15 Unique Hair Braiding Styles

Braids always make a girl look elegant, gorgeous and feminine. But carrying a simple braid daily can become boring. Now that does not mean that you have to quit making braids for some time. Here is an article to suggest the list of 15 unique hair braiding styles. You will be perplexed after reading the unique styles which you can create with braids. So the next time when you have no extra time for your hair, then try one of this hair braiding styles.

List of 15 Unique Hair Braiding Styles

1.) Bun with Cornrows Hair Braiding Styles:

bun with cornrows hair braiding styles

This braiding style was first considered for mature ladies but recently it has been embraced by all the young girls. The micro braids starting from the hairline and the jumbo braids twisted look ravishing on most of the girls.

2.) Milk Maid Hair Braiding Styles:

milkmaid hair braiding styles

This is one of the easiest versions of crown braids. It looks so adorable that you will not be able to move your eyes from the mirror. It is easy to make and you get free from all the hassle of French braids.

3.) Messy Updo with Braids and Twists:

messy Updo braids hair braiding styles

This is one of the unique hair braiding styles. If you are just bored of those simple braids hanging from the side, then why not tuck them into a messy Updo. This is going to combine three things together braids, twists, and a low Updo.

4.) Crown Braid for Long Hair:

crown hair braiding styles

Elegance and femininity are the uttermost desire of every woman. This unique braiding style offers you both. You just have to make a braid along the hairline starting from one ear and going towards the other. Get ready to rule this world with this unique style.

5.) Lace Braiding Hairstyles:

lace hair braiding hairstyles

If you are looking for an elegant and simple hairstyle, then this simple lace braid which blends properly in the hair will give you a cute and pretty look.  A beautiful gown paired with this beautiful style will complete your princess look.

6.) Fishtail Braid Updo:

fishtail braid updo hair braiding styles

This is one of the unique hair braiding styles. A fishtail gives your hair a different and creative look. It is a matchless style, whether you wear jeans or a dress. It is very easy to create a fishtail Updo and it is the best style to carry throughout the day.

7.) Four Strand Hair Braiding Styles:

four strand hair braiding styles

Don’t worry, this cute braided style will not take all your day. Maybe at first it might take a little time, but once you practice it a little you can make it quickly. You can use some string, chain or ribbon in this four strand braid to make it look unique.

8.) Dutch Mohawk Hair Braiding Styles:

dutch mohawk hair braiding styles

This messy style looks perfect on women with thick hair. This loose and curved braid on one side will make you look gorgeous. To make it look messier and chunkier just pull at the braid.

9.) Half Up Pony with Fishtail Braids:

half up pony with fishtail braids hair braiding styles

This is one of the most creative and unique Updo for medium length and long hair. These lace fishtail braids look neat and are the perfect hairstyle for an evening party. The wavy hair will make your hair look more lively.

10.) Chignon Bun Hair Braiding Styles:

chignon bun hair braiding styles

Just a few simple steps and a beautiful chignon with braids will be created. Divide the front section of the hair and make a braid using the front section and then tuck it back into a low chignon. It is a cool hairstyle for every situation.

11.) Charismatic Halo Braids:

charismatic halo hair braiding styles

This unique hairstyle will take your self-confidence to a new level. This cute and chic hairstyle will go with every outfit in your wardrobe and no fancy dress is required to enhance its beauty.

12.) Top Knot Hair Braiding Styles:

top knot hair braiding styles

This sophisticated hairstyle is once again going to prove that there a variety of ideas to style your braids. Make a ponytail and then braid it. Wrap and twist this braid to make a ballerina bun.

13.) Topsy Fishtail Hair Braiding Styles:

topsy fishtail hair braiding styles

A fishtail braid looks fancy, but you can make it unique by blending in some different styles. You just have to make a smooth pool using your ponytail and then make a fishtail braid with this ponytail.

 14.) Loose Braid Updo:

loose braid updo hair braiding styles

This loose Updo hairstyle calls out for all the ladies who love a messy look. It looks amazing with any dress and dangling earrings. Make a loose braid and twist it to create a loose Updo.

15.) Pigtails Hair Braiding Styles:

pigtails hair braiding styles

This is one of most unique style that you can easily create with your braids. These pigtail braids are going to give you an ultra feminine look. There is no need to make it tight and neat. The beauty of it lies in messiness.