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high top with stretched lines taper fade cuts for men

15 Taper Fade Cuts for Men

For all the studmuffins out there, these hairstyles are especially for you. Add an interesting twist to your hairstyle with taper fade cuts for men. Go trendy with these fades haircuts which enhance your...
Long to short hair variations of buzz cuts different length

20 Variations of Buzz Cuts Different Lengths

Buzz cuts are trendy haircuts which are running from a long time for a generation by military men. As these haircuts are easy to maintain and take less effort. Buzz cuts are stylish and...
Classy fauxhawk haircuts for men

20 Fauxhawk Haircuts for Men

Fauxhawk haircuts are very much in trend. It is specially designed for all those beefcakes who love experimenting with their hairstyles. Fauxhawk haircuts are edgy and modish but still goes with formal and office...
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