20 Stunning Medium Haircuts

Effortless glam is one of the best words to describe medium haircuts. No matter long luscious locks look beautiful, but at the same time, it is difficult to maintain the luxurious mane. In this hectic lifestyle where you don’t have enough time, medium haircuts are like a boon which can make it easy to style your hair, especially when you have less or no time for your hair. Read our article to discover the most popular and stunning medium haircuts.

Top 20 Stunning Medium Haircuts

1.) Angled Layers for Medium Haircuts:

angled layers for medium haircuts

This is one of the most stunning haircuts if your hair is of medium length. It is a great cut for ladies who have natural wavy hair. Your hair easily gets the torn edge look with these jagged layers. A side part and bangs are added benefits of this haircut.

2.) Bouncy Layers for Medium Hair:

bouncy layers for medium haircuts

This is one of the most amazing medium haircuts. The different lengths used in this haircut will take you to the new version of the style. You do not need any styling products to use with this haircut. The bounce of layered locks will help you to achieve the amazing feel of movement.

3.) A-line Bob for Medium Hair:

A-line bob for medium haircuts

This classic haircut will make your hairstyle captivating and eye-catching. It also increases the beauty of your facial features. The elonged front locks are amazing for making a fabulous hairstyle. This is a flattering haircut for those ladies who have a round face.

4.) Lob Medium Haircuts:

lob medium haircuts

This luxurious haircut helps you to make your own style statement. This layered haircut is copied by the fashionistas worldwide. It is a great hairstyle for your wide cheek bones. You can highlight your beautiful locks to add movement.

5.) Shag Medium Haircuts:

shag medium haircuts

The evenly distributed layers to the shoulder length make you look awesome. It focuses on the beauty of your jawline and neck. The side swept bang is just amazing to get a sexy and hot look.

6.) Swoopy Bangs for Medium Hair:

swoopy bangs for medium haircuts

Do you want to grab attention at your friend’s wedding? Do you want a chic look? If yes, then these side styled swoopy bangs look fabulous. The layered haircut with ravishing bangs helps you to get rid of split ends.

7.) Asymmetrical Bob for Medium Hair:

asymmetrical bob for medium haircuts

This is one of the most improbable medium haircuts. This is a perfect haircut for those ladies who want to show their adventurous sense of style. Asymmetrical bob does not require any extra color or styling. The steep angles with a side part will make you look charismatic.

8.) Medium Haircuts with Bangs:

medium haircuts with bangs

Bangs are the perfect way to get rid of heavy hair. Whether your hair is short, long, wavy or side part, bangs go with everything. It brings all the attention to the striking facial features. Long side bangs are flattering for ladies who have a chubby face.

9.) Wavy Haircuts for Medium Hair:

wavy medium haircuts

A wavy haircut has all the ability to bring the retro vibe. This simple haircut makes it easy for you to manage your hair. The styling becomes quite easy and is a perfect haircut for office going women. This haircut offers you a lot of texture and length to make a beautiful Updo.

10.) V Shape Haircuts for Medium Hair:

V shape medium haircuts

This is one of the most popular medium haircuts among women. It doesn’t require any extra maintenance and care. The V shape haircut gives you a pointed center due to which your short hair can look long.

11.) Angled Bob for Medium Hair:

angled bob for medium haircuts

A bob always looks classy and sassy. This haircut saves you from the worry of styling. Though this is a light and airy haircut, but gives you the versatility of a longer look. This is a charismatic haircut for every occasion.

12.) Medium Haircuts for Fluffy Ends:

medium haircuts for fluffy ends

These fluffy ends are enough to give you a personalized style. This is a unique haircut, which you cannot count in common haircuts and hairstyles. The bleached textured ends make this cut eye-catching and captivating.

13.) Perky Layers for Medium Hair:

perky layers for medium haircuts

This is one of the most stunning medium haircuts. These perky layers stick on the ends, which is enough for giving a personalized style. This haircut is for all those ladies who don’t want to compromise with anything, be it an outfit or a haircut.

14.) Flipped Layers for Medium Hair:

flipped layers for medium haircuts

Layers are so much fun to play with. They offer so many options to style layered haircuts. If texture and sleekness are your top priority, then this is a perfect haircut for medium hair. Flick this two tired haircut and look resplendent.

15.) Bangs with Collarbone Bob:

bangs with collarbone bob for medium haircuts

This is of the best medium haircuts for most of the women. It is an ideal haircut which looks good whether you are going to an office or a party. The chopped ends in this bob will take your haircut to the next version.

16.) Allover Layers for Medium Hair:

Allover layers for medium haircuts

This is one of the best medium haircuts which is loved by most of the women. This is an ideal haircut for fine and wavy hair. If you want a fuller look, then these Allover layers are perfect. The loose layers will just give you a chance to leave your hair open.

17.) Ultra Straight Medium Haircuts:

ultra straight medium haircuts

This one length and sleek haircut is swingy and glossy. This is a chic haircut in the sea of Beachy curls. It is a perfect haircut for all the ladies who have naturally straight hair. It also looks flattering on other hair textures.

18.) Undercut for Medium Hair:

undercut for medium haircuts

This is one of the most stunning medium haircuts. If you don’t want layers and still want to get rid of that heavy hair, then this is an exemplary haircut for you. This haircut makes the styling part easy. It is the best haircut to give your hair texture and fullness.

19.) Low Stack Medium Haircuts:

low stack for medium haircuts

This haircut looks resplendent on most of the ladies. This medium bob has the stack on the ends. It is a gorgeous hairstyle for every face cut. It suits all hair types and textures.

20.) Bombshell Layer for Medium Hair:

bombshell layers for medium haircuts

This is one of the most stunning medium haircuts for most of the ladies. The long layers, creating the flow towards the back is just amazing. This haircut is for sure going to give you a head turner look.