20 Inspiring Short Wavy Hairstyles

Do you love your crowned curls? Is it difficult for you to style your wavy hair? If yes, then this article will inspire you to try some short wavy hairstyles. These hairstyles will give you a super hot look and your hair will look as stylish as they look in photographs. Pixies, short bobs, and many more hairstyles are waiting to make your waves look adorable.

Top 20 Inspiring Short Wavy Hairstyles

1.) Blonde Balayage Bob:


This is one of the most inspiring short wavy hairstyles. Blonde Balayage Bob will give you face cut a perfect frame. If you want to add volume to your straight hair, then this style is just perfect. If your hair naturally crimps then try this hairstyle. You can make a new style statement by tucking the front layers behind the ear.

2.) Curly Q Wavy Hairstyle:


Want to try something new? Do you want something in between of a curly bob with bangs and a curly pixie? If yes, then this is a perfect hairstyle for you. The long pixie cut will give you a girlhood style. The Q curls give you the best grown up hairstyle. Curls appearing on the sideburns and neckline will make you look ravishing.

3.) Retro Short Waves Hairstyle:


If you want to add a sexy appeal in your personality, then this hairstyle is worth trying. This is one of the most amazing short wavy hairstyles. It will focus on your feminine features. Waves falling to the side of the ear and long earrings will just add up to your beauty.

4.) Layered Inverted Bob Hairstyle:


The stacked layers at the back and slightly curved lines towards the front will give you an ultra dramatic statement. This is one of the easiest hairstyles to maintain. The feathered layers in this hairstyle enhance the facial features.

5.) Dramatic Ringlets Hairstyle:


These short and dramatic ringlets will make a new style statement. This is one of the perfect short wavy hairstyles. Make the most of your curls by trying this lovely hairstyle. The dark color hue looks amazing on people with fair skin. Give yourself a new dramatic look by the combination of dark brown and black hair color.

6.) Angled Short Wavy Hairstyle:


Wavy hair can be difficult to tame but once you tame them, they make you look adorable. An angled bob will give a perfect shape to your uncontrollable curls. This hairstyle looks fabulous on long and oval face cuts. This hairstyle can make your round face look thin and is perfect for accentuating your face features.

7.) Multi-colored Spirals:


Bring out the Punk Rock Goddess in you with this amazing look. The twisted curly hair will give you a Rockstar appeal and the natural texture will hold your spirals. The turquoise, red, blue and green highlights are strewn throughout the hair.

8.) Curly Crop Wavy Hairstyle:


This amazing hairstyle will give your hair a new life and definition. This tight curly crop will give you a vintage, modern and glamorous look at the same time. Curly Crop looks amazing if the curls are stiff. The wisps falling on the forehead will give you an appealing look.

9.) Party Hairstyle for Short Wavy Curls:


Short haircuts are never boring if you change your hairstyle. You can try a variety of textures, finishes, and accessories. This hairstyle is perfect for a party or any other special occasion. Dry your lock with a hair dryer and comb the bangs on one side. Pin the random strands with Bobby pins and just fall in love with your hairstyle. This hairstyle suits on most of the face cuts.

10.) Pinned Up Red Spiral Curls:


Wavy hairstyles are so diverse. Each shape is unique and each weave is rare. This hairstyle is extraordinary because it enhances your facial features and hair characteristics. You can take inspiration by seeing the flattering curls of Christina Hendricks. This hairstyle looks amazing on fair people and it’s just worth trying.

11.) Choppy Layers for Short Hair:


This is one of the most inspiring short wavy hairstyles. These ultra trendy layers will effortlessly add volume to your hair. The choppy layers styled for a messy texture will make you look amazing. This hairstyle suits most of the face cuts.

12.) Rounded Bob and Swept Bangs:


This is one of the best short wavy hairstyles. Full, deep-set bangs give you a fabulous look. It looks good on most of the face cuts but looks perfect on round face cuts. People with a fair skin tone look ravishing in this hairstyle.

13.) Short Bob Curly Hairstyles:


This hairstyle looks stunning with thick and curly hair. A bob just looks amazing on curly hair. It suits most of the face cuts. Get a modern look by adding plenty of dimensions and a trendy hair color. The highlighted ringlets will give you a winning look.

14.) Undercut Short Wavy Hairstyles:


Your thick wavy hair will just look lovely in this hairstyle. An undercut is the best style that you can give to your curly hair. It will give you a look of sexy vamp. To enhance your hair characteristics add some highlights.

15.) Wavy Crop Hairstyle:


This is one of the best inspiring short wavy hairstyles. The wavy crop will give you a sweet and cute look. Waves add the visual appeal and side part of layers gives you an amazing look. Apply some styling mousse to relax the waves and hold the curls.

16.) Vintage Hairstyle for Curly Hair:


This is one of the trendiest hairstyles. If you want some inspiration for this hairstyle you can turn to the era of the bygone flapper. The best way you can keep the 40’s style in the swing is by sticking to just one hair color. This hairstyle will look best on ladies that are blessed with natural curls and waves. This is a perfect combination to add texture to your short hair.

17.) Ombre Wavy Hairstyle:


Ombre highlights will add intrigue to your hairstyle. The bangs and layers hanging on the forehead will make you look fabulous.

18.) Half Shaved Short Wavy Hairstyles:


This is one of the most inspiring short wavy hairstyles.  If you want to have a youthful and edgy look, then this is a perfect hairstyle. This half curly and half sheared style will give you a rebellious look.

19.) Stacked Curly Bob Hairstyle:


This hairstyle will give you a glam look without a ton of effort. Your fiery locks will definitely make you stand out of the crowd. You can try highlighting your curls for a cool and classy look. Flaunt your look with this hairstyle.

20.) Sassy Bob for Short Wavy Hairstyle:


This is one of the best hairstyles to show off your modern cut. The combination of angled cut and the elongated front will give your face a perfect frame.