How to Straighten Hair?

Are you bored of your curls? Do you just want to experiment something new with your hair? If yes, then read our article to straighten hair. Don’t worry and relax because the techniques and equipment used will minimize hair damage. If you have a party tonight and you have no time to visit a salon, then try the hair straightening techniques and get a changed look. Straight hair will look good on everything from great outfit to a lazy Sunday dress.

Method 1: Hair Dryer to Straighten Hair

1.) Choose a Good Hair Dryer to Straighten Hair:

If you want perfectly straight hair, then it is necessary to have a good hair dryer. A good hair dryer will make it easy for you to straighten hair. Here are few things that you should keep in mind while purchasing a hair dryer.

  • Temperature and Speed: Purchase a hair dryer that has adjustable temperature and speed control. This will help you to achieve your goal.
  • Nozzle Attachment: To make your hair straight it is very necessary to have a hair dryer that has nozzle attachment. This attachment will prevent your hair from frizzing.
  • The Weight of Hair Dryer: A heavy hair dryer will make you tired before achieving your goal. Choose a hair dryer that is light weighted. This will make your work easy.
  • The Wattage of Hair Dryer: The higher the wattage the better will be the outcome. If your hair is very thick and curly, use a hair dryer that has a wattage of 2000.

2.) Hair Wash to Straighten Hair:

how to straighten hair

You will be able to straighten hair more perfectly if you have clean hair. Use a good shampoo and conditioner to avoid frizzy hair. If your hair is too thin you can go for Volumizing. Apply the conditioner to the ends of the hair and avoid applying it at the roots otherwise your hair will look flat and greasy. Comb your hair with a wide-toothed while the conditioner is in your hair. The conditioner will prevent hair breakage and the tangles will be removed easily. Dab your hair with a towel to remove the excess water. Don’t rub the towel on your hair as it causes breakage.

3.) Remove Tangles to Straighten Hair:

Part your hair from the middle and comb each section with a wide-toothed comb. Do it slowly to avoid hair breakage. Comb the ends of the hair first and then go towards the roots. Damp hair is weak and are easily broken. Apply a spray to disentangle your hair.

4.) Straightening Serum to Straighten Hair:

After disentangling your hair completely, massage a straightening serum on your hair. Start from the ends and then move upwards. Your hair will look extra sleek and smooth after drying. Select a straightening serum that contains heat protection substances. Don’t apply the serum to the roots otherwise your hair will weigh down.

5.) Steps to Use a Hair Dryer to Straighten Hair:

  • Turn on your dryer and adjust the speed and temperature. Focus on the roots and use your fingers to separate your hair.
  • Keep the mouth of the dryer in a downward direction. This means that the air should blow from the scalp in a downward direction. Use the dryer until your hair becomes 60% dry.
  • Part your hair into different sections and focus on straightening one layer at a time. You can tuck up the other layers on the head. If you have bangs then dry them out first.
  • The right kind of hairbrush will help you to get desired results. If you want slight curls or flicks to the end, then a thick round brush is the best option. But for the perfect straight hair, a paddle brush is best.
  • To get straight hair it is very necessary that you apply the right techniques. Hold your hair tightly with the brush and blow the hair. The airflow should be in a downward direction. The nozzle should be pointing towards the end of the hair. This will give you smooth and sleek hair.
  • Once you have completed every section of hair blast cool air to add style and shine to your hair.
  • After completing the bottom layer of hair move towards the tucked layers. Use the same technique to dry the upper layers. When your hair will become dry it will look straight.

6.) Finishing Touch:

To add extra shine and keep the hair straight for a longer period of time apply a shine serum to the ends and mid-lengths of hair. You can also use a hairspray to avoid breakage. Hairspray will maintain the shape and style of your hair.

Method 2: Use Straightening Iron to Straighten Hair

1.) Prepare Your Hair:

Wash your hair with a good shampoo and conditioner. Use a hair dryer to dry the roots and bottom layers. If you have thick hair then use a smoothing shampoo and if you have thin hair use Volumizing products. Disentangle your hair with a paddle brush and hold your hair with it while blowing the dryer.

2.) Heat Protection Spray:

Use a heat protection spray to minimize hair damage and lock moisture. A heat protection spray will prevent your hair from becoming dry and frizzy. Avoid applying the heat protection spray on the roots. Keep it 6 inches away from the head. You can purchase a heat protection spray from a hair salon.

3.) Part Your Hair into Different Sections:

This will make your work easy and neat. Divide your hair into three layers. Take the front sections of hair and tuck them on the crown of your head. The next layer is the hair above the ears. Tuck them with a hairpin at the back. Leave the third layer of the hair open.

4.) Steps to Use Straightening Iron:

  • Set the correct temperature of the iron. The temperature will depend on your hair type. For example, if you have thick hair the correct temperature will be 177 degree Celsius. If your hair is fine or damaged the correct temperature will be 149 degree Celsius.
  • The right technique will help you to get best results. Work with smaller sections for effective results. Avoid jerky movements and go smooth.
  • Clasp the hair with the straightening iron and move it in a downward direction. Leave a volume in the hair to avoid flat look. Keep the straighter a few inches away from the roots.
  • If your hair starts to sizzle stop immediately and wait for a few minutes. Use a hair dryer before using the iron again.
  • After finishing one layer jump to the next layer and apply the same technique.

5.) Hair Styling:

When you are using a straightening iron twist it slightly towards the end. This will create little flicks. Learn the different position of straightening iron and use it to style your hair in a different way. Do this before using any finishing product. The combination of heat from straightener and the finishing product will result in hair damage.

6.) Finishing Product to Keep Your Hair Straight:

Use a silicon-based serum to add shine and a hairspray to keep your hair straight for a longer time. Don’t use any water based product otherwise your hair will become wavy.