How to Tease Hair?

Big and tease hair is often associated with the retro hairstyle from the 80s. It has also enjoyed several waves of popularity throughout the history of retro hairstyles that varies from those popular giant wigs of the 18th century to the very popular towering beehives of the 50s. Regardless of the way you want to style your hair that either creates a luxurious, voluminous effect or just adds a little body to your hairstyle, teased hair that is also referred as “backcombing” is an essential skill while styling your hair. Reading further, you will come across a few easy steps that will guide you with ways to tease hair.

how to tease hairSteps to Tease Hair:

1.) Wash, Dry, and Brush Your Manes 

Teasing wet or tangled hair increases the chances of tearing and damage to your hair. If possible, always try to dry your hair while hanging your head upside-down. This will encourage the volume in the roots.

  • Prefer curling before you tease hair.
  • In the case of smooth hair, dampen them and then curl or tease.
  • You can also wait 1-2 days after you washed your hair in order to build up its natural texture.

2.) Take Your First Section To Tease

Separate the section of your hair that you want to tease. Use a clip to separate the rest of your manes. A good size to tease hair would be about 2 inches (5.1 cm) wide. Smaller sections, for instance, 1 inch/2.5 cm wide, may make for stiffer volume but will also take longer to hold the shape.

  • It is better to start with hair towards the top of the head and work your way down towards the length.
  • If you only want top boost the volume towards the roots, utilize the hair at the crown and at the top of your head.

3.) Hold the Selected Section Upwards and Start Teasing 

Using one of your hand to hold the hair straight up and gently use your comb or the brush to the back of this section of hair, slowly teasing the length. Position the brush several inches (6-9 cm) above the scalp and then tease the roots.

4.) Tease Your Hair 

Gently brush the length downwards towards the roots while continuing to hold the hair section straight upwards. Repeat the teasing process until you get the desired volume. The curlier the hair are, the less teasing will be needed to boost the volume. If necessary, you can also use a hair spray for the teased section, before letting it fall down.

  • The strength with which you brush should be firm enough in order to create tangles.
  • This will offer resistance, but do not go too vigorous with the teasing process as this can even damage your hair or the brush itself may get tangled.

5.) Hide The Teased Tangles 

Gently use your fingers in order to make a loose “cage” around the teased section of your crown. Try to hide and hold the tangles in place without flattening them. Gently brush the un-teased section of your hair. Only use the tips of your comb or the brush and making sure not to disturb the teased section.

  • This will make your hair appear more natural instead of rough and damaged while still retaining volume.
  • If you want your hair to appear more wild and crazy then skip this step.

6.) Put The Teased Crown Aside and Tease the Length 

Now, when you are done with the teasing and hiding, start teasing and scrunching the rest of the length. Simply grab the rest of the length with your fingers and squeeze them while pushing towards your scalp. This will add extra volume, keeping your length from appearing flat and boring.

7.) Pull The Teased Hair Into a Hairstyle 

If interested, you can also pull your hair into a hairstyle like a pony or a messy bun. Use bobby pins in order to secure your teased hair and keep them in place. For example, if you are creating a beehive over your crown, you will have to pin the shaped manes at the back of your head. This step to tease hair is very important as it helps you to smoothen and settle the rough strands. 

8.) Smoothen the Wisps 

Gently smoothen the surface of the hairstyle using a shine serum. This will smoothen and settle the roughness. It is the very final step to tease hair. 

  • Evenly spread the serum on your palms and run it over the hair, but don’t press the teasing down or the volume will disappear.
  • This will help to compensate for the “roughness” and “dullness” caused due to teasing.