haircut.

6.) Tapered Pixie Haircuts:

tapered short pixie haircuts

This is a perfect feminine haircut for all the ladies who have big eyes and oval face shapes. A bright color lipstick with cute studs is going to add beauty to your overall look. This is a perfect haircut to carry for all purposes.

7.) Bedhead Pixie Haircuts for a Feminine Look:

bedhead short pixie haircuts

This messy and extraordinary hairstyle is easy to achieve with this haircut. It is an outstanding haircut for ladies who have wavy and curly hair. You can just use your fingers to make the style look perfect. Make sure that your haircut is longer on the top and short on the sides.

8.) Choppy Crop for a Practical Look:

choppy crop short pixie haircuts

A choppy crop is one of the best recreations of a short pixie haircut. To look a little different in this haircut you can try some asymmetry. The jagged and angled bangs add interest to this style.

9.) Undercut Pixie Haircuts:

undercut short pixie haircuts

The sides are shaved in this haircut and the top is cropped. It is a cool haircut for all the mature ladies and teenage girls. You can give this undercut pixie a modern touch by using a hair color.

10.) Punk Pixie Haircuts:

punk short pixie haircuts

This jagged and uneven pixie has a touch of punk. It is a good example of extreme asymmetry. In this haircut, the front locks are kept long to frame the face perfectly. The contrast of different lengths used is eye-catching and captivating.

11.) Burgundy Short Pixie Haircuts:

burgundy short pixie haircuts

If you are dying to show off your chiselled cheekbones and your big eyes, then you will just fall in love with this burgundy pixie. This vibrant color is worth experimenting and will stay on trend all year round.

12.) Copper Red Short Pixie with Bangs:

copper red short pixie haircuts

If you are a professional or an office going lady and you think that a crazy and colored haircut is not suitable in such an atmosphere, then try this sophisticated and layered vibrant haircut. It is conservative and will make you look different from others.

13.) Edgy Pixie Haircut with Highlighted Bangs:

edgy short pixie haircuts with bangs

This is a perfect haircut for women with thin hair. An edgy pixie haircut with the combination of bangs will add volume to your haircut. The highlights in the bangs will fill your hair with texture.

14.) Ultra Short Blonde Pixie Haircuts:

ultra short pixie haircuts

The combination of a sexy bob look and a boyish haircut makes every lady look fabulous. It highlights your facial features and frames your face in the most proper way.

15.) Spiked Short Pixie Haircuts:

spiked short pixie haircuts

The messy layers and the hard lines in this haircut add lots of texture to your hair. In this haircut, the front is kept flat while there is length throughout the crown.

16.) Two-Tone Short Pixie Haircuts:

two tone short pixie haircuts

This neat texture throughout the short pixie will make you look awesome. It is a perfect haircut if you want a little sass. This two-tone style will take your short pixie to a new level.

17.) Feathered Pixie Haircuts:

feathered short pixie haircuts

This is one of the best styles to upgrade your pixie haircut. The feathers will make your crown voluminous and you just need a good styling product to set it. You can highlight your feathers to get a bold look.

18.) Mohawk with Undercut:

mohawk with undercut short pixie haircuts

Mohawk is another wonderful recreation of a short pixie. This short and cropped hairstyle will give you a cool look. You can do additional makeup to enhance the beauty of your short pixie.

19.) Lilac Pixie with Short Fringes:

lilac short pixie haircuts with fringes

This is one of the most eye-catching pixie haircuts.The unicorn hair will make you look super cute. The choppy and short layers are going to strike everyone around you.

20.) Side Bang Short Pixie Haircuts:

side bangs short pixie haircuts

This is just a perfect haircut for all the conservative girls and mature ladies. The voluminous side bangs is an add up to this short pixie. You can even highlight your undercut with a color pop.