20 Sporty Haircuts for Men

If you are looking for a sporty, snazzy, stylish and professional haircut, then this article has a list of the best 20 sporty haircuts for men. A haircut complements your personality so it’s very important to choose it wisely. It has a range from classic cuts to the latest looks. For an athlete, it is necessary to have a hassle free cut. So go through the list and choose a haircut that reflects your personality.

Top 20 Sporty Haircuts for Men

1.) Quiff Haircuts for Men:


This is one of the most pleasing haircuts for men. It looks like a pompadour, but it is actually different. The hair looks voluminous when it is waved to one side. This haircut has a vintage appeal. It is a flattering haircut for diamond face shapes.

2.) Front Wave Pompadour:


If you want to go back to the era of 50’s or want that rock and roll style, then this cut is the perfect option. A front wave pompadour is an appealing haircut for most of the men. It is a great haircut for a party and wedding.  It looks amazing on heart shaped faces.

3.) Short Crop Haircuts for Men:


This haircut has different versions and lengths. It looks flattering on every hair type. Short crop haircut works wonders with men with oblong and oval face shapes. If you have thick hair then you can easily maintain this haircut.

4.) Long Shag Haircut:


This is one of the most iconic haircuts for men.  Experimenting with layers is so much fun. It will add texture to your plain one length cuts. If you have scanty hair try a razor haircut to add volume to your hair. This haircut is perfect to make a round face appear longer.

5.) Fauxhawk Haircuts for Men:


Fauxhawk is the tamed down version of Mohawk. You have an abundance of options to style it. It can be done with the crown portion to give a mounted look. This hairstyle can also be done on textured crop or long hair. It is a perfect choice to elongate a round face.

6.) Mohawk Haircuts for Men:


If you are looking for a wild and crazy haircut, then this punk hairdo is best for you. It is spiked up with longer length in the center. This is an authentic 80’s haircut with shaved sides.

7.) Short Shag Haircuts for Men:


This haircut will give you a casual and playful look. A short razor cut adds edge to the layers. This uneven look at the edges for sure will give you a defined look. This haircut can be well styled on wavy and straight hair. It works best on the square face shapes.

8.) Bedhead Haircuts for Men:


The messy and ruffled look of this haircut will make just any girl fall in love with you. The uneven steps and layers in this haircut will make you look amazing. It compliments any face shape and not much effort is required to style it. It is a good choice if you are going to a grand formal event.

9.) Textured Crop Haircuts for Men:


Though this haircut is short but you can do much more with it. It will be fun to style this haircut with amazing volume and texture. The short sides with long hair in the crown portion are just charismatic. This hairstyle compliments oblong-shaped faces.

10.) Spikes Haircuts for Men:


This haircut makes it easy for you to style your hair. The spike haircut looks amazing on men with a broad forehead. If you are going for a professional meeting or a night out with friends, then this haircut deserves a try.

11.) Buzz Cut for Men:


This is one of the best sporty hairstyles for men. A buzz cut is perfect if you want to transform your look completely. The length of the crown portion with buzzing sides is the preferred style for those who don’t want much hair. This haircut is a solution for thinning hair.

12.) Long Shag with Scrunched Curls for Men:


This is one of the most flattering haircuts for men. If it is becoming difficult for you to tame your thick and curly hair, then a long shag haircut will make it easy. This is a perfect hairstyle if you are going out to an event or planning a party.

13.) Crew Cut for Men:


This haircut comes under hassle-free hairstyles. There is length on the top and front sections while the sideburns are kept short. It is a great way to enhance your facial features. It looks complimentary on oval face shapes.

14.) Modern Mullet Haircuts for Men:


Modern mullet is the quick version of regular mullet. The difference between the modern mullet and regular mullet is that the modern mullet is not too long. It looks great on men with a sharp jawline and facial features.

15.) Shoulder Length and Below Haircuts for Men:


Those days are gone when only women had long hair. Nowadays men also sport it with flamboyance. A simple blunt cut will make a round face look narrow. This haircut comes with a variety of styling options.

16.) Ear Level Bob Haircuts for Men:


If you do not have a fancy for long hair and if you are searching for something in between, then an ear level bob is just perfect. The length of this haircut is ideal and looks flattering on round face shapes.

17.) Short Pompadour Haircuts:


This is one of the most stylish haircuts for men. If it is difficult for you to deal with curly and wavy hair, then a short pompadour is the answer to your problem.  This eye-catching haircut gives you a clean and professional look.

18.) Ivy League Haircuts for Men:


This is a sweet and short cut which is ideal for every occasion. Whether you are at a meeting or you are relaxing somewhere, this haircut is perfect.

19.) Taper Haircuts for Men:


This is a classic haircut to wear. You can experiment this haircut with a new style or you can just wear the basic style. It is one of the best haircuts for a professional look.

20.) Dry Fringes Haircuts for Men:


This cool haircut looks amazing on most of the men. Fringes work best with haircuts of different lengths and styles. A short crop or a shag cut will look good with fringes.