How to Straighten Hair Without Heat?

Fishtail braids, French braids, ballerina bun and Dutch braid are some of the hairstyles that look awesome on straight hair. But what if your straight hair looks dull and damaged. Obviously, the beauty of these hairstyles will decrease. If you use straightening irons and hair dryers for straightening your hair it is obvious that your hair will get damaged due to frequent and prolonged exposure to heat. Just Chill! Here are some of the ways to straighten hair without heat. Next time whenever you want straight hair, try these ways to make hair look glossy and healthy.

Natural Ways to Straighten Hair Without Heat

1.) Straightening Shampoo to Straighten Hair Without Heat:

how to straighten hair without heat

Using a straightening shampoo and serum is one of the best ways to straighten hair without heat. It will help in the natural straightening process by making the hair little curly and wavy hair straight and frizz free. The silicones and polymers present in straightening shampoos and conditioners make the curls straight. There are a variety of straightening shampoos available in the market. Wash your hair with a branded shampoo in every 2 to 3 days.

2.) Straightening Serum to Straighten Hair Without Heat:

A straightening serum offers a great help in keeping your hair straight and frizz free. The silicon compounds present in the straightening serum locks moisture in the strands and keeps your hair smooth and shiny. Massage this serum evenly on your hair after shampooing your hair.

3.) Use a Hair Brush to Straighten Hair:

For straightening purposes, it is better to use a wide tooth comb. Brush your hair several times after shampooing and applying serum to remove the tangles. You can even use an oil infused hair brush to make your hair look shiny and glossy.

4.) Rollers to Straighten Hair Without Heat:

Once you shampoo your hair, it’s now time to use magnetic curlers. Remember one thing that the large the rollers the effective will be the results. Divide your hair into different sections and then one by one roll your hair in these curlers. Make sure that your hair is wet during this process. You can even keep a spray bottle with you in case your hair starts drying.

5.) Setting Lotion to Straighten Hair:

Before you apply a setting lotion it is very necessary to know its importance. The setting lotion will let your hair dry without making it frizzy. This setting lotion will make your hair oil-free and lightweight. Apply this setting lotion liberally on your hair while it is rolled.

6.) Remove the Curlers:

Remove the curlers from the hair and use a hair brush to comb your hair thoroughly 2 to 3 times. There will be a little weight in the hair but still, your hair will look straight. Now you are ready to make a beautiful Updo with your straight hair.

Other Ways to Straighten Hair Without Heat:

Straightening Mask to Straighten Hair:

This is another best way to make your curly hair straight. You need to apply a straightening mask 2 to 3 times a week for favorable results. A straightening mask is one of the most recommended products to straight stubborn curls. A good straightening mask will keep your hair moisturized and frizz free. Another option is to make a homemade straightening hair mask. You can use lemon, egg, honey and coconut milk to make a straightening mask at home. Apply this straightening mask one hour before shampooing. If you use a homemade straightening hair mask, then there will be no chances of hair damage.

Hair Dryer to Straighten Hair:

Okay, don’t worry this is not a heat treatment. You will use the dryer, but with cool settings. Wash your hair with your regular shampoo and then use a towel to pat dry. Make sure that water is not dripping from your hair. Use a blow dryer with cool settings to work on your curly and frizzy hair. If your hair is stubborn then you can combine the two methods for effective outcomes. After washing your hair apply a straightening serum and then blow dry hair and remember to keep the settings cool. Use a comb to brush out straight strokes while you are using the dryer. Divide the hair into sections so that your work is done perfectly. After this, you can use an anti-frizz serum to keep your hair straight and glossy.

Tips to Keep Your Hair Straight all Day:

  • Use branded shampoo and conditioner. Do not go for cheap products.
  • Whenever you apply conditioner use a comb to make sure that all tangles are removed.
  • Do not rub or wrap your hair in a towel. Pat gently to make it dry.
  • You can use a homemade hair mask to keep your hair healthy and sleek.
  • Remember, whenever you use a blow dryer, keep its mouth in a downward direction. Make sure that it is away from the roots.